Artwork by Breana

As I prepared for Father’s Day I felt the beauty of redeeming love and ended up thinking about pearls. I am so grateful for the transformation that Jesus Christ has wrought in me. I am grateful for my future husband who inspired me to reach out for my Saviors hand. I am grateful to love deeply and want like I never have before. I am grateful for the gift of revelation. A glimpse really can be enough to start a miracle and that is something I have experienced. I love my dear Heavenly Father who knows my heart and revealed it to me here on earth. I love my Heavenly King who suffered for me atoning for my sins and ransoming my soul. I wish my cherished men a happy Father’s Day and hope that they will smile knowing that Mickey is a grateful happy girl!


Pearls of great price,
Held through sacrifice.

Billions saved through one,
Behold God's holy Son.

A path, a sacred way,
A brighter happy day.

Life renewed and given,
Behold the King of heaven.

Count them if you can,
Every child woman and man.

Pearls formed through grace,
Behold your life and place.

Written by Mickey

Artwork by Greg Olsen

 Tiny in His Hand

A pearl in the making, tiny in God's hand,
Starting out small, just a spek of sand.

The sea all around me, a storm of trial and test,
As I stayed within his hand, he helped me become my best.

Pressure, pain and opposition shaped me over time,
I thought to flee amid my test but stayed that I might shine.

Nestled within the comfort of his power and grace,
I learned the truth of my home and place.

Layers of strength were added to me one by one,
The attributes of a saint discovered through God's Son.

So it was in time that I was still and content,
Not tiny but we'll formed filled with pure intent.

Gently He brought me safe to heavens shore,
And smiled as he said, you are now ready for more.

My luster and beauty the gift of my beloved King,
I felt the peace of His love and raised my voice to sing.

I was once a piece of sand but you came for me,
I was once a tiny spek lost amid the sea.

With mercy you added to me your holy light,
You transformed my soul and made things right.

My beauty and joy are your layers divine,
Eternally I will glow with a peaceful brilliant shine.

I love you dearly and will ever cherish your hand,
For you created this pearl from a tiny spek of sand.

Written by Mickey 

Sacred Pathway

With faith I believe that I can be restored by thy dear Son,
His holy sacrifice is my sacred pathway home.

How lovely is the hope I keep within me,
O Father of my soul thy Son has set me free!

My footsteps toward you are a miracle divine,
Dear Father in heaven, because of Christ I shine.

The light within me is His holy name,
He has healed my soul and taken my shame.

Today dear Father I celebrate my life and way,
Because of Jesus Christ I can return to you and stay!

How joyous is the miracle of my King who rules above,
He restores and heals with the gift of perfect love!

Father my dear Father through Christ I cling to thee,
Thank you for thy Son He is the life in me.

Written by Mickey

I love this beautiful talk given by God's prophet Russell M. Nelson. At the end of general conference I wrote this poem to honor my Savior Jesus Christ and his dear prophet.

Come Forth

Come listen to a prophet’s voice, come hear the word of God.
Come join the saints as we go forth clinging to the rod.

Come unto Christ and see his power and love shown here today,
Come ready to receive his will to hearken and obey.

Come listen to the song of Saints as it fills the air.
Come forth o ye disconsolate to all that God will share.

Come gather strength and hope, join the throng today,
Come now all ye children and walk the chosen way!

Come unto Jesus quickly, leave every sin and flee,
Come yea broken hearted for God will set you free.

Come now all ye that wander return while you can,
Come lay hold upon every good thing, accept your Father's plan.

Come into the straight gate, heed your loving Lord,
Come now and live according to his holy word.

Come into the supper of your Heavenly King,
Come now and join the choir that together we may sing!

Come quickly for soon all trial and proving will be done,
Come with love and faith, return to God's dear Son.

Come forth to the miracle of His redeeming love,
Come now unto your Father who watches from above!

Written by Mickey


Many forsake their mansion by defying God above,
Many chose a meager shed rather than pure love.

Many refuse to humbly restrain the selfish natural man,
Many live for themselves forsaking God's plan.

Many carry the weight of sin daily as they go,
Many see and understand but still refuse to grow.

Many want a moment of going their own way,
Many look upon the tree but then go astray.

Many slide down slippery slopes seeking for some fun,
Many look to the world instead of God's dear Son.

Many choose to give a little, half but not all,
Many hear the voice of God but then refuse his call.

Many will find that apathy and disobedience bring despair,
Many will know that what they receive in end is just and fair.

Many will be on the left hand of their dear Heavenly King,
Many will not know the happiness that obedience will bring.

Many choose a meager shed instead of building more,
Many choose a weak foundation instead of a rock that’s sure..

Life is a proving moment, you reveal your heart to God,
He cannot fill your heart with joy if you leave the iron rod.

Come now unto Jesus with full purpose and try,
Repent and follow faithfully, o why will you die?

Like a thief he will return and catch you unaware,
Where you stand at that moment determines what is fair.

Be wise and hearken quickly, Come now unto the tree,
For God suffered willingly to rescue you and me.

Eternity is a long time to ponder what might have been,
Start today by choosing God and letting go of sin.

Give your will and heart, let him see your love,
Then when he returns at his right you'll stand above.

Written by Mickey

This picture is for the one I love and choose! I love the changes you have brought to me! Happy Fathers Day!


Worthy of the title of father, priest, and king,
Worthy of the exaltation that obedience doth bring.
Worthy of the little ones that God will place within your care,
Worthy of your stewardship because you lift and share.
Worthy of more love for you honored what you had,
Worthy of an increase for you made their hearts feel glad.
Worthy to be ruler of many, for you held well all God gave,
Worthy to be protector and father as you walk through endless days.
Worthy is my husband, my priest, my friend, my King,
Happy is my heart for the joy that he doth bring!

Written by your Mickey


You Are

To the vast concourse of posterity that will call you Father and friend,

Your leadership and guidance will be light that never ends.
To the children who felt pain and need a father true,
Yours will be the worthy hands that show them love anew.
To the wife who tasted the bitter before she knew the sweet,
Your love will be a blessing, a wonderful awesome treat!
To the children who have yet to live, you’re a promise they hold dear,
You’re the father they long for, the one they will hold near.
To the friend who calls you husband you’re a hero and a light,
You’re the one who awakened true love beautiful and bright!
To the Father who created your spirit I send a grateful song,
You’re the one I always wanted, so worthy, true and strong!

 Written by your Mickey


It was you who inspired me to fight,
You touched my soul and I reached for light.

It was you that brought meaning and love,
As I found you, I returned to God above.

It was you who helped me find my glow,
You are the seed I nurture and grow.

It was you I kept when I was faint,
You helped me become a faithful saint.

It is you I am returning home to see,
My love you mean everything to me.

Written by Mickey