Love Will

Love will demand more not less,
The purpose of trial to guide and bless.
Love will chastise and teach with care,
That you might become worthy to share.
Love will burn with flames divine,
To purge your dross and see your shine.
Love will call you to heavens door,
That humbly bent you might find more.
Love will reveal the truth and say,
Will you go or abide and stay?
Love will prove and at last reveal,
If you will faithfully do your Fathers will.

Written by Michelene


The Cup

Cup half full or half empty, it's up you I say,
It's either all really hard or you see blessings every day.
All unfair and heartbreaking, you can believe this lie,
It's up to you to roll your sleeves and dig in for a try.
The mountain steep and impossible, or a task you can bear,
It's up to you to move your feet and see that all is fair.
The total you must give is either doable or not,
It's up to you to heed God's call and do what you've been taught.

Written by Michelene 

"Our mortal life is designed by a loving God to be a test and source of growth for each of us. You remember God’s words regarding His children at the Creation of the world: “And we will prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them.” Since the beginning, the tests have not been easy. We face trials that come from having mortal bodies. All of us live in a world where Satan’s war against truth and against our personal happiness is becoming more intense. The world and your life can seem to you to be in increasing commotion. My reassurance is this: the loving God who allowed these tests for you also designed a sure way to pass through them. Heavenly Father so loved the world that He sent His Beloved Son to help us. His Son, Jesus Christ, gave His life for us. Jesus Christ bore in Gethsemane and on the cross the weight of all our sins. He experienced all the sorrows, the pains, and the effects of our sins so that He could comfort and strengthen us through every test in life." Henry B. Eyring

Father's Voice

Discouraged and tired I sat by the road,
I scrunched up my brows and stared at my load.
I pondered the purpose of difficult days,
I wondered about life's extended delays.

My heart was hurting and I sank in despair,
Nothing I looked at seemed to be fair.
Tears filled my eyes and I looked to the sky,
My heart held the question, why Father why?

In the quiet I heard a voice soft and clear,
My daughter I love you and I am here.
The journey is long and the load your gift,
I promise if you try I will comfort and lift.

Remember your Redeemer carried this for you,
A burden He took to help see you through.
You are more than you think and I know you can shine,
Amid every heartache please remember your mine.

Virtues are found as you endure and grow,
The weight of your burden is the joy you may know.
Push past the natural man and rely on your King,
Be faithful and joyful, remember to sing!

The voice of my Father departed and I,
Looked once again with my face toward the sky.
Thank you dear Father for your mercy and care,
Thank you for my Savior and all you share.

Thank you for helping me find courage once more,
I know I can reach that far distant shore.
I stood with love and put on my pack,
It's weight seemed light as it sat on my back.

I walked toward home and felt God near,
And I filled the air with a song of cheer!
I traversed every hill and felt quite fine,
For I knew my Father was watching my shine.

He loves me I thought and I want him to see,
I'm keeping His Son living in me.
Once more I heard a sound sacred and divine,
I love you and I'm glad you are mine!

I felt a sweet peace the Spirit so strong,
And sang out with joy, I know I belong!

Written by Michelene

Artwork by Brent Borup

To the One

To the One who rewrote my pages and changed my stories end,
To the greatest hero ever born, who stayed through every bend,
To the One who knows my worst and still sent shepherds for me,
To the One who touched my eyes and caused me to see.
To the One who carried my victory and chose to see me through,
To the greatest hero ever born, I send my love for you.

You bring beauty from ash, your love is divine,
You bring joy to the broken and help us shine.
You bring healing and smiles to those in despair,
I rejoice in the beauty of all you share!
You bring new life to the lost and lift us up,
You bring peace to the sinner and fill our cup.
You are my treasure, My richness my life,
I rejoice my God that I can be his wife!

My words I send to you this day,
I love you Lord and I will stay.
No trial is greater than your grace in me,
In you my God I have victory.
My song an anthem, I live through you!
You are the power that's sees me through.
O great Jehovah my staff and stay,
I will walk in your appointed way.
I love you and cherish your holy light,
It is well with my soul, all is right.

Written by Michelene 


Superfluous is how I feel superfluous you see,
Amid a garden of so many flowers how can you need me?
One of a kind irreplaceable was his sweet reply,
Without You a sacred part of me would surely die.
You add color to the world and joy to my life,
You are my heart and soul my dearest love and wife.

There was depth and feeling expressed in each word,
He said think for a moment of our dear Lord.
He has taught that charity is the greatest virtue of all.
To cherish every part of me is to heed the Master's call.

I love my family, each part of my soul,
If you compare me to a garden then completeness is my goal.
Every flower flourishing, love shining clear,
I need each part of my heart happy right here.

I felt peace as he soothed my fear away,
Will you have me he asked, will you stay?
Warmth spread through me and I gave my reply,
Yes my love, without you I would die.

You see I'm a flower in need of great care,
So I'll stay with my heart and freely share.
My colors will blossom and others will see,
The beauty you've nourished shining in me.

So together we grew as the sun shown above,
Our roots sinking deep through the power of love.
A garden with many, each flower so dear,
As one we flourished with our husband near.

Written by Michelene

Artwork by Brent Borup


Love transcends the limits of this time and place,
Love offers everything and grows by grace.
Love becomes small amid life's test,
Love goes without and still feels blest.
Love is restraint and meekness shown,
Love is the truth that we are known.
Love endures opposition, scorn and shame.
Love answers every question with the Saviors name.
Love is patient and will bear all pain,
Love is forgiving and will remain.
Love doesn't demand but waits with care,
Love sees God's heart and is willing to share.
Love paints a picture of Gethsemene,
Love sees the beauty of all that will be.
Love honors equality and God's higher way,
Love is obedience shown every day.

Written by Michelene


Harder Right


A great and noble prophet once charged me, to do the harder right,
It’s easy to walk away he said, you must stay and fight.
The easy wrong he counseled leads to no reward,
My sister the harder right will bring you to your Lord.

I listened and felt the spirit burning as he taught,
And promised that his sacred words would not be forgot.
Soon enough a storm came and I was given a choice,
To run and hide, to acquiesce or heed the prophets voice.

I chose the harder right and pressed forward through my test,
I walked through days of opposition knowing I was blest.
I lost my life and found it by the grace of God,
I clung to hope and held fast the sacred iron rod.

Days of growth by fire were also days of light,
My dross purged as I learned to always choose the right.
Mercy held me sweetly and I came to see,
The power of Jehovah lived inside of me.

Forever altered by my choices I was made new,
The harder right had led my soul to a place secure and true.
Standing on the rock of God, I could clearly see,
The truth of who I was and who I could be.

Once again I faced the choice to step forward or turn away,
I smiled with joy and said I will abide and stay.
So the story continues even on this day,
For I am still choosing the harder right as I journey on my way.

The moral of this story is to see the gate and go,
Along the straight and narrow path to all that you may know.
The beauty of God's love is shining but requires a fight,
You keep the fruit if all He gave as you choose the harder right.


Written by Michelene


"May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong."

Thomas S. Monson

Her Shadow


A picture of perfection, showing what is right,

A shadow cast by heaven, revealing holy light.

A view holding more than the woman shown,

There within her heart God's truth is known.


His words life giving, she keeps His love,

Look at her shadow and see God above.

Not my will but thine be done echos in her heart,

The words of her King are now her sacred start.


Surrender is victory and so it can be found,

There within her shadow cast upon the ground.


Written by Michelene