Knit Together

Two hearts knit together as one,
Bound by God's holy Son!
An everlasting covenant, sacred and divine,
Their love and fidelity will ever shine!

A growing gift from God above,
Children born by truest love!
Together now not only two,
The path of God they pursue.

Burdens shared, together they live,
A family eternal with joy they give!
Times test will surely reveal,
Enduring love that God did seal!

A family of God held safe by light,
They walked His way and did whats right.
Covenants kept bring eternal life,
Behold a husband and his wife!

Their family will ever grow,
Nurtured by faith and all they sow!
The fruit of love will ever be,
Sealed and kept eternally!

Written by Michelene Glasson

In the picture of me at the top of the blog I am holding The Family A Proclamation To The World in my hand. I stand today and witness that this sacred document is the word of God to the world. I offer my support to Bonnie L. Oscarson's call to action. We each defend light in our own special ways. For me writing poetry is a way I honor and defend truth. So today I hold the proclmation and rejoice in the family I will have for all eternity because of my Redeemer Jesus Christ. He held the entire human family safe when He atoned for all of our sins. I thank Him today for the joy of my family and for the eternal joy that awaits us! How great and wonderful is the Mighty Jehovah! I love and adore Him!