Sometimes there is truth unseen,

Sometimes your greatest burden brings you everything.

Sometimes anguish and betrayal open doors of light,

Sometimes you find that adversity is exactly right.

The treasure of peace can be found amid pain,

Sometimes you only find your gift if you choose to remain.

You are my sometimes, you are my heart,

I’m glad I stayed and made this start.

We are blazing a trail into eternity,

I got it right this time and I love what I see.

You are here beneath the surface, you shine in me,

Glimmering and growing for a sacred group to see.

I’m grateful God helped me hold my course and way,

I’m grateful that I came to you and I’m determined to stay.

It is well with my soul, it enough and more,

I can give my very best for us, I know that Ill endure.

Written by Mickey 

40 Reasons I Love You!


Your heart is soft and kind like my Heavenly King,

Your love is the gift that helped me to sing.

Your faith in God helps you do what you must,

Your courage and valor fill me with trust!

Your thoughtfulness lifts me when I am low,

Your priesthood blesses me with heaven glow.

Your virtue and honor make me feel sure,

Your hand reaching out is worthy and pure.

Your confidence and light bring a smile to my face,

Your promise of kisses make me run to my place.

Your loving prayers bring me back to peace,

Your song in my heart, put’s my soul at ease.

Your planning and seeking send a signal I care,

Your trying to keep me; makes me willing to share.

Your noble heart is the prize I must gain,

Your words in my mind ease all of my pain.

Your devotion to God is everything I love,

Your choice to stand true, leads me to seek you above.

Your obedience to God makes your choice clear,

Your covenants kept; I need not fear.

Your ability to act, to overcome and endure,

Your burden born well leave me feeling sure.

Your patience and devotion fill me with joy,

Your place in my heart, no man can destroy!

Your persistence is a comfort when I feel alone,

Your words in my mind are the truth I have known

Your closeness to God brings joy to my heart,

Your place in my dreams make me ready to start.

Your faithful service was so sweet to see,

Your actions for heaven, bring you nearer to me.

Your sweetness and humor make my smile,

Your gentlemanly ways will never go out of style.

Your boldness and effort’s help me to see,

You’re the man of God I want forever near me.


Written by your Mickey

What Love


Once I hid my sins and cowered behind a lie,

Once I was unwilling to stand and try.

Once there was a day that changed eternity,

Once there was a man who came in a dream to me.


What love can break the chains that bind you tight?

What love dispels the darkness with light?

What love inspires a warrior to put her armor on?

What love helps a weak child become strong?


In a moment his love changed the truth of eternity,

In a moment hell was shaken as I fought for victory.

In a moment I felt the spark of divine desire,

In a moment my dwindling life became a burning fire.


What love brings you back to the throne of God?

What love becomes your reason to cling to the rod?

What love is more than every trial it will bring?

What love becomes your life and the reason you sing?


The answer I’ve known is a gift divine,

For the moment he touched me I began to shine.

The answer is now and will ever be,

The sweetest man God sent for me.


What love can I return with patience and care?

What peace can I bring by being grateful and fair?

What can I give to the friend who set me free?

Ask and it is yours, watch and you will see.


In the moments of my life you will truly know,

In the moments I’m away I will not let you go.

In the moments when all hell reaches out for me,

In the moments when I’m tested I will remain free.


What power can undo a miracle given?

What power can undo the goodness of heaven?

What can remove me from the grace of my Lord,

I will cling to you my love as I cling to God’s word.


Like Jacob I will wait and it will seem but a moment to me,

I will cherish God’s promise of all I can be.

It is enough my love, it is well with my soul,

You came and I loved you, now I’ll never let go.


To the King who sent you I offer my life,

I will pray and I’ll strive to become your wife.

In my growth and transformation I will feel your glow,

My dearest I love you and I’ll never let go!


Written by Mickey 

I Will Rise


I will rise to love you, I’ will find strength to fight,

I will rise with faith and reach for God’s light.

I will rise to the beauty of my glorious King,

I will rise above my trials and stand to sing!


I will rise when I’m aching and lost,

I will rise up and try no matter the cost.

I will rise above pride, loneliness and grief,

I will rise above doubt and nurture my belief.


I will rise above the natural man and unleash God’s power,

I will rise through keeping my covenants hour by hour.

I rise above the enemy through grace,

I will rise and reach for my home and place.


Written by Mickey


Make Lemonade


No sour expression, no need to give up,

Just make lemonade and drink up your cup!

Life can be tricky and trials are hard,

So mix up a cool drink and dance in your yard!


Use what you’re given and make it real good,

If life gives you lemons do as you should.

No pity, no pouting, no dragging your feet,

Squeeze in your lemons and mix up a treat!


The sweeter you are the more refreshing your drink,

So don’t scowl at the ground and put up a stink.

The outcome of hard tests is changed by your style,

So make lemonade and dance with a smile!


Written by Mickey



When life is full of heartache, look up to the sky,

When life seems unfair don’t sit down and cry.

When the outcome is bitter don’t give in to pride,

When the storm rages fierce, stand by Gods side.

When your friends leave you and your heart in unsure,

When your battered and weak, let God make you more.

When the answer to questions cannot be found,

When you don’t see the reason, hold your ground.

When the test is hard, let your love be clear,

When you need to be strong don’t give into fear.

When there is no guarantee of an easy way out,

When you choose your path don’t choose doubt.

When it seems impossible believe is a way,

When you need a miracle kneel and pray!


Written by Mickey

I Promised


I promised you a baseball game and that’s what you’re gonna get,

The day I stood and spoke to you, is a day I won’t forget.

Man our team is really huge but that means will have more fun,

A promise made, is a promise kept, so I’ll be getting this job done.

I have to say I like this work, its suits me perfectly,

Building up our baseball team is just the job for me!

Send your recruits and I will help each girl suit in,

Ill prep the mound and bring the bats and stand by with a grin.

Hot sunny days filled with you and me,

I think I found my favorite sport, yip, yip, yip, yippee!


Written by Mickey

Entreat Me Not

Entreat me not to leave thee, entreat me not to go,
My life is where ever you are, my dear I love you so.
Entreat me not to walk far from my best friend,
Let me stay with you through every twist and bend.

Entreat me not to see a world without you and me,
Let me build with love, all we were meant to be.
Entreat me not to go back for without you I cannot live,
Let me warm your aching heart with everything I give.

My love to whom would I go, where would I belong?
You my dear are my life, my happiness, my song!
Our names are written together in the Book of Life,
The truth of Mickey is I was born to be your wife!

Written by your Mickey


God Is With Us


As Alma stood with Amulek, as the prison walls fell down,

So I stand with you my love and walk on sacred ground.

God is with us, God is our only way,

As Saul I stand with a new name and reach for you today.

We are more! We are more than this test!

God is with us, God is able to bless!

As Ester I came to you, my heart and faith shown,

Now I watch with wonder as God’s might is known.

God is with us! God makes a way clear!

I see the truth of Jehovah and it feels my heart with cheer!

For God is with us and the sea is parting wide,

I stand among a concourse walking to the other side.

As Ammon I stand with joy as I finally stand with you,

My soul is filled with wonder for I’m alive and new.

For God is with us! God has raised us high!

My love, my dearest we are together in sky!

Oh day of gladness when we begin in a world of light,

My heart reaches daily for the beauty of this sight!


Written by Mickey

I Walk Without You


All around me is the beauty of God’s love,

I walk without you, but I’m held by God above.

Every burden is made light and he gives me strength anew,

The power of God’s love binds me tight to you.

I walk with gratitude as I daily come to see,

That God’s hand is ever reaching out for me.

All around me is the beauty of his love,

I walk without you, but I am held by God above.

In the darkest moments he sees me through,

His hand is over me as I journey home to you.

Jesus adds sweetness amid the lessons given,

I stand in the storm of love sent from heaven

In my life there is a constant assurance my dear,

I walk without you, but through God I keep you near.


Writtten by Mickey

Pure Intent

A sweeter heart, a kinder soul, I could not hope to see,
To view his actions is to know the gift of charity!
With kind intent he chooses to do what is right,
He rescues and comforts, he brings heavens light!
He strikes out at no man, his heart is pure,
His strength helps others to smile and endure!
A man of honor he knows his place,
His priesthood brings God's love and grace.
He won my heart and keeps it still,
Because he seeks to do God's will.
My respect and affection he will see,
When at last he stands and looks at me.

Written by your Mickey


I love this music video! I know every child of God can rise above opposition through the grace of Jesus Christ. Through his great atoning sacrifice we are able to be transformed and become his sons and daughters! I thank my Heavenly Father for the gift of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ! He has made a miracle in my life and I know he does the same thing for each child who will repent and follow him!

Young Women Theme
We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love Him. We will “stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places” (Mosiah 18:9) as we strive to live the Young Women values, which are:
Faith • Divine Nature • Individual Worth • Knowledge • Choice and Accountability • Good Works • Integrity • and Virtue
We believe as we come to accept and act upon these values, we will be prepared to strengthen home and family, make and keep sacred covenants, receive the ordinances of the temple, and enjoy the blessings of exaltation.
To become a real and eternal hero we have to step forward in the cause of God.  We have to live according to his will and offer all we are to him.  I testify that as we repent and give our hearts to Jesus Christ we will find everlasting joy through his great atoning sacrifice.  I thank my Heavenly Father for his beloved Son!  He is our life and salvation!