Artwork by Breana Glasson

"Murmuring can also be noisy enough that it drowns out the various spiritual signals to us, signals which tell us in some cases to quit soaking ourselves indulgently in the hot tubs of self-pity!" Neal A. Maxwell

Humilities Answer

Humilities answer calls me to be small,
To diminish my own needs and answer the call.
Less looking in mirrors, instead seeing outside,
Less whining and wanting, more enjoying the ride.
The ache lost in giving the hole filled with light,
To seek to become worthy to stand in God's sight.
The call of my Master is to lift and give all,
Not sit in self-pity, but stand sure and tall.
Humilities answer asks me to be more,
To quiet my own needs and open the door.

Written by Michelene Glasson

"Murmuring is defined as a half-suppressed resentment or muttered complaint. We all remember, in Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye’s verbal asides to God. However, just as “a yawn [can be] a silent shout,” so murmuring can be much more than muted muttering. The real “Addressee” of some of our murmuring is clearly the Lord, as when the people complained against Moses. At least Tevye honestly acknowledged whom he addressed."

I love that Neal A. Maxwell went straight to Fiddler On The Roof at the beginning of this awesome talk! I have listened to this message many times and it always makes me want to be stronger and more worthy. Murmuring is the exact opposite of gratitude. A grateful heart pleases God it is beautiful to see. A whining, murmuring dissatisfied heart is no fun for anyone to look at. We will face trials, disappointment, and heartbreak, that is part of what we came here to experience. I think sometimes we forget this is our testing and proving moment; not our have everything easy and enjoy every second moment. Sometimes enduring to the end causes us to fall to our knees and plead for strength to rise above self pity. That is a key to not murmuring; praying and pleading for help is productive, giving into the natural man is not. Satan will tempt us with self pity, I have felt that temptation time and time again. We have a choice brothers and sisters, angels are watching and recording our response to opposition. Lets not sing a song of dissatisfied complaint; instead lets look up and sing praises to our God. Lets smile and hope and believe in brighter days! Satan loves to see us down, lets leave him disappointed and bring a smile to our Father in heaven! We can do it, I know we can!:)

This song is an example of what not to do....But I still love watching it and hearing it! Fiddler on the roof is a fun musical!:)

I want to close this blog with a message my friend Lisa shared on her Facebook page.  I love it and it ties in beautifully with the message of not murmuring! Music and the Spoken Word: The myth of fairness written by Lloyd Newell.