I absolutely love this song! I think it is one of the cutest songs ever written. Today as I pondered blessings I decided to make a list of some of mine. There is no way one poem could hold every sweet blessing I have known, this is only a tiny glimpse into my heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

My List

A list of sweet blessings I thought to write,
Not all are here but each one shines bright!
For my beloved Savior, my hope and way,
For angels and grace sent each day.

For Father above who guides me home,
For lessons learned and how I've grown.
For babies and toddlers, for every child,
For meeting him and the way he smiled.

For swimming and lockers, to see you grin,
For the beauty of love I hold within.
For pizza and games I play with you,
For holding you close and all we knew.

For cookies and smiles, to eat and sing,
For a day at the park, to play and swing.
For you pointing out the toe nail moon,
For our shadow dance to our favorite tune.

For the gift of scriptures to guide my feet,
For a pencil and an empty sheet.
For the flag flying, red, white and blue,
For the precious gift of meeting you.

For popsicle fun and kangaroo zoo,
For the sweetest kiss and the color blue.
For making pies and feeling cheer,
For pictures given so sweet and dear.

For a day at the temple and heavens power,
For the strength to stand another hour.
For the roar of thunder and lightening’s strike,
For the day we shared, our perfect hike.

For your sweet voice saying "outside",
For sitting on the porch with you by my side.
For a rescue of love that changed my heart,
For a chance to make a brand new start.

For laughing with you at a funny joke,
For the truth and light each time you spoke.
For British Bake Off and smiles galore,
For having you and wanting more.

For music and dreams to lift my soul,
For the power to reach a worthy goal.
For a day of bingo and candy bars,
For looking up at heavens stars.

For the Holy Ghost who comforts me,
For a lighted path so clear to see.
For dirt and sprinklers shared with you,
For friends who are forgiving, kind and true.

For sparkling water and hot cocoa,
For watching as you learn and grow.
For eating at Subway, it was fun,
For seeing colors from the sun.

For my dance in the rain, it was divine,
For the joy of knowing you are mine.
For rainbows streaking through the sky,
For birds of beauty, to watch them fly.

For the miracle of being new,
For reaching out and finding you.
For the greatest of all my dearest friend,
For love and joy that will never end.

For the sacred gift of Gethsemane,
For you my King reaching out to me.
For your power and love that saw me through,
For all you helped me find and do.

Written by Michelene Glasson

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."


Treasure the moments when heaven is near,
Treasure the light that fills you with cheer.
Treasure the path purchased for thee,
Treasure the one who set you free.

Treasure the love your King brought you,
Treasure the gift of being new.
Treasure the way to heaven above,
Treasure God’s power and perfect love.

Treasure the truth that lives within,
Treasure the way from death and sin.
Treasure the gift that transformed you,
Treasure your Savior so kind and true.

Written by Michelene Glasson

"May I conclude with the story of a 73-year-old widow whom we met during our trip to the Philippines: When the earthquake struck the island of Bohol, the home that she and her late husband had worked so hard to build crumbled to the ground, killing her daughter and grandson. Now alone, she needs to work to support herself. She has started taking in laundry (which she does by hand) and has to go up and down a good-sized hill several times a day to fetch water. When we visited her, she was still living in a tent. These are her words: “Elder, I accept everything that the Lord has asked me to pass through. I have no hard feelings. I treasure my temple recommend and keep it under my pillow. Please know that I pay a full tithing on my meager income from doing laundry. No matter what happens, I will always pay tithing.”I bear testimony that our priorities, tendencies, inclinations, desires, appetites, and passions will have a direct bearing on our next estate. Let us always remember the words of the Savior: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” May our hearts be found in the right place is my prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." By Elder Michael John U. Teh