Artwork by Breana Glasson

Jesus Christ


Fallen forever with no joy to find,
Empty and miserable forever consigned.
To be separate and lonely no hope in view,
My sins and failings keeping me far from you.

In mercy a way to escape my doom,
The Lord of all, leaving His tomb.
A light a beacon shining forth,
Reminding me of my worth.

He held me safe in Gethsemane,
That through His gift I would be free!
His anguish was my only way,
His choice of love, the choice to pay.

Glorious King your hand I see,
Reaching out to rescue me.
I clasp with joy mercies claim,
And say with joy my Saviors name!


Written by Michelene Glasson

I listened to this talk today while I was cleaning my house. As I listened, I felt deep gratitude for my beloved Redeemer, so I paused the talk and wrote the poem Jesus Christ. This talk given by a true apostle of God is a powerful witness of our Savior and His great atoning sacrifice. I encourage everyone to take the time to listen to it. You can play it while you cook, clean, or exercise. I hope you will. And I hope you will follow the truth you find. I testify that true happiness is found as we reach for our Savior and accept the miracle He is offering! Today is a good day to repent! Tomorrow is a perfect day to return to church! Right now is the right time to reach for your Savior!