Artwork by Breana

My Harvest

Today I searched my tree to find the best I could bring,
I climbed and gathered holiness to set before my King.
I labored and stretched choosing integrity and love,
Today I plucked my very best to honor God above.

I found the fruit of gratitude bounteous and good,
And knew the joy of feeling just as I should.
From the top I chose patience and a heart pure,
I plucked from my branches the strength to endure.

I gathered up charity an unbruised find,
I chose the ripe taste of being truly kind.
I found in my tree another’s need to,
I held it with care and chose to be true.

My harvest the beauty of the King I adore,
By his grace I have grown and become  more.
Life growing brighter the way coming clear,
The fruit of my soul is keeping God near.

My basket brim with all I can be,
The harvest of God plucked from my tree.
I take my offering to the altar with joy,
And leave for my Master what none can destroy.

Written by Michelene

"Paul observed, “Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness.” (Heb. 12:11.) Such “peaceable fruit” comes only in the appointed season thereof, after the blossoms and the buds." Neal A. Maxwell

Artwork by John Everett Millais

You Can

When the answers don't come and you don't see the why,
You can hold onto faith and still stand and try.
When punches and pushes have been done enough,
You can get up again and choose to be tuff.

When you’re tired and bruised your soul in despair,
You can keep every promise and show God you care.
When you hold all the pieces and can't put them right,
You can cling to your covenants and hold to God's light.

When you are weak in the storm and your strength is gone,

You can rely on God's grace and get the job done.
When your heart is broken and your spirit contrite,
You can stand by grace and finish the fight.

Written by Michelene


Words that help me breathe as I struggle to live,
Words like an anchor to help me forgive.
My mind full of shock as the contrast comes clear,
Words given in mercy to soothe my fear.

My hand on the rod, my promise my life,
The tree my joy, I will be his wife.
Not lost by darts, pride or despair,
Once more I believe and choose to share.

Faithful and tiny in a storm of light,
In the shadow of God's hand I finish the fight.
The greatest truth is my Heavenly King,
Through Him I have found my everything.

Written by Michelene

Artwork by Afghan Hounds Breeder

Constructing Joy

Mortal men can rarely see,
The beauty of all eternity,
Celestial joy by grace is found,
But it is unseen this sacred ground
A framework emerging in paradise,
A structure of beauty will sweetly rise.
A home divine through heartache is grown,
Across the veil our place is known.

Choices that secure eternal life,
We construct amid struggles and strife.
The unseen truth of what will be,
Is built each day by you and me.

Written by Michelene


More than every trial I face,
God’s mercy and sustaining grace.
More than every deprivation of love,
Is the greatest of all, my God above.
The storm diminishes as I look to see,
The God of heaven who suffered for me.
He is more than the enemy and every test,
Through Him I become my very best.
The strength of my King sustaining my fight,
I am more than myself for I hold His light.

Written by Michelene