Like Leaves

Dreams and blessings swirling like leaves all around,
Rushing past me swiftly and landing on the ground.
I walk amid the changing scene of fall,
And hear in the wind my Masters loving call.

His voice clear and bright sustains my soul,
I clasp the leaves of promise and cherish all I know.
My soul is transported to an evening garden scene,
I see with wonder the creation of each queen.

The air is still and solemnity fills my soul,
As I ponder the truth of the joy all may know.
My hand opens and I view the leaf with care,
Lord I whisper softly I rejoice in all we share.

Tears fall freely as I behold the dreams of all,
And I promise once again to heed my Master's call.
Back into my life and all that I must do,
I hold the leaves you've given and think of you.

So many waiting for the promise of what may be,
I go with faithful steps to help another see.
My life is not my own it is yours forevermore,
Every dream, every promise, for you I endure.

Written by Mickey

The Gift

Sometimes a gift is wrapped in adversity and trial,
Sometimes the card you're given says you'll have to wait a while.
Sometimes your best efforts bring confusion and a test,
Sometimes not having is a chance to be blessed.

Look past here and now when a blessing is denied,
Sometimes it arrives after you've tried and tried and tried.
Remember that faithfulness opens up the way,
Be believing and choose God every single day.

Amid the waiting and struggle seek to know your King,
Remember that he suffered so you could live and sing.
So praise him with your voice, let your love ring out,
Every word of gratitude will dispel all gloom and doubt.

Be not weary as you're waiting but go and help another,
A different gift is found as you embrace your brother.
The path of waiting is more than toil and pain,
There are blessings and attributes that you can seek and gain.

What couldn't be given will become so much more,
As you press on with courage and humbly endure.
At last when God calls you home you will know,
That the true gift was your chance to stretch and grow.

With new eyes and a heart transformed by grace,
You will behold with awe the joy of your place.
More than you dreamed or hoped to receive,
The gift of God given to a child who believed!

Written by Mickey

Once in an interview, Jack observed: “Problems will come into all of our lives; it’s part of just being here upon this earth. And some people think that religion or having faith in God will protect you from bad things. I don’t think that’s the point. I think the point is that if our faith is strong, that when bad things happen, which they will, we’ll be able to deal with them. … My faith never wavered, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t have depressions. I think for the first time in my life, I was pushed to the limit, and literally there was nowhere to turn, and so I turned to the Lord, and to this day, I feel a spontaneity of joy.”

Joyful Melody

A constant flow of love circling around me,
Dear Father you are my joyful melody.
Rising up amid a storm of pain and test,
The notes of mercy saying I'm known and blest.

Lessons strike my heart and produce crescendos of light,
A painful beautiful witness that burns ever bright.
A story composed by the Masters omnipotent hand,
The highs and lows of life exactly as you planned.

The music revealing patience, forgiveness and love,
I'm encircled by the melody of my God who rules above.
A song that will not cease if I am humble and true,
Father I accept the work that I must do.

Add to me every note, every line until I'm complete,
Then I pray dear Father that at last we may meet.
Reconciled through my Savior who wrote my song,
May I find amid the melody the words, you belong.

Lyrics of my King to witness forevermore,
That joy is obtained as we faithfully endure.
Then may I dance and share our story with love,
My feet moving with gratitude as I dance high above!

Written by Mickey

Artwork by Breana Conover

Bridge of Mercy

Standing before a Gulf of misery and woe,
I look across and see all I long to know.
I see across the Gulf a bright holy tree,
And hear the one I love calling out to me.

Discouraged and alone my heart sinks in despair,
How am I to get to the beauty over there?
Impossible I think, it's impossible to go,
I'm held back by this Gulf of misery and woe.

Falling to my knees I plead with earnest care,
God of all creation my soul is in despair.
Far from me is the one I hold dear,
O God please bridge this gap that I may come near.

Forgive me I pray for my transgressions so dark,
I have come through my choices to a chasm so stark.
O Lord if you save me I will become new,
O Lord build a bridge and I will be true.

Take from me please my sorrow and shame,
O Lord I know you hold an infinite claim.
In the quiet I hear the sound of pure light,
You have offered a broken heart and your soul is contrite.

I have given you a new life and way,
A bridge over your past is constructed this day.
Come rise my daughter for your raiment is clean,
I call you to live as a priestess and queen.

Peace and love radiate my soul and I behold,
A bridge built by grace a way to God's fold.
I step with joy and gratitude toward my new life,
I step toward the joy of becoming your wife.

Peace fills my bosom as I take your hand,
And come by God's mercy to a place so grand.
We walk to the tree and I partake with you,
And I feel again the love I once knew.

A song of gratitude and love fill my heart,
And I sing of this sacred new start!
Thank you dear Father in heaven above,
Through thy holy Son I am brought to my love!

I praise you on this bright happy day,
Ever I will walk in thy appointed way!
My life is yours now for I will be true,
My Lord I will love and honor you!

The Gulf of misery is far behind,
O Lord you are so merciful and kind!
In you I have life and endless joy,
A gift eternal that none can destroy!

Written by Mickey