Ribbons Of Purple

Ribbons of purple wrapped around me,
I'm bound by the cords of integrity.
Tied to the standards that make a way,
I'm bound to live honorably everyday.
Ribbons that came as my heart saw you,
Your love helped me become good and true.
The past far behind me, my life ahead,
I will be wrapped in intergrity the day we wed.
Thank you for bringing clarity and light,
I love my new ribbons! They are exactly right!

Written by your Mickey


Walking the long and dusty rode of a prodigal returning is a sobering, gut wrenching experience.  Each child that awakens to the awful state of being spiritually dead begins their trek toward home with a hope that is in Christ.  Each footstep witnesses of the way he purchased, what would be impossible is possible through his great atoning sacrifice.  As I came to myself I talked with my daughter Miranda about my teenage years and the sins I had committed and kept hidden for over twenty years.  The dusty rode home was my walk toward the bishops office, my heart pounding as I pushed back fear and found the strength to speak of the most terrible things I had ever done, hoping I would find relief, hoping my father would greet me with a robe and ring  assuring me that somehow I could still belong.  What I found as I humbly repented and turned to God was the promise of more, the robe and the ring were given me but there was a weight of responsibility that came with them.  I couldn’t simply have everything without working and proving I really wanted to belong among the saints of God. 

My new beginning was followed by six years of soul stretching learning, some of it very painful. I returned to God and found that he wanted me to give him everything. He wanted me to surrender my old life. Like the rich young man in the bible, God was showing me what I yet lacked and then looking me in the eye with a question.  I have come to see that losing your life is no easy thing. I think many people receive the robe and ring and then go a little way ahead rejoicing only to find that the weight of what they have been offered is too much.  They take off the robe and ring and settle for less than they could have been.  I have faced that temptation again and again.  To simply give up and not strive for more.

As the Lord stretched my soul, I found strength to continue by praying throughout the day, this was no morning noon and evening experience.  As I fought Satan once before in heaven I was fighting him again. I kept God’s gift for me, by praying constantly and I followed that up with lots of scripture study and temple service.  The harder I was hit by the enemy with darts of doubt, pride, anger, hurt, self-pity, resentment, the more I prayed, studied and served in God’s holy temple. 

It has been six years since my Father placed a robe on my shoulder and ring on my hand, I still wear it by the grace of his holy Son.  The truth of my enduring love is Jesus Christ.  As I tried to become his little child, he blessed me for my childlike efforts.  I would reach to follow, reach to surrender and He who knows me best reached back and lifted me time after time.  He fought with me and for me as I truly desired the proffered gift of his atoning love. 

As I look back I see my journey has been one of healing and growing.  The hour in the bishops office was the beginning of my healing, the beginning of my hope, I wasn’t made whole that day. I was however offered a way to complete healing through obedience and sacrifice.  True repentance is followed by a willingness to give away all of your sins to know God. It isn’t enough to say you’re sorry or feel sorry for yourself.  You have to make things right and prove that your words are the truth of your soul.  As you walk with God and fight to uphold his laws he heals you day by day. The hidden wounds of your rebellion are taken away as your repentance is proven through obedience and sacrifice. My enduring love brought the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ into my daily life.

What now you might ask?  Am I done?  When will it be easy for me?  The answer for each saint is the same, you’re not finished until you take your last breath.  Being faithful is the work of my life.  I get up every day and put my robe and ring on and prove once again that I love Jesus Christ and that I won’t betray him.  Waves of opposition will always rise and I will always have to meet them with the answer I have written in my heart even the name of Jesus Christ.  I am imperfect, and I endure by grace.  I often feel myself surrounded by the angels of God and know that without him I couldn’t live.  But I never have to be without my Redeemer if I am true He is bound to stay and fight for me.  So my work and my purpose is be true another day. 

I testify that we can keep the gift of love and wear it well by keeping our covenants with exactness and honor, obeying God’s commandments, repenting daily of our sins, and living to serve and love our fellow men.  The long road ahead can be a road of promise and beauty if we wear the gift of our Father to us, even the gift of his beloved Son with honor and gratitude.  I rejoice and give thanks today for my Heavenly King who has given me new life and sustained me through every moment of trial through his loving grace.  I stand all amazed at the mercy and love of my Redeemer and friend!  Thank you Jehovah!  Thank you for forgiving me!  Thank you for sustaining me!  Thank you for walking with me!  Thank you for fighting to bring me joy!  I love you! I rejoice in your love!  I praise your holy name this day! I close this letter now in the holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Don't fear the truth, don’t believe a lie,
Don't faint and stop, but stand and try.
Don't diminish power through sin and doubt,
Don't grow weary, be brave and stout.
Don't cast aside holy light,
Don't cower or bend, be brave and fight.
Don't frown with pity, don't choose despair,
Don't keep your riches but freely share.
Don't save your life but give it fast,
Don't choose the temporary but joy that lasts.

Written by Mickey

Let Me Not Forget

Let me not forget that God loves every child,
Let me not forget to be loving, meek and mild.
Let me not forget to see with spiritual vision,
Let me not forget my loving Father in heaven.
Let me not forget the One who paid the price,
Let me not forget His infinite sacrifice.
Let me not forget that he alone won all victory,
Let me not forget He has set the captive free.
Let me not forget God is no respecter of men,
He loves us deeply now even as he loved us then.
Let me not forget that He is Lord above all,
Let me not forget He raises us from our fall.
Let me not forget He is omnipotent and pure,
Let me not forget that by his grace I endure.
Let me not forget He has called me to give,
Let me not forget to show loyalty as I live.
Let me not forget that charity is the way,
Let me not forget to love my neighbor every day.
Let me not forget that hope is found through God,
Let me not forget to hold fast the iron rod.

Written by your Mickey

The Promise

The promise of more held by one,
Your happiness kept by God's holy Son.
Your empty arms filled by grace,
His love is eternally your home and place.

All things through him in beauty rise,
He won your victory and brought your prize.
Your tears of loneliness he wipes away,
He purchased the new life you start today.

He delights to bless his Saints so dear,
He opens the way with love and cheer.
See his elders filled with infinite love,
Behold the priests of God above.

The charge of family they carry well,
They stand against The powers of hell.
See your Redeemer and understand,
The sons of God uphold his plans.

The family of God is a miracle divine,
No child is left to hurt or pine.
A faithful daughter becomes a wife,
She is brought with joy to eternal life.

All mortal men will come to see,
That God will part and hold the sea.
His priests to honor and share his love,
The Sons of God will reign above.

Let now your heart sing once again,
A praise of gratitude to the Great I Am.
For all will be sealed and know pure love,
Through the sacrifice of God above.

With grateful hearts we rejoice and know,
The tree of life will ever grow.

Written by your Mickey

Awakening Love


The day I first loved you was an awakening divine,

I was shown by the Father that you could be mine,

Tears ran down my cheeks when I awoke from this dream,

My heart felt so happy I wanted to sing,

Day by day I thought of the gift of your love,

How it fit perfectly and was sent from Father above,

Waiting was agony for I knew what was mine,

But the day had not come for our love to shine,

Patient and prayerful I walked through each day,

Looking at you and wanting to say,

I love you, I need you, I cherish your soul,

Your eternal happiness is my purpose and goal,

But my eyes had to speak what I could not say,

For the time had not come for us to partake,

The joy we would have and keep was delayed,

It seemed a hard test to want you and wait,

Soon I will be blessed to move far away,

But part of my heart and soul with you will stay,

Know that each day I think of your love,

I long for your goodness and the warmth of your touch,

But we both will honor the demands of our God,

And by so doing we will stand worthy of all that we want,

May you smile and laugh and find joy every day,

May your heart always know that with you I would stay.



6 Years

6 years today from the day you came,
6 years and still you hold a claim.
6 years of trying and then trying more,
6 years on a path that is true and sure.
6 years of seeing I can grow by grace,
6 years of humbly seeking my place.
6 years of of surviving relentless fire,
6 years of learning to reach higher.
6 years of overcoming the natural man,
6 years of seeking my Father's plan.
6 years of learning the truth of love,
6 years of counting on God above.
6 years I would never change or undo,
6 years is a small wait when the gift is you.

Written by your Mickey

Finding You


The greatest gift I’ve ever known was finding you my love,

To have you near and hear you speak was a gift from God above.

I never knew I could feel like this, to want with all my soul,

You are the other half of me, I’ll never let you go.


Patience was only a word until I found you here,

Now I understand its meaning as I wait to hold you near.

How often do I think of you? It’s absurd to even ask,

You’re always there within my heart, my love I cannot grasp.


I play a song and smile as a tear rolls down my cheek,

I think of you and want you near, but know it cannot be.

I’ve held eternity within my dreams and felt our children near,

I see it all every day, and yes it brings me cheer!


I ponder all the wonders that God has given me,

Your precious words, your thoughtful ways, the things you’ve helped me see.

Feeling love is its own sweet gift, I was born to feel and learn;

The bitter from the sweet I understand as wait to have my turn.


In a moment as I kneel and covenant before my God,

The longing will change to having, the hurt will all be gone.

To be worthy of that moment is the goal I have each day,

To walk with honor and help others who are lost along the way.


God was kind to let me see the joy that could be mine,

The gift of finding you has caused my heart to shine!

My adversity will be but a moment and if I endure it well,

I’ll rest my cheek against your heart and feel joy I’ve never felt!


Written by your Mickey


My Reason

We each have someone who inspires us to try,
We all are born to find our own reason why.
A reason for staying, a reason for hope,
We each find a reason as we struggle to cope.
A reason to press on when we are weary and week,
A reason to fight to stay humble and meek.
The truth of each soul is changed by their why,
My love you're the reason, I try and try.
The overall picture would not be enough,
For you I chase love and endure what is tuff.
A kingdom without you would be empty my love,
I struggle and reach for our home above.
My reason has led me to stretch and obey,
I'm closer to God because I love you today.
Motivating my footsteps and helping me grow,
My love you're the reason I'll never let go.

Written by your Mickey

My Friend

My friend you are a Savior on Mount Zion with your Heavenly King,
I see the peace and healing a righteous man can bring.
My friend you bind up every wound and lovingly heal,
I see the good that can be done by those who do God's will.
My friend I see a different story written now in me,
I see the shackles fallen! I am alive and free!
My friend I see your worth and praise my God above,
I see that all eternity was changed by pure love.
My friend may you ever understand the peace you've brought,
Your care for me was beautiful, you will never be forgot.

Written by you Mickey

Artwork by Cortney Lunt

Forget Me Not

The flowers of love surround me, how can I forget,
The beauty of God’s grace, the day we met.
Tiny little blossoms to keep eternally,
How can I forget my true love came for me?

The flowers of my Savior placed with loving care,
How can I forget all you chose to share?
Darling today and forever, your love is bright,
I’ll never forget the man who helped me put things right!

Written by you Mickey

Passover Me

Passover me I pray Lord save me through thy blood,
I hasten to break free Lord, I cleave unto the rod.
Deliver me I pray Lord from the sins that bind me low,
Forgive me and stay with me where ever I may go.
O Lord of all creation thy majesty is clear,
Passover me I pray Lord and take away my fear.
Strengthened and teach me a higher holier way,
O Lord grant me thy spirit and walk with me today.
The shackles of my slavery in you are broke,
O Lord help me to walk with thy holy yoke.
Passover me I pray Lord as I keep thy covenant way,
O Lord who was slain to save me I humbly seek thy way.
Freedom is not once given, for I live each day in thee,
O Lord you are the Deliver, I really wholly on thee.
Save me from my wandering and bind me to thy throne,
O Lord may I be ransomed and brought to my true home.

Written by Mickey Glasson

I Love You

Have I told you lately that I need you, have I told you lately that I care,
Have I told you lately that I'm lonely, have I told you that I want to share.
Have I told you lately that I'm pining away,
Have I told you that I fight to keep you every single day.
Have I told you lately that it's you or none,
Have I told you I'll keep going even if it isn't fun.
Have I told you lately I cherish our start,
Have I told you you've claimed my broken heart.
Have I told you lately that I will wait for you,
Have I told you how deeply I love you.
Have I told you lately you are my life,
Have I told you how badly I want to be your wife.
My love please here my only song,
My love I know where I belong!

Written by your Mickey

Still Thoughtful

The way you have seen me through,
Matches what I first knew,
I will have all eternity to smile at your care,
My love you change my outlook with all you share.
Waiting can be tiresome and pain so cold,
But the compensatory love is what I hold.
Pieces of love as grace have seen me through,
My love I am pleased by the sweet things you do.
Weights that could sink a tanker become light,
My love you have a knack for putting things right.
Thank you for remaining my thoughtful sweet love,
I thank the God of my soul for the man I know and love!

Written by your Mickey