Today we are celebrating the birth of the wonderful apostle Dieter F. Uchtdorf! The art, poetry and feelings on this blog post are being shared to honor and cherish the truth he has brought to us and the world. We are so very thankful for his testimony and sacred apostolic light! The tradition of creating an art piece to honor Deiter F. Uchtdorf began after Miranda and our family was given the privilege of meeting with him in person. That day is cherished in our hearts! We hope that Dieter and his family know we are thinking of them today. We send our love and happy birthday wishes to our favorite apostle of God! Wir lieben dich!:)

Three Sisters

A long time ago in a distant land lived a family of three sisters.

The first sister was sad. Everything from her nose to her chin and from her skin to her toes seemed not quite good enough to her. When she spoke, her words sometimes came out awkwardly, and people laughed. When someone criticized her or “forgot” to invite her to something, she would blush, walk away, and find a secret spot where she would let out a sad sigh and wonder why life had turned out to be so bleak and cheerless.

The second sister was mad. She thought of herself as very smart, but there was always someone else who scored higher on tests at school. She considered herself funny, fair, fashionable, and fascinating. But always, there seemed to be someone who was funnier, fairer, more fashionable, or more fascinating.

She was never first at anything, and this she could not endure. Life was not supposed to be this way!

Sometimes she lashed out at others, and it seemed that she was always one breath away from being outraged by one thing or another.

Of course, this did not make her any more likable or popular. Sometimes she clenched her teeth, tightened her fists, and thought, “Life is so unfair!”

Then there was the third sister. Unlike her sad and mad sisters, she was—well, glad. And it wasn’t because she was smarter or more beautiful or more capable than her sisters. No, people sometimes avoided or ignored her too. They sometimes made fun of what she was wearing or the things she was saying. They sometimes said mean things about her. But she did not allow any of that to bother her too much.

This sister loved to sing. She didn’t have great pitch, and people laughed about it, but that didn’t stop her. She would say, “I am not going to let other people and their opinions stop me from singing!”

The very fact that she kept singing made her first sister sad and her second sister mad.

Many years passed, and eventually each sister reached the end of her time on earth.

The first sister, who discovered again and again that there was no shortage of disappointments in life, eventually died sad.

The second, who every day found something new to dislike, died mad.

And the third sister, who spent her life singing her song with all her might and a confident smile on her face, died glad.

From Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk, Three Sisters


Artwork by Micah

The First Sister

Waiting for things to be perfect and right,
I stayed rather sad my joy out of sight.
Trial and heartache around every bend,
With no one to care or call my friend.
Always I wanted you to make things right,
I wasn’t willing to put up a fight.
My suffering was all put upon me,
The strength to endure I would not see.
My cup half empty I gave a sigh,
Wo is me, I bent to cry.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Artwork by Micah

The Second Sister

I stomped through life with eyes that could see,
Exactly the way things ought to be.
I looked at injustice and knew my pain,
It's not fair was my loud refrain.
Another’s joy diminished mine,
My heart hard, I could not shine.
Too busy wanting things so grand,
I didn’t learn to humbly stand.
Instead I stood my fists clinched tight,
Peace and joy were out of sight!

Written by Michelene Glasson

Artwork by Micah

The Third Sister

Today I saw joy and light,
A bird soaring, the sky so bright!
Today I held a baby near,
My heart filled with grateful cheer!
I got bad news but thought of him,
And found again I had to grin!
My hopes were dashed and I let go,
Of plans so sweet I could not know.
Kneeling down again I found,
My song of hope, a steady sound!
My rock, my way is calling to me,
Be glad my child, I made you free!

Written by Michelene Glasson

"The third sister represents the authentic disciple of Jesus Christ. She did something that can be extremely hard to do: she trusted God even in the face of ridicule and hardship. Somehow she maintained her faith and hope, despite the scorn and cynicism around her. She lived joyfully not because her circumstances were joyful but because she was joyful." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Choosing Happiness

Not what you have and hold, but what you keep within,
Not the presence of easy, but the absence of sin.
Not you giving in to apathy and pride,
Not standing alone, but with God by your side.
Not a path strange, but a way straight,
Not everything now, you may have to wait.
Not given to you, but found with care,
Not just your needs, but a desire to share
Not with carnal eyes seen, but there to embrace,
Not forced upon you, your Saviors grace.
Not all will find true happiness,
Not all choose God, some want less.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Artwork by Chelsea Speirs

"None of us makes it through life’s journey unopposed. With so many forces trying to draw us away, how do we keep our vision fixed on the glorious happiness promised to the faithful? I  believe the answer can be found in a dream that a prophet had thousands of years ago. The prophet’s name is Lehi, and his dream is recorded in the precious and wonderful Book of Mormon."  Dieter F. Uchtdorf

God’s Sacred Tree

Like Alma I awakened to my Father’s love,
Gently He called me to my home above.
Sweet hope and assurance began to grow,
With faith I believed and sought to know.
I put down distractions and sought the way,
I believed His promise and chose to stay.
A step at a time, each choice brought me,
Closer to home, to Gods sacred tree!

The enemy struck out to stop my feet,
But I turned to God and did not retreat.
Darts flew past, the mists were sent,
But Satan could not decide where I went.
My hand upon the rod I found,
A sure and steady piece of ground.
The light of truth, my Heavenly King,
I felt true joy and began to sing.

Pressing on, I saw a crowd,
Pointing, mocking, very loud.
I spared a glance then turned to see,
God and angels beckoned me.
I smiled and sang with all my heart,
I will continue and keep my start.
Moving forward, soon I knew,
I was getting close to you.

My journey made through atoning power,
I was sustained by heaven’s shower!
The prophet before me, bright and clear,
I hearkened quickly and felt cheer!
All around me was lost from view,
As I beheld my King so true!
I tasted and felt peace and love,
A sacred gift from God above!

Written by Michelene Glasson

"Dear sisters, dear friends, if you find it difficult to hold fast to the iron rod and walk steadfastly toward salvation; if the laughter and ridicule of others who seem so confident cause you to waver; if you are troubled by unanswered questions or doctrines you don’t understand yet; if you feel saddened because of disappointments, I urge you to remember Lehi’s dream. Stay on the path! Never let go of the rod of iron—the word of God! And when anyone tries to make you ashamed for partaking of the love of God, ignore them. Never forget you are a child of God; rich blessings are in store; if you can learn to do His will, you’ll live with Him once more! The promises of praise and acceptance by the world are unreliable, untrue, and unsatisfying. God’s promises are sure, true, and joyful—now and forever." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Stand And Stay

The best part of me will stand and stay,
I will not recall and walk away.
Men may revile and call me strange,
To gain their favor I will not change.
What I have known has helped me grow,
It is from heaven, this I know.
There is one who sees me clear,
Him I treasure and revere.
I follow and know my only way,
The God of Israel, my staff and stay!

Written by your Michelene Glasson


Bearers of Heavenly Light

"My dear brothers, you are instruments in the hands of the Lord with the purpose of bringing light and healing to the souls of Heavenly Father’s children. Perhaps you do not feel qualified to heal those who are spiritually ill—certainly not any more than a post office employee is qualified to help with arthritis. Maybe you face spiritual challenges of your own. Nevertheless, the Lord has called you. He has given you authority and responsibility to reach out to those in need. He has endowed you with His sacred priesthood power to bring light into the darkness and uplift and bless God’s children. God has restored His Church and His precious gospel, “which healeth the wounded soul.” He has prepared the path to spiritual wellness, to find healing from stagnation and move toward vibrant spiritual health." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Healing Love

Spiritually sick, death loomed before me,
A way past misery I could not see.
Languishing I sat with little hope in view,
Until the day God sent you.

Extending the touch of the Master's hand,
You lifted me and helped me stand.
Tentatively I stepped toward the light,
Repenting and seeking to set things right.

My great healer you stayed near,
To encourage, inspire, lift and cheer!
Your love and priesthood helped me see,
What God and heaven planned for me!

The scales of darkness fell away,
And I saw with faith a better day!
Washed and claimed by the Lamb of God,
I clung to hope and held the rod.

Looking over I smiled at you,
And knew that God is good and true.
For by priesthood power I was led,
Far from death, despair and dread.

Into the light of healing love,
I felt the power of God above.
No longer sick but truly free,
My King sent you, to rescue me!

Written by Michelene Glasson

Brothers and sisters one of the ways that the atonement of our beloved Savior is brought into our lives is through worthy priesthood holders. My path of redemption and spiritual rebirth is connected to the cherished sons of God that have reached out to me in behalf of their Redeemer. I am so grateful for my Heavenly King who paid the price for my sins and who in mercy sent the healing light of the priesthood into my life. I walk in a newness of hope and joy because of the grace of God! How grateful I am to every priesthood holder who has offered the healing power of my Savior to me! They are Savior’s on Mount Zion! They like my Heavenly King are heroes who have changed my eternity! I offer my words of love and gratitude today! Thank you for the miracle you have helped to create within my heart! Thank you for loving me and guiding me toward my heavenly home!

'Turn your soul toward the light. Begin your own wonderful journey home. As you do so, your life will be better, happier, and more purposeful." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Artwork by Breana Glasson

Gathering Light

Once there was a girl who loved to gather light,
She picked it like flowers and enjoyed heavens sight.
Her basket brim with brightness, her heart full of sun,
She sang a song of gladness, her melody fun!
Sometimes dark clouds loomed over head,
But the light in her heart chased away dread.
She nourished her basket and gathered up more,
The brightness she held helped her endure!
The warmth of promise caused her to see,
The truth of eternity and all that could be!
Her vision ever growing as she took in more sun,
She shared what she had and helped others have fun!
The giving of her light caused more to shine,
She danced and rejoiced feeling life was quite fine.
Years passed and her light was brought above,
Her Savior received her and embraced her with love!
He looked at her basket admiring her shine,
My sister, my daughter forever your mine!
In gratitude she looked at her King and knew,
The source of all light who made her heart new!
Side by side they walked into a bright new day,
With a basket of light as they went on their way!

Written by Michelene Glasson