Artwork by Breana

My Canvas


On the canvas of my soul he painted love for me,
Each stroke of his hand showing what would be.
Colors of beauty his touch my truth and heart,
His movement within my soul a very precious start.

Days, hours and years his tender hand in me,
Our love the painting I was born to see.
Then he stilled his hand and I looked with care,
And saw within my soul the truth he painted there.

The vision before me wasn't mine alone,
I saw inside my canvas the truth of home.
Millions of stars, the colors given for all,
I beheld my soul with awe and heard the Masters call.

More than one my daughter, this work is mine,
I suffered in the garden that every soul would shine.
The colors of beauty the strokes of purest love,
This my dearest daughter is your Father above.

I closed my eyes with reverence and looking once more,
I rejoiced in the beauty of that far distant shore.
Painted with love, I see the Masters hand in me,
I cherish every stroke and the truth of what will be.

Zion is within me, her colors my home and place,
The beauty of my canvas is the sacred gift of grace.


Written by Michelene

Purest Gold


When I walk to you may the truth you see,
Be the proof of love held safe in me.
When your eyes meet mine may we be one,
May the light in me be my Father's Son.
When my life is seen by you my Lord,
May we both behold your living word.
When I come to you may the truth I hold,
Be your light in me, the purest gold.


Written by Michelene

This precious counsel has been key to my spiritual survival. I am so grateful for Russell M. Neslon! I testify that he is a true prophet called of God! I am so grateful for the strength and power he has brought to my journey. His light and example have changed the outcome of my mortal test. I rejoice in my Savior Jesus Christ who reaches out to me through His prophets, apostles and saints! As I follow my Heavenly King His grace is sufficient! I have become a miracle through the atonement Jesus Christ. All that I am and ever will be is the power brought to me through the sacrifice of my great King!

One Star


One star in a sky so full,
One daughter a precious soul.
One dream known amid all,
One child raised from her fall.
One sacred moment that brought her forth,
One even Christ who knows her worth.

One who planned her rescue and love,
One sent by her Father who rules above.
One Star amid billions can you see her glow,
One Star amid billions for you to know.
Each child is precious and twinkles by grace,
Each star in the sky holds a sacred place.

Look up toward heaven and see the view,
The God of heaven is loving you!
Your shine and brilliance are His glory,
He sent His Son to write your story.
Shine on and honor all you can be,
One star in the sky alive and free!


Written by Michelene

Artwork by Ken Corbett

A Liahona

Inside of you where no man can see,
A Liahona is guiding you to me.
The needles pointing upward to the sky,
Look inside my child and find the strength to fly.

Above temptation and over all pain,
I will be your guide if you remain.
Your faithfulness and love will keep the way clear,
The needles pointing heavenward as you keep me near.

Together as one Zion comes in view,
My child, my little one, how dearly I love you.
You reach the holy city and I see in your face,
The power and miracle of your Savior's grace.

Resplendent and peaceful, your heart made new,
I smile with joy as I look at you!
There within your heart a Liahona shining bright,
I see in your countenance your Savior's light.

This day of peace and unity is the joy of your Heavenly King,
Come my child raise your voice and together we will sing!

Written by Michelene

In a fast and testimony meeting over four years ago my sweet daughter typed these words on her iPad and handed it to me, "Love is infinite, loving one person doesn't diminish love for another. We each have the capacity to love entire worlds of people, we just have to have the will and the desire to love." These words and the journey that has followed have changed my heart and soul forever! I rejoice in the life of my daughter and in her sacred light! She was a strength to me during her mortal days and has continued to be since she past through the veil! I love my family and love all we will build together with love during the millennium and eternally! I praise the God who gave me life for all that can and will be because of His great atoning sacrifice! When I see Miranda again we will both stand in our resurrected bodies and rejoice in the Holy One of Israel! Glory be to the Father for the divine gift of His matchless Son!

The Miracle



My dearest daughter I'm becoming gold for you,
Thank you for helping me learn to be true.
My Dot, my friend, my angel so bright,
You brought to me Gods power and might.

My moment of joy is ours my dear,
We've journeyed together and kept God near.
I'm flying upward and seeking for home,
I'm becoming gold, look how we've grown.

My life and joy eternally,
Is the power of Christ shining in me.
One has raised me and purged my dross,
The King of heaven who carried the cross.

I praise His name and adore His gift,
He has called me back and healed sins rift.
Hallelujah, hallelujah I rejoice and hold,
The miracle of Christ, the purest gold


Written by Michelene

Artwork by Brent Borup

Upheld by Grace


One Star in the sky upheld by grace,
One Star who knows her true place.
One child now burning with holy light,
One daughter who seeks to win the fight.
One warrior who knows that victory will be,
The One even Christ who strengthens me!


Written by Michelene