Artwork by Breana and Michelene

Pink And Blue Cards


Pink and blue cards pass through my hand,

Pink and blue cards so lovely and grand.

Each one a son or daughter so dear,

In God’s holy house I feel them near.


The power of Jesus, His ordinances divine,

I enter the water and feel my soul shine.

God’s saving ordinances in love given,

As I stand for them, I am near to heaven.


The spirit of redemption, the will of my King,

I hold in my heart all He will bring.

Sons and daughters one day made new,

I will meet and embrace each child I knew.


The work of my Father, the power of love,

I hold in my hand heaven above.

Pink and blue cards, the work of our King,

Their joy and peace cause me to sing!


My Father and Savior thank you for this,

To serve and to give, is a chance I can’t miss.

I love you and know, your children are here,

I rejoice in this chance to bring them cheer!


These pink and blue cards are the story of love,

I hold in my hand heaven above!


Written by Michelene


"My dear brothers and sisters, construction of these temples may not change your life, but your time in the temple surely will. In that spirit, I bless you to identify those things you can set aside so you can spend more time in the temple." Russell M. Nelson

I am grateful for the encouragement of our dear Prophet Russell M. Nelson.  We have tried to be faithful to his counsel and have found great joy in serving as often as possible in the temple.  We have become familiar to the temple workers and my children are greeted with warm embraces.  They know when we will be there and notice if we are gone or if one of the kids is missing from our family group.  The temple holds a sweet feeling of coming home that is beautiful.

My daughter Micah saves her name slip every time we serve in the temple.  After totaling up her slips and doing the math based on all three of the kids serving over the past two and a half years we found that the estimated amount of baptisms performed by them for brothers and sisters on the other side of the veil is 4605. It is beautiful to see the impact that small and simple choices have over time. 

The prophet's words at the worldwide youth devotional were a powerful reminder of what we should be doing as a family. "You—my dear extraordinary youth—were sent to earth at this precise time, this most crucial time in the history of the earth, to help gather Israel,” the prophet said. “There is nothing happening on this earth right now that is more important than that. There is nothing of greater consequence. Absolutely nothing. This gathering should mean everything to you. This is the mission for which you were sent to earth.”  

As my kids enlisted in the youth battalion I joined them, I may be old but I have the heart of a teenager.  We are excited to do all we can and determined to follow the prophet of God!  I know that our efforts will bring great blessings on both sides of the veil.  I am grateful for Russell M. Nelson, he is a true prophet called of God.  We are so blessed to have his guiding light before us!



“I like to imagine that each of us came to earth with a scroll attached to our spirits entitled, things to do while on earth.” Wendy Nelson

My Tiny Scroll

I arrived with a tiny scroll, my list of things to do,
I arrived with my promise to be kind and true.
I arrived trailing clouds of glory, to grow by grace,
I arrived a little child seeking for my place.
I arrived with no memory of my life on high,
I arrived with no wings, but wanted to fly.

I found at last through grace the answer deep within,
I found my Heavenly King and left behind my sin.
I found my scroll once hidden and began to try,
I found within myself the strength to humbly fly.
I found a way past heartache a song of light in me,
I found amid my trials the peace of being free.

I returned a little child, my scroll within my hand,
I returned by grace, just as my Father planned.
I returned and presented all that I had done,
I returned to thank my God for all that He won!
I returned and found my place with Him forever more,
I returned and walked by grace upon a distant shore.

Written by Michelene