Artwork by Breana Conover

Her Worth

Worth more than rubies, diamonds and gold,
A sheperd so dear bringing sheep God's fold.
Out into the billowing storm you go,
The love of your King is the life you know.
Footsteps of faith, your love bringing relief,
You gather and nurture another's belief.
The wounded and weary are lifted with care,
You bring them peace with the love you share.
Gathering sweetly God's precious fold,
My daughter your worth is above rubies and gold.

Written by Mickey for Miranda! I love you!

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10


Today I counted my blessings and began with you,
I remembered all the sweet things you chose to do.
I smiled with gratitude as I recalled your love,
Dear Miranda you are so like God above.
Today in a moment of testing I heard,
The strength of you in a gentle word.
Today I viewed you nobly endure,
As I thought of your courage I sought to be more.
Today you were with me amid life's busy run,
I recalled your sweet smile and our days of fun.
In a moment I saw you again in my mind,
You painted a picture so sweet and kind.
Today in a moment I saw God's love brought through you,
Miranda you are noble, devoted and true.
I love, like and respect you because your so kind,
My daughter you are a light that shines in my mind!

Written by Mickey for Miranda We love our little Dot!:)

This was a truth Miranda spoke of often in her hospital room. She was so good at teaching and instilling a desire within others to feed the good. I wrote this poem in honor of her noble soul. She always fed the saint within and so doing was able to help others rise to greatness! I love you Miranda! You are so sacred and beautiful! Happy birthday!

Saint or Sinner

The natural man lived in me hurt, confused and mad,
The saint within the opposite, forgiving, grateful and glad.

I choose to feed one or the other every day,
My mind and heart deciding which will stay.

Hungry like a wolf the natural man seeks death,
Amplifying every hurt and trying to steal my breath.

As I listen to its hunger and give place for discontent,
My thoughts become dark and I stumble with pity's lament.

Wo is me I cry, I am weighed down and sore,
I cannot bear another minute, I can carry this no more.

The wolf ever growing as I embrace each hungry lie,
The saint fighting to live beckons with her cry.

It isn't true she utters, it isn't true at all,
Look behold your Master who saved you from your fall.

Look behold the angels surrounding this place,
Look behold the miracle of God's loving grace.

My ears catching hold of light I turn to see,
The Savior of the world reaching out to me.

My gaze upon the Master all doubt and sin flee,
A feeling of peace and hope shines within me.

The wolf tamed by love and my desire to continue in light,
He shrinks and then disappears from my sight.

A song of joy and plenty then fill my aching soul,
O Master of the universe you never let me go.

I struggle, I stumble I feed what should not be,
But still with love and mercy you forgive and rescue me.

Daily my heart returns to find you ever here,
My greatest friend I am sustained by all you share.

Forgive me I pray, O forgive my natural way,
Make me strong my Master, please walk with me today.

Brighter and clearer a saint cleansed and held,
My heart in tune with heaven my enemy is feld.

One truth remaining the Living Son of God,
I press forward as a saint my hand clinging to the rod!

Written by Mickey

This talk teaching so well the importance of feeding the saint within and not the natural man. I think the contrast between Nephi and Laman and Lemuel shows the contrast of feeding light or dark. I have often listened to this talk when I am battling against the natural man. Choosing to follow as Nephi has brought joy and peace to my soul. Truly darkness cannot stay when we choose light, this has been my experience. I rejoice in Jesus Christ, he is my life and he has reached out to help me overcome the natural man and feed the saint within. My progress is the miracle of his loving care!

"Laman and Lemuel did not partake of the tree of life, which is the love of God (see 1 Ne. 11:25). The love of God for His children is most profoundly expressed in His gift of Jesus as our Redeemer: “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son” (John 3:16). To partake of the love of God is to partake of Jesus’ Atonement and the emancipations and joys which it can bring. Clearly, however, Laman and Lemuel did not have such faith—especially in a Christ yet to come! (see Jarom 1:11). In contrast, Nephi, “had a great knowledge of the goodness … of God,” hence Nephi’s firm declaration: “I know that [God] loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things” (1 Ne. 1:1; 1 Ne. 11:17). If we have a love of God and know His goodness, we will trust Him, even when we are puzzled or perplexed." Neal A. Maxwell

Bigger Than The Sky

There was boy named Davey who had a friend named Jill,
He loved to play with her, it was an absolute thrill!
They loved going fishing and sharing what they caught,
They loved slides and swings sets a whole lot!

They loved to pick berries and lay out in the sun,
They loved each other so much that every moment was fun!
They loved to sit and talk for hours at a time,
Davey and Jill had everything and everything was fine.

School began and Davey kept on loving Jill,
But soon loved new friends greatly, like Sam and Bob and Bill.
Kindergarten magic was a world of finding more,
At recess he met Mary Sue and thought, I have friends galore!

He smiled and played with everyone and felt his heart grow,
The more he loved and played the more joy he came to know.
One day a new girl named Mindy came to school,
He thought she'll be my friend this will be so cool.

But Mindy was shy and played with a boy she knew before,
She played but not with Davey, she was content not having more.
Davey frowned in frustration wanting to make a start,
He was eager to be her friend and share his loving heart.

So he set off on a mission of winning Mindy with care,
I bet if I try extra hard in time she'll want to share.
He baked cookies and wrote notes and left them at her door,
He said check the box for yes and we'll have fun galore!

Finally Mindy was intrigued and sent back the box checked yes,
She met him by the swing set in her very favorite dress.
They played and talked for hours, he showed her his missing tooth,
They were friends for sure and this became their truth.

Jill watched and thought now he wont need me,
Look at how they smile, it was simply meant to be.
She kicked a rock and grumbled looking at the sky,
Why she thought did Mindy move here, why oh why?

Meloncoly and defeated she felt replaced and undone,
Jill played but wasn't really having any fun.
Davey noticed her slouchy, grouchy sad way,
And thought I'll bring my friends together and we can all play.

He wrote notes to everyone and invited all to come share,
He decorated and shopped preparing with great care.
He walked to Jill's with joy thinking this will bring her delight,
But Jill said she wouldn't come and it didn't feel right.

He looked at her with concern and said can I ask why?
I love you and without you a part of me would die.
It's Mindy she said with sadness, she's enough and more.
I think she's your favorite, I think that for sure.

Davey scrunched his brows his mouth hung open wide,
He stammered you have always been with me standing by my side.
Friendship isn't favorites, it's not one or two or three,
Friendship is infinite that's what I've come to see.

I had to take a little time to make a new friend you see,
It was difficult for her to find the courage to love me.
Difficult isn't favorite it work that must be done,
It's done and now I want us all too share and have fun!

Now we can all come together and have even more,
You both can be my favorite! That would be a score!
Jill looked into his blue eyes and searching came to see,
He loves her just the same as he loves me!

He smiled and she hugged him, and marked the box with yes,
She went to his big party in her very favorite dress.
Mindy was shy and unsure but Jill tried real hard,
She took her to her favorite spot in Daveys back yard.

They stuck their feet in the pool and talked for quite a while,
Jill found out that Mindy had her own unique style.
They laughed and soon it was easy to love her just as he,
Jill felt so happy and rejoiced in what could be.

Love doesn't have limits it's bigger than the sky,
Sometimes it may be difficult but we love more if we try.
She saw Davey clearly and remembered he came for her to,
He tried for both of them, that is what a friend will do.

Davey came and joined them and together they had fun,
United and happy they played beneath the sun!

Written by Mickey