We See

We see according to our will the truth that we will keep,
We often miss the clear picture as our imaginations leap.
Leaping to a lie that is appealing to our heart,
We may with eager gladness embrace a lesser part.
The enemy does seek to place a film upon our eyes,
That we might choose a falsehood and magnify his lies.
Men will see what they want to and find joy in their choice,
But seeing with carnal eyes, is to heed the enemy’s voice.
Yet we can see with clarity the goodness and the light,
We can behold our brethren as seen in our God’s sight.
The work of seeing clearly is done through the spirit with care,
If you seek you will find, for the truth the spirit doth share.
With humility you can embrace the beauty of each soul,
And in them see reflected the Saviors purpose and goal.
So put on the armor of God and see with eyes anew,
Love your fellow men and see what God will do!

Written by Michelene Glasson

"As we learn to become inheritors of all our Father has, the gospel mentors us to look beyond what we see. To look beyond what we see, we must look at others through the eyes of our Savior." Elder W. Craig Zwick