We wish our dear prophet a Happy birthday and hope the day is so special for him and his dear family! We are so very grateful for the guidance and protection we have found by listening to and following the prophet of God! A big thank you to this great and holy man who is a mouth piece and light for God! You're a good, kind and noble prophet and we love you!!!:)

I used quotes from our dear prophet to construct this poem!  It was fun to use his exact words and add my own words to honor and reverence this dear prophet of God.  I am grateful for the word of God given through His true prophet!


My Feet


My feet like a child, my way all you send,
I heard him speak to me today, my prophet guide and friend.
My foundation your light, my structure all you show,
I heard him call to me today and stretching chose to grow.

"Learn your divine purpose and live up to it" each day,
When others follow a worldly path, choose to walk away.
Have courage in a crowd, "stand out, be different, be a light,"
Honor well the name you carry by doing what is right!

"Do the spiritual work required to enjoy the gift of the Holy Ghost,"
Through sacrifice and obedience you will obtain the very most!
"We can feel joy, when having a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad year,"
The antidote for every trial is keep your Savior near.

"Take life one step at a time and do the best you can each day,"
Invite the spirit to be your guide as you journey on your way!
"Above everything else you're seeking to learn, seek to know God,"
Hold fast to His revealed truth and clasp the iron rod!

"True disciples of Jesus Christ are always willing to stand out,"
When you nurture your testimony, you'll conquer fear and doubt!
"When we draw his power into our lives, both He and we will rejoice,"
So make each worthy sacrifice, let heaven see your choice!

My feet like a child, my way all you send,
I heard him speak to me today, my prophet guide and friend.
My foundation your light, my structure all you show,
I heard him call to me today and stretching chose to grow.


Written by Michelene for our dear prophet Russell M. Nelson

To honor the prophet for his birthday I asked Breana to create an art piece that focused on the booklet For the Strength of Youth.  We loved hearing the prophet speak to the youth on June 3 and took his counsel regarding the booklet For the Strength of Youth to heart. Today we are going to share our notes and efforts to learn more from the booklet For the Strenght of Youth on our blog! 

“The booklet entitled For the Strength of Youth should be your standard. It is the standard that the Lord expects all his youth to uphold. Now as his humble servant I plead with you to study this booklet again. Prayerfully read it like you’ve never read it before. Mark it up, talk about it, and discuss the standards with your friends. Decide how you can live these standards, your standards with even more exactness.” Russell M. Nelson


This poem is my marking of the booklet!!!:)


For the Strength of Youth


A little blue book in my hand,

A little blue book so small and grand!

A promise given if I follow its word,

A promise given by my dear Lord!

A Prophets words sent forth to me,

A Prophets words to help me see.

My future bright resplendent and clear,

My future safe if I keep God near.


Agency and Accountability

My use of the gift of agency,

Changes my place and what will be.

I can become a hero or foe,

I can choose to fall or stand and grow.

I can indulge in sin and keep its cost,

I can hold to honor and not be lost.

The tree ahead a path so bright,

It’s up to me to choose the right!



No dates until I turn sixteen,

I’ll stay in a group and keep things clean.

Where I go and what we do,

Will reflect the love I feel for you.

As I progress and move ahead,

I’ll seek the temple as I plan to wed.

Light and fun will fill my soul,

As I reach for my celestial goal!


Dress and Appearance

My dress and appearance reflect my intent,

Each day I’ll make sure the right message is sent.

I’ll stand with Christ and shine with care,

My choice will be seen in all I wear.

The spirit and light will burn in me,

My respect for God is what men will see.

I will reverence the gift of my body and show,

The truth of heaven and all I know. 



All that I learn I will keep eternally,

My hours of study will change what I see.

Opportunities will come if I seek to grow,

Doors are opened by the truth I know.

My view of heaven can be more or less,

God is eager to teach, guide and bless.

I must open my heart and lend an ear,

I must read God’s word and invite him near.


Entertainment and Media

Whatever I take in has an effect on me,

So I will choose the very best in the media I see.

No violence or pornography will be placed inside my mind,

Beauty, honor and virtue are the truth I will find.

When choosing a book I'll turn from darkness and flee,

I’ll only place the very best of fun and light in me.

I will not accept media that defies the will of God,

What I view will be determined by the sacred iron rod!



My family is sacred, we can be together eternally,

Keeping my covenants will bind them tight to me.

At home I will seek to lift with love each day,

I will choose thoughtfully every word that I say.

My eyes will look for chances to serve with care,

I will seek to build unity by choosing to share.

The foundation of my family is strong and secure,

With Christ we will build and our love will endure!



The gift of a friend is what I will find,

By being loving, merciful and kind.

As I render to others what I desire,

I will find my soul is reaching higher.

I will be an example and shine with light,

I will testify to my friends and do what’s right. 



Gratitude pushes past all trial and pain,

As I look for the sunshine, I can stand in the rain.

Seeing my Father and His perfect Son,

I can rejoice in my life and all Christ won.

No matter the burdens I carry and know,

The seed of thanksgiving can flourish and grow!

Eyes that look for blessings see heavens light,

A thankful heart full of love is exactly right!


Honesty and Integrity

When I choose honesty my spirit is bright and clear,

When my actions show integrity I keep Christ near.

When what I do is guided by my covenants I grow,

When my actions are without reproach His spirit I will know.

When every word that flows from me is pure and without guile,

I keep the Holy Spirit and bring the sweetest smile.

Heaven views my actions, my words and all I do,

May all I do reveal that I am faithful pure and true!



May my words never hurt, damage, or demean,

May all that I speak be loving and clean.

May I honor my Savior as my voice is heard?

May I speak with thanksgiving ever praising my Lord.

May the sound of my heart be a song in the air,

May all that I add be lovely and fair.

May others hear you as they listen to me,

May my voice be a light that helps men see!


Music and Dancing

I will choose music that opens doors of light,

I will spin and dance with joy my soul shining bright!

I will invite the Holy Spirit by singing hymns of praise,

I will raise my voice with love and see heavens rays!

I will find strength and solace when my heart is down,

I will sing a song of faith and overcome my frown.

My feet swiftly moving once more dancing for thee,

I will praise my God in heaven, who died to set me free!


Physical and Emotional Health

My body is a gift pure and divine,

I will guard it with care that I may shine.

No substance to dim the light in me,

I will refuse the evil and reach for thee!

Fruits in abundance, veggies galore,

When I choose to follow I keep more.

The light of heaven is burning bright,

I have great vigor when I do what is right!

If I struggle with depression doubt or fear,

I will seek for help and keep you near.

There is a way past every dark night,

I reach with faith and find your light.

Hope is precious and grace my power,

I will invite your strength in every hour



A way from darkness and chains,

A way to cleanse away my stains.

A way from despair and shame,

I kneel and speak the Saviors name.

A way through Jesus Christ my King,

A way past misery and deaths sting.

A way to peace when all seems lost,

A way because He paid the cost.

A way for me to be new and clean,

A way to heaven through Christ is seen.


Sabbath Day Observance

A day of worship, a day of sacred rest,

A day to acknowledge how greatly I am blest.

A day to learn and be strengthened by His word,

A day to serve my loving King and Lord.

A day of reverence when I turn to worship thee,

A day to cherish the One who set me free.

A day of holiness when I quiet all worldly care,

A day to embrace the joy of all you share!



So many ways to serve, so many ways to give,

So many chances to lift each day that I live.

So many of your children waiting for me to share,

So many opportunities to show how much you care.

So many times my Savior I am your hands here,

So many times I reach and bring another cheer.

So many times the call is for me to go,

Always when I hearken joy is what I know.


Sexual Purity

Purest white is what I will wear,

Purest flowers and ribnons in my hair.

Sweetest smile as I place my hand with his,

Sweetest joy when we share a gentle kiss.

Happiness in the temple of our Lord,

Happiness because we honored His word.

Eternal life with the one I cherish and love,

Eternal family sealed by God above!


Tithes and Offerings

The treasures of the earth dim and fade away,

The treasures of your kingdom eternally will stay.

The increase I receive can become so much more,

The increase I return and place at heaven’s door.

The value of my tithing holds eternal weight,

The value of my love is placed at heaven’s gate.

The tithes I pay to my Lord will change eternity,

The tithes I offer heaven are the proof of love in me.


Work and Self-Reliance

No idle hands my Lord, I will work hard every day,

No idle hours wasted as I journey on my way.

No sitting on the side when others need my care,

No standing at the back but stepping forth to share.

No omitting to do good, I will give all I can,

No ignoring other’s needs, I will lift my fellow man.

No stopping half way through the labors I must do,

No looking at the clock but looking up to you!


Written by Michelene





This is one of Micah's videos! It is so beautiful to see my daughter follow the prophet's counsel to share the booklet For the Strength of Youth. Her testimony is so beautiful and her insights are so awesome! I love, love, love this daughter of mine!:)

"Like Timothy, most full-time missionaries are young men. Some are sisters; some are senior missionaries. We love each one! Missionaries serve to make life better for God’s children. Heavenly Father loves every one of His children. After all, He is their Father. He wants to bless them with His greatest gift, that of eternal life.6 Missionaries so teach wherever they serve. They help people to develop faith in the Lord, repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, receive the ordinances of the temple, and endure faithfully to the end. God’s work and glory—“to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man”—is also the sacred work and glory of each missionary. We need more missionaries—more worthy missionaries. During His earthly ministry, the Lord told His disciples, “The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” Russell M. Nelson

The Field


Thrust in your sickle with all your might,

Travel with courage and spread my light.

Search for the weary, the faint, the lost,

Thrust in your sickle no matter the cost.

Search every by way go to my sheep,

Thrust in your sickle and together we’ll reap.

The field is white now, the harvest your call,

Thrust in your sickle, stand noble and tall!


Written by Michelene

"Start with your children. You parents bear the primary responsibility to strengthen their faith. Let them feel your faith, even when sore trials come upon you. Let your faith be focused on our loving Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Teach that faith with deep conviction. Teach each precious boy or girl that he or she is a child of God, created in His image, with a sacred purpose and potential. Each is born with challenges to overcome and faith to be developed." Russell M. Nelson

No Limits

No limits on love, no limits on light,
I'll love my God with my might!
No words of what I cannot do,
I'll show my God that I am true!

No boundaries set by weakness and fear,
I'll cling to God and hold truth near!
No bowing out or backing down,
I'll stand with God, and keep my crown!


Written by Michelene