If people became dinos they would come to see,
Each is created equal though different as can be.

Of course every dino would follow the laws of the land,
No seeing your neighbor as dinner, each would be a friend.

Meal planning aside each dino would understand,
That spikes, colors and sharp teeth are unique and grand.

The smallest in the group would not feel less at all,
Instead she would feel confident standing sure and tall.

The voice of one dino wouldn't drown out another,
Instead they would take turns and listen to each other.

Jobs big and strenuous would become quite light,
Because they would build their community by doing what is right.

No dino would ever gossip or speak with ill intent,
Every gesture that they gave would be kindly meant.

Constructing Zion with unity and delight,
None would ever raise their voice to complain or fight.

The view of their city would be colorful and fun,
The sky would shine with hope as they worked beneath the Son.

Smiles, laughter and love would fill the open air,
The joy of their city would be the love they share.

All created equal endowed by God above,
A diverse group of dino Saints filled with pure love.

This world that lives in me is more than a dream,
It sparkles with a promise that I have surely seen.

A place I build with faith, hope and charity,
I'm constructing dino bliss deep inside of me!

Written by Mickey

"And the Lord called his people ZION, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them." Moses 7:18


Spinning toward the tree, spinning toward my love,
Spinning toward the mercy of God who rules above!
Spinning past all doubt, trusting in the way,
My love I'm spinning for you every single day!

Written by Mickey

The Parted Sea

I stand before a parted sea, I stand before Christ’s love,
I stand before the power of my King who rules above.

I walk on dry ground and move forward to thee,
Bound no more by shackles for my God has ransomed me.

A slave no more to hell, a slave no more to fear,
With faith I pass through a miracle and feel my Savior near.

Is anything impossible with God, can a sea hold back his might?
Can a broken sinner live again and choose the right?

Each step through the sea, is my answer given,
I stand on earth but feel the merciful power of heaven.

Looking back I watch as others cross with care,
And see that God is generous in his watchful care.

No saint is left or abandoned for He makes a way,
The ocean held for each who will follow and obey.

Safe on the other side with gratitude we know,
The King of heaven and earth never let us go.

Written by Mickey

"And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided. And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left." Exodus 14:21-22

My Place

Not moved by darkness, with light I'll stay,
I'm digging in my heels today.
All hell may strike my aching heart,
I will not release my place and part.

A treasure kept with grateful love,
I'll cling to my dearest God above.
No storm, no dart, no lie can still,
The power of my Father's will.

Written by Mickey

Free Through Christ

Within the confines of my life, I am free through Christ to live,
To choose the path he purchased, to embrace what he would give.

I am free to choose a higher holier way,
I am free to keep the commandments every single day.

I have power within me, through Christ I can endure,
And through his mercy and merits be raised to so much more.

My mortal probation may not hold all that I desire,
But I am free to choose eternal life and embrace God's holy power.

Within the confines of my circumstances I can choose joy and love,
I can magnify my gifts and honor God above.

No test is more than the victory my beloved King has won,
I weigh the trials and deprivation against the beauty of God's Son.

And so all sorrow flees and pride holds no power,
For I stand and live each day in the love of heavens shower.

My heart knows the miracle of hope that burns bright,
For I was raised from darkness to stand in the light.

Written by Mickey

The Picture

The picture you have painted is not what I know,
Your words and joy are an unfamiliar glow.

I touch the brush strokes and try to see,
A place that does not belong to me.

Shades of passion glowing bright,
Shades of peace a heavenly sight.

Grateful color in every turn,
I trace the beauty and try to learn.

My hand falls and I leave your picture behind,
And view the truth of my own mind.

Enduring faith in a battered soul,
A repentant heart that won't let go.

Less than nothing I look and see,
That Christ atoned and rescued me.

The strokes of possibility beneath despair,
The hope that one day I might share.

Angels embrace and comfort me,
As I fight to remain true and free.

My beloved King lends me his hand,
And by his grace I am able to stand.

So I go and begin anew,
To try my best to live worthy of you.

An imperfect offering given day after day,
The mercy of Christ is my only way.

The hope of a picture bright and new,
My journey is the refining love I feel for you.

Written by Mickey


You loved me and life began,
Growing in me, my Father's plan.
More than one, a dream divine,
A gift from God, you are mine.
My life tied to you eternally,
I keep you deep inside of me.
Our love eternal, Our life secure,
The seed of God forevermore.

Written by Mickey

Artist: Yongsung Kim


So much variance, so much pain,
No two lives lived are exactly the same.
Scars run deep and sorrow to,
But there is one who sees us through.

Equal does not mean we are the same,
But we each can partake of Christ's claim.
We are his for He carried our personal cross,
So he can heal us and restore our loss.

The heart break of abuse, the sorrow of sin,
He can bring peace, we can rise and win.
But to be made whole requires our will,
We have to come to Christ, we can't be still.

To sit in misery and not try,
Is to refuse his gift with self-pity’s cry.
For a moment close your eyes and feel him near,
Reach for his strength and give him your fear.

Let him help you, for He is the way,
Come unto your Redeemer and live this day.
From the ash of your life he will construct anew,
The gift of life he purchased for you.

You are loved, your Savior reaches out today,
Believe and reach back for He is you way!

Written by Mickey

The word pursuit stands out to me in the words of the Declaration of Independence. The definition for pursuit says, "to chase after someone or something; to follow in pursuit" The truth of our life, liberty and happiness is tied to what we pursue. It is as we reach for the atoning power of Jesus Christ through repentance and obedience that we are set free. We have to have faith and pursue the path he purchased with perfect love. I rejoice in my beloved Heavenly King who makes the pursuit of joy even eternal life possible. This fourth of July and every day I rejoice in the one even Jesus Christ who saved us all from death, hell and endless misery! I send my love and gratitude to my Heavenly King today!

"Can we, even in the depths of disease, tell Him anything at all about suffering? In ways we cannot comprehend, our sicknesses and infirmities were borne by Him even before these were borne by us. (See Alma 7:11–12; Matt. 8:17.) The very weight of our combined sins caused Him to descend below all. (See D&C 122:8.) We have never been, nor will we be, in depths such as He has known. Thus His atonement made His empathy and His capacity to succor us perfect, for which we can be everlastingly grateful as He tutors us in our trials. There was no ram in the thicket at Calvary to spare Him, this Friend of Abraham and Isaac." Neal A. Maxwell