Starry Night


Your need became my own need, your heart was calling me,

I looked at all your aching and loving chose to see.

I could lose my own life and win a better way,

I could choose kindness and stand with God today!


I gave away my hours, I gave away my sin,

I gave away my very heart and found my King within.

His need became my own need, His path my only way,

I chose to lose my life to love and I felt joy today!


My worldly goods I consecrated and found a treasure true,

I offered all I had to give and loving I kept you.

I lost this fallen world as I reached for Zions light,

The vision of our home became my starry night!


Written by Michelene

Art by Breana

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is centered on the love of the Father and the Savior for us and our love for Them and for one another." By Elder Massimo De Feo

Art by Breana

Tender Seed


The tender seed of truth, my Fathers light in me,

The brilliance of a new world and all that I can be,

The sky both blue and gray, a rainbow shining clear,

The words of God to me, bringing my home near.


The worth of my beginning so sacred and divine,

The beauty of God’s promise that one day you’ll be mine.

The power that sustains me as I nurture all we are,

The joy and the beauty of reaching for our star.


The world within my heart built by grace and trust,

The world we construct no matter the cost.

The world of my Savior where all are loved and free,

The world even Zion is sprouting up in me.


The enemy fights daily to destroy my vision of love,

His efforts fruitless, for I choose God above.

The power of Jesus Christ will heal and restore,

The world even Zion, that far distant shore.


Soon with joy and peace every faithful saint will grow,

Soon the seed we nourished will be the home we know.

Soon amid a vast concourse we will stand with our dear King,

Soon amid the choirs of heaven His praises we will sing!


Hosanna, hosanna to the One our God and life,

Hosanna, hosanna for He ended sin and strife.

Hosanna, hosanna for we live and grow by grace,

Hosanna, hosanna for the One who kept our place!


Written by Michelene

"A million dreams for the world were gonna make!" I know we can build up Zion within ourselves and as we do we will see it rise up around us. I testify that true happiness is to love others truly. The Savior taught, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it." I hope we will lose our lives by giving our time and our love to our brothers and sisters. I believe happiness is measured by the charity we give others during our mortal journey. At the great and last day when we stand to judged the peace of that moment will be the love we gave to others.

Paul’s words are a reminder of the importance of charity, " if I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.." A life lived without pure love is no life at all. The word nothing is a powerful reminder to live with love. I testify that as we love others we will become everything God wants us to be.

I am grateful for those who have loved me and lifted my heart amid the storms of my mortal journey. I rejoice in my Heavenly King who loved me so dearly that He suffered for my sins so He could cleanse and heal me. I have been transformed by love and hope to help bring little transformations in the daily lives of others by offering all I have with pure love. I know this is the way to show my Father that the gift He offered, even the gift of His perfect Son is valued and known. For the proof of our hearts is all we give each day.