Today is the birthday of our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson!  We are so very grateful for this sacred son of God.  Our hearts rejoice and we celebrate his life of diligent service in the kingdom of God.  It is so beautiful and sacred to take in the truths he has taught.  It is always fun to listen to a talk from this wonderful prophet, no one tells a story like him. I especially love to hear him read a poem! He is truly an example of love and light for all the world to see! 

Today the blog is inspired by our dear prophet.  I studied his words then wrote poems trying to capture what our dear prophet was teaching. I am grateful for Micah and Breana who each added an art piece for the blog today!  This is our message of love to the great prophet Thomas S. Monson!  All our love and prayers will be for the prophet and his family today!:)

Artwork by Micah




“Your wife is your equal.  In marriage neither partner is superior nor inferior to the other.  You walk side by side as a son and a daughter of God.  She is not to be demeaned or insulted but should be respected and loved.”
Thomas S. Monson



Love adds and lifts upward, but never takes away,
Love lives in our days through all that we say.
Love is humble and meek, it never strikes a soul,
Love encourages you onward toward heavens goal.
Love ministers gently and never knocks you down,
Love seeks to bind up wounds and not cause a frown.
Love thinks of others first, and always will share
Love whispers you're important, I need you, I care.
Love listens with patience and will not ignore,
Love adds to your joy and helps you find more.
Love guards and protects, it will not cause pain,
Loves fruit is the joy that will always remain.
Love lights the path and will not add dark,
Love lifts you past adversity and all that is stark.
Love is faithful and virtuous, it will not betray,
Loves proof is found daily as we walk in God's way.

Written by Michelene Glasson

One of the greatest talks ever given! I hope everyone will honor the prophet by listening to this message today! So beautiful!

I Will Follow Thee

As I sat by the sea,
My Lord beckoned me.
And I left my nets and went to Him.

As I stood and went forth,
I felt my own worth.
For the light of heaven was my guide.

As I walked by His side,
I let go of pride.
And my heart was healed and made new.

As we journeyed along,
My weakness became strong.
And I knew my Lord had blessed my life.

As I opened my heart,
My God did impart.
And I felt my soul expand with joy.

As I followed my Lord,
I was alive in His word.
And I knew His path would lead me home.

As I echoed his cry,
Many more began to try.
And I felt a peace I'd never known.

As I gave just as He,
I felt happy and free.
Like my Master I was now a Shepherd to.

As I looked to His light,
Everything was made bright.
And I was glad that I had followed Him.

As He was taken away,
In my soul He did stay.
And His strength was mine as I walked.

By His grace I was strong
And in faith I moved on,
For my life was given to my Lord.

From heaven above,
He now guides me with love.
And I know one day I'll see my King.

I will embrace Him again,
As I weep and hold my friend.
I will say my Lord I followed thee.

Written by Michelene Glasson

"The Master declared to one group: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness." 

"Then there are those who may outwardly appear impoverished, without talent, and doomed to mediocrity.  A classic label appeared beneath a picture of the boy Abraham Lincoln.  The words read: “Ill-housed, ill-clothed, ill-fed.” Unanticipated, unspoken, and unprinted was the real label of the boy: “Destined for immortal glory.” Thomas S. Monson




As I walked along life’s path, many put labels on me,

Their words a reflection of what they chose to see.

Unworthy, unstable, unfit, untrue, impure,

I looked at all their labels, and knew that God saw more.

Sometimes shocked I would linger on another’s word,

And think how sad a lie is, “this label is absurd.”

I wondered at men’s offering so often lacking sight,

I thought of the atonement, of heavens perfect light.

The labels of forgiveness, hope and rebirth,

The power of my Savior, my value and worth.

Keeping not the opinion of the negative natural man,

I put on holy armor and the label, yes I can!

I can become royal, divine, celestial, a queen,

The truth of who I am, through Christ shall be seen.


Written by Michelene Glasson

Faiths View

My tractor broke, my dog died, my be friend moved away,
My faucet leaks, my shoes have holes, I got sunburned today.
My neighbor plans to sue me, I cannot find my key,
Don’t worry I’m still happy, for I know God loves me!
Soon enough I’m sure each burden will go away,
I wait with faith and hope as I endure another day.
My heart sees fields of beauty, my eyes sees skies of blue,
My voice is ever singing of my love so true!
Today is bright and hopeful, tomorrow may hold more,
For trials are but a moment, and my God is ever sure!

Written by Michelene Glasson

“My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith.” Thomas S. Monson