Artwork by Breana Conover

Pot of Gold


Sarah heard the thunder crash as the rain began,

This day wasn’t going according to her plan.

Her clothes were wet and saggy, her shoes were drenched too,

So she went and sat in a cavern wondering what to do.


Home was still miles away, and the rain was pounding down,

She shivered and looked toward the storm, with a frustrated frown.

Why today she wondered, why am I stuck in here?

“I’ll tell you lassie, it’s so we could talk and share.”


Sarah jumped and the strangers voice, and stood to see,

A small little Leprechaun with his elbow on his knee.

“Sarah you’re in a hurry but you’re going no where fast,

You’re in pursuit of lots of things, but not the ones that last.”


“You know my name,” she stammered, “you know who I am?”

“I’m Johnny and I know your story and I know your true clan.

You Sarah McGunnely have quite a way to go,

If you find the courage to fight, you’ll find the courage to grow.”


Sarah’s mouth dropped open, she shut it then blinked to see,

Yep he’s still a Leprechaun and he’s talking to me.

Why not she thought, he is tiny, and I surely have nothing to fear,

She walked over and sat by his side, “please tell me why you’re here.” 


“You see I’ve come to show you the way to a pot of gold,

I’m a shepherd and a leprechaun, I gather in God’s fold.

You Sarah Mcgunnely, have got some changing to do,

There is a whole lot of light and life still living deep in you.”


“But woe is me my sister when I see the chains you wear,

Its time you leave them by and come forth to share.”

Sarah quirked her brow, “I wear a chain dear sir?”

“Yes, you do and it’s at least ten feet or more!”


“This chain of which I’m speaking isn’t seen by mortal eye,

It’s links if left unbroken will cause your soul to die.”

Sarah searched her heart and felt his words were true.

“Your saying I carry my sins, what am I to do?”


“Face them he said,” and he looked her in the eye,

“Would choose to hide them forever and so doing die?

Pride he said nodding, it has felled many a man,

You see it is the cunning of the Adversary’s plan.”


“He gets you in the bad way, he wraps you up in metal,

Then he laughs and scorns you for a debt you cannot settle.”

“I must pay to have my unseen chain taken, I must pay to be free?

What is the total to get the chains of hell taken from me?” 


Johnny looked soberly up toward to sky,

“You must repent and forsake your sins, or you will surely die.

Your debt my child was paid, this was done for you,

Christ suffered in your behalf that you could be made new.”


“No mortal man could pay your debt only God’s beloved Son,

He suffered that you might not my child, this is the gift he won.

Sarah do not continue in sin, you must fight to be free,

Begin today to seek his way, begin on bended knee.”


“There is more lassie, you must take this book and learn,

You must know light and wisdom, that you may discern.

You must want more than this world, you must seek another,

You must learn to love each sister and each brother.”


“The rainbow you see it,” he pointed far away,

“The pot of gold is the treasure of learning to obey.

You cannot have your family, you cannot return to heaven,

If you won’t cherish your Savior and the miracle your given.”


“Sarah this is your chance, I hope you will use it well,

My child this is the beginning of your battle against hell.

Until now you have been lukewarm and still,

Now you must go forth and do your Father’s will.”


Sarah looked toward the rainbow, pondering his warning,

Sighing deeply, she said with a smile, “it’s been an eventful morning.”

Johnny nodded and smiled sweetly, “that it has he said,

Don’t let the truth fill you with discouragement or dread.”


“You’re not alone my girl, angels lead the way,

But they cannot do the work for you, you must follow and obey.

No prize is found in failure, no peace in the chains you wear,

Come now you can do it; God is merciful and fair.”


“He will surpass you in your efforts, he goes before you with care,

The truth of life and victory is the grace he will share.

A dragon fights to hold you, but a King to set you free,

Jesus Christ is the truth of all that you can be!”


“He is good and kind, he is life and light and love,

My child today you must begin to follow God above.”

Pressing her book close, Sarah viewed the rainbow once more,

Beyond the pot of gold, she saw a distant shore.


Johnny watched as she pondered, and saw her give place,

Relieved he felt the miracle of God’s redeeming grace.

He stood to leave her to face her own fierce test,

But he wasn’t afraid or doubting for he knew she would be blest.


“Don’t go she said, don’t leave me, can’t you stay?”

“No,” he said, “this is your battle, remember to win you must obey.”

He pointed to the book, “now read, and learn well.

If you repent and follow, Christ will deliver you from hell.”


He pointed out the shoreline, “I’ll meet you there my dear,

Remember to be brave, its either faith or fear.

God will send his armies if you fight for him with zeal,

You’re not alone or abandoned, Jesus Christ is real.”


Sarah blinked through her tears and saw him fade away,

The rainbow left just as he, it was a clear bright day.

No signs of rain or leprechauns, no pot of gold in view,

But in the breeze, she heard him whisper, “I am ever close to you.”


Her hands squeezed the reminder that he was really there,

The book she thought, it is in my hands, he really came to share.

My chains, I cannot see them, but I must repent and try,

“I will she whispered back to Johnny; I promise not to die.”


Opening her book, she began to read and grew,

She learned as the years went by what is was to be true.

She found peace and joy a plenty, she knew hurt and sorrow too,

Sometimes her quest for the shore seemed more than she could do.


But in those moments, she felt heaven whisper once more,

“Go on my girl you can do it were waiting on the shore.”

An Irish lilt to stir her, Johnny was ever near,

Helping her stand fast and overcome her fear.


Grace became her life, for her life was not her own,

Every day she nourished the seed Christ had sown.

The book was her treasure, her King its very story,

She knew he suffered for her, that she might have great glory. 


A lifetime of living for God, a lifetime of trial and test,

Brought Sarah to Johnny and she felt truly blest.

She knew the beauty of her eternal reward,

She new the peace of choosing to follow her Savior and Lord.


“Obedience,” she said as she played upon the shore,

“Johnny you were right if you obey you find more.”

“Peace and joy a plenty for the saints who hold the rod,

It’s a miracle,” she said, “I have been saved by God!”


With love she knew the truth of leprechauns and gold,

The real treasure was choosing to join her Father’s fold!


Written by Mickey

The Drums of Heaven

The drums of heaven beating out a rhythm, onward go,
The sound of angels in my ears, defend the light you know.

The word of God as music moving over me,
The world all around is more than I can see.

Onward to God’s rhythm each step the life I choose,
The drums of heaven beating, go on you mustn’t lose.

The sound of love ringing as bells upon the breeze,
The word of God reminding me, I mustn’t be at ease.

The drums of heaven beating out a rhythm, stand and fight,
The sound of angels in my ears, go forth and choose the right.

The word of God as music moving over me,
The world all around is more than I can see.

Onward to God’s rhythm, my covenants as a shield,
The drums of heaven beating, you shall never yield.

The sound of love heard, as angels in the air,
Their melody reminding me that I was born to share.

A daughter born for glory, I march toward God above,
My ears attune each day, to my Father’s sounds of love!

Written by Mickey

Artwork by Elspeth C. Young

Touched by Heaven

Like Jacob at the well, I knew when I saw you,
My heart was touched by heaven and I wanted to be true.
Like Jacob I would wait, I would work and try,
My heart was touched by heaven, I found my reason why.
Like Jacob my patience was tested day after day,
My heart was touched by heaven, so I chose to stay.

Like Job in my suffering, you became not friend but foe,
Still as you forsook me, I could not let you go.
Like Job sick and weary, I thought to simply die,
Still even in my weakness, I found the strength to try.
Like Job I was buffeted, my soul in deep distress,
Still amid the sorrow, I believed that God would bless.

Like Alma you were as Abinadi to me,
You spoke the truth and caused my soul to see.
Like Alma I was lost, my sins the chains I wore,
You came to me as an angel and helped me reach for more.
Like Alma I left my life, fleeing darkness for light,
You came and I repented and began to put things right.

As the woman taken in adultery, I was brought to thee,
While others held stones, you calmly looked at me.
With love you raised me up, with love you made a way,
Your charge to go and sin no more, is still my life this day.
O Jesus thou Son of God, in you I know my place,
Not lost without home but saved by grace.

Like the prodigal returning, with nowhere else to go,
My Lord you are the refuge I have come to know.
My raiment worn and filthy, my soul stained by sin,
As I approached with hope and love, you let me enter in.
My joy and all I want you alone have bought,
O Lord I am a prodigal, your gift is not forgot.

As one of the ten lepers healed, I turn with love to thee,
I pledge my life in gratitude for all you have given me.
I pray to go as the Samaritan, to serve and offer love,
That my gratitude may be seen by my Father above.
My life is yours; I return it now with care,
O Lord I pray you will bless me as I go out to share!

Written by Mickey

What I Felt

What I saw, what I came to know,
What I keep is mine, I cherish heavens glow.
Though men call me crazy, though they will deride,
Though all hell will seek me, Lord I will abide.

What I want the most, what I seek is thee,
What I’m clinging to is the life you’ve given me.
Though I may be lonely, I am not alone,
Though I face the storm, I’ll cherish all I’ve known.

What I felt when you freed me, what I feel today,
What will be is all I am, my Lord I will obey.
Trusting in your wisdom, trusting in your plan,
Trusting you’ll deliver me, I trust the Great I Am.

Written by Mickey