Artwork by Breana Glasson

God’s Light

I stood amid a raging storm and found my way,
Thy word within me now my strength to stay.
Before this moment of trial was my choice to seek for power,
Your voice through thy prophet is my protection in this hour.
Battered by the tumult, damaged to be sure.
Yet I stand with faith, able to endure.
Looking with grateful eyes I behold a circle of light,
Thy apostles and prophet; the power of my fight!
My choice to follow with obedience brought to me,
The strength and power of God, my way to victory!

Written by Michelene Glasson


The artwork and poetry we are sharing today were both created following the first session of general conference.  As I listened to Henry B. Eyring speak my heart swelled with joy.  His words caused me to think of the strength and comfort that have been mine because I chose to follow our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson and the apostles of God.  Following his beautiful talk I wrote the poem God’s Light and shared my feelings with Breana.  I told Breana that it felt to me that I had the strength of the prophet and the apostles of God with me throughout my trials.  The light they had shared in the April session of general conference had brought power and peace as I stood in the storm of adversity.  Breana set to work and within hours had captured my feelings of gratitude beautifully!  Each light surrounding me in Breana’s art piece represents the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve apostles, fifteen lights in total. The circle is the strength and power of Christ which I have access to through obedience to His commandents given through His holy prophet and apostles.  I am grateful for the beautiful imagery of Breana’s art piece, it gives expression to my testimony visually and touches my heart.  Brothers and sisters I testify that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet called of God.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church upon the earth.  Jesus Christ is himself at the head. As we follow His servants we are following Him.  The joy and peace of hearkening to Christ is real, the battle against evil is real, and our ability to win is found as we humbly follow the light of the world, even Jesus Christ.

If you want to listen to conferece and gain the strength of your Savior Jesus Christ follow this link!:)



Often God requires more than we feel we can give, in these soul stretching moments we rely on His grace to see us through. He makes us more than we can be! I testify that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. I testify that He strengthens us through His prophets and apostles both living and dead. The scriptures grant us access to power; as we reach back through time the testimonies of God's servants live in us. I am grateful for every word of God that has made me more than I would be on my own! I am truly blessed by the light of Christ which shines through all of his faithful disciples!

Artwork by Micah

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Robert D. Hales today. Micah wanted to do something to honor this dear apostle of God, so she drew this lovely picture of him. Robert D. Hales was a powerful source of strength for me and my family. Often when I was struggling he would put a message on Facebook and I would feel my power increase. I think of this dear and sacred man as a friend. It's hard not to feel he is your friend when his light and testimony has helped bring you through difficult days. We will miss his sacred light but we know he is still shining on the other side of the veil!

We were so grateful to hear part of the message that would have been shared by this dear apostle at conference today. His words of light are sacred and we will cherish them!

“When we choose to have faith, we are prepared to stand in the presence of God. After the Saviors crucifixion he appeared only to those who had been faithful to Him in mortality. Those who rejected the testimonies of the prophets could not behold the Saviors presence nor look upon His face. Our faith prepares us to be in the presence of God.” Robert D. Hales

Faithful Tree

If you take away the adversity I have known throughout my life,
You would take away a part of me that is beautiful and bright.
From the deepest pains and sorrows strength and goodness can be gained;
From tears that long for relief, sprout branches of greater strength.
The storms of opposition will beat down upon this tree,
Battered and unbroken a brighter day I’ll see.

The happy moments of laughter seem to sparkle like leafs anew,
They encourage and lift me upward toward a greater truth.
Winds of opposition begin to blow once more,
Pulling me from my laughter wanting to settle the score.
Yet strength and determination make my roots stretch deeper still,
Upward my branches grow as I do my Fathers will.

After the storm of adversity a light breaks through the sky,
Filling me with warmth and giving me strength to try.
He will not spare me the moments that shape my soul,
Yet he will bless and guide me as I seek to change and grow.
Nourished by my Heavenly Father, I am comforted as I’m tried,
I find my roots sink deeper as I stand by His side.

At last the day will come when my roots have reached deep,
When my branches are strong and beautiful and my leaves offer others relief.
Lovingly my Father will smile and say well done;
You have grown my sweet daughter and now I call you home.
A change will He place upon me and I will be new once more,
Eternal and everlasting no longer will I face the storm.

A world of peaceful growth and beauty will be my new home,
My blessed Redeemer will be the King and light that is known.
There with my Father and Savior I will have rest,
My branches of growth and knowledge will be cherished and blessed.
Smiling I’ll reach up and take my Saviors hand,
His embrace will warm me, and together we will stand!

Poem written by Michelene Glasson

Worth The Cost 
My sacred witness given is worth every cost,
If I held back my heart, light would be lost.
I would rather grow through burdens strain,
Thank shrink and run from trial and pain.
To give all I am is to offer my best,
To honor God, is to honor the test!
I would rather endure the consequence of light,
Than give into apathy and shun the fight.
My heart, my love, my all I give,
Through Christ I found the way to live! 
Written by Michelene Glasson