Artwork by Breana Glasson

Freedom and Independence

Many a man sits captive and bound,
Because they resist the light they have found.
Many a man sits in a prison of dark,
His choice to stay unrepentant and stark.
Many a man wants to be happy and free,
But won’t walk the path that leads them to me.
Freedom and independence lays before men,
A gift I have sent to save and guide them.
My life for theirs, their pain I took,
Yet they refuse; my gift forsook.
To cleanse and set free, I bleed from every pore,
My offering divine that men might be more.
Yet in their prison, they stay within,
The key on the inside living with them.
My voice beckons all; come follow me,
Break out of your prison, you can be free!
The weight of pride blocking their way,
They look at the key but stubbornly stay.
Yes many a man could truly have more,
If they would choose faith and open the door!

Written by Michelene Glasson

As I prepared for the fourth of July my heart turned to Gethsemane. With reverence I beheld the reality that the freedom, peace and joy of all of God's children was won there by our Heavenly King. There the only begotten Son of God paid the price of our sins, bore our infirmities and carried our pain. He alone shouldered the weight of our eternal happiness as He walked toward Golgotha. As He hung on Calvary’s cross He gave all even His own precious life there by conquering Satan, death and hell. This is the most beautiful and sacred gift the world has ever known; freedom and joy, eternal life for every soul that will repent and follow their King! Yet many choose to set aside the freedom and peace that they could have and choose instead a prison kept closed by their unwillingness to repent. Many choose to rationalize their sins and cover them. I think of the fight for freedom waged by our founding forefathers and sit marveling as I view that many could be free but are unwilling to accept the victory won by their Savior Jesus Christ. It is the saddest display of self-destruction one can behold and it will echo throughout all eternity. Neal A. Maxwell captures my feelings in his question, “Brothers and sisters, which do we really desire, God’s plans for us or Satan’s?"

Our Title of Liberty

Raising our title like Moroni of old,
Our story a witness faithful and bold.
Calling to others our voice draws men in,
To the ranks of their King, to freedom from sin!
No retreat as we journey our banner held high,
Our title of liberty waves in the sky!
The name of our King we gladly take,
His commandments and light we will not forsake.
A band of Christians who live and fight,
For the King of all Kings glorious and bright!

Written by Michelene Glasson

I Pray

I pray dear God for a world of beauty and light,
I pray dear God for relief from this difficult fight.
I pray Eternal Father for an end to suffering and pain,
I pray Eternal Father that thy Son will rule and reign.
I pray my dearest Father that all slavery will end,
I pray my dearest Father that thy justice will descend.
I pray my God that all unrighteous dominion will cease,
I pray my God the captive and bound will find release.
I pray my Holy Father that virtue and chastity will preside,
I pray my Holy Father that we will stand by your side.
I pray my Great God that the lonely will be blessed,
I pray my Great God that you will free those oppressed.
I pray my loving Father that all indecency will cease,
I pray my loving Father for a world of love and peace.
I pray Eternal Father that all disease and pain will end,
I pray Eternal Father that thy Son thou wilt send!
I pray dear God that all men will be equal and free,
I pray dear God for justice, The Son of God to see!

Written by Michelene Glasson