Artwork by Breana

God's Saints


United an equal God’s banner we hold,

Humble and willing the sheep of His fold.

Gracious and charitable we build Zion within,

Faithful and diligent we journey to Him.


Bound by our covenants, we live by His word,

Our armor the strength of our mighty Lord.

Babylon behind us our ship moving on,

Upward we journey towards God’s holy Son!


Glorious and beautiful are the saints who ascend,

Loyal and sacred, He shall call them friend.

The work of the kingdom, His call they obey,

Of one heart and mind, with God they shall stay.


Written by Michelene

This talk had a big impact on my heart. The message of love and unity is foundational. We build with love. Our beloved Redeemer constructed all that will be for each of us with love. Love and unity go together. If we love our fellow men we will reach for unity and find it. I am grateful for Quentin L. Cook, his apostolic witness of truth helped me find a deeper commitment to the cause of Zion. It is a beautiful blessing to know an apostle of God has helped me draw closer to my Heavenly King!

In regard to unity, the Savior declared, “If ye are not one ye are not mine.”23 We know that the spirit of contention is of the devil.24

In our day, the scriptural imperative for unity is largely ignored, and for many people the emphasis is on tribalism,25 often based on status, gender, race, and wealth. In many countries, if not most, people are deeply divided about how to live. In the Lord’s Church, the only culture we adhere to and teach is the culture of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The unity we seek is to be unified with the Savior and His teachings.26

As we look at the primary purposes of the Church, they are all based on equality before the Lord27 and following the culture of the gospel of Jesus Christ. With respect to missionary work, the principal qualifications for baptism are humbling oneself before God and coming forth with a broken heart and contrite spirit.28 Education, wealth, race, or national origin are not even considered.

In addition, missionaries humbly serve where called. They do not attempt to serve based on worldly standards of status or preparation for future careers. They serve with all their heart, might, mind, and strength wherever they are assigned. They do not choose their missionary companions, and they seek diligently to develop Christlike attributes,29 which are at the heart of the culture of Jesus Christ.

The scriptures give guidance for our most important relationships. The Savior taught that the first commandment was to “love the Lord thy God.” And the second is to “love thy neighbour as thyself.”30

The Savior additionally explained that everyone is our neighbor.31 The Book of Mormon makes it clear that there must be no -ites, tribes, or classes.32 We must be united and equal before God.

Sacred ordinances and divine responsibilities are built upon this premise. I would expect that your own experiences in the temple would be similar to mine. When I would leave my workaday world in San Francisco and arrive at the Oakland Temple, I would experience an overwhelming feeling of love and peace. A major part of that was sensing I was closer to God and His purposes. The saving ordinances were my primary focus, but a significant part of those beautiful feelings was the equality and unity that permeate the temple. Everyone is dressed in white clothing. There is no evidence of wealth, rank, or educational attainment; we are all brothers and sisters humbling ourselves before God.

In the sacred sealing room, the eternal marriage ordinance is the same for everyone. I love the fact that the couple from the humblest background and the couple from the wealthiest background have exactly the same experience. They wear the same type of robes and make the same covenants across the same altar. They also receive the same eternal priesthood blessings. This is accomplished in a beautiful temple built by the tithes of the Saints as the sacred house of the Lord.

Fulfilling divinely appointed responsibilities, based on righteousness, unity, and equality before the Lord, brings personal happiness and peace in this world and prepares us for eternal life in the world to come.33 It prepares us to meet God.34

Quentin L. Cook~Prepare to Meet God