Artwork by Andrew Knaupp

Two Holy Sons

Two holy sons of God brought forth to die,
No crime committed but the enemies lie.
A prophet of God faithful and divine,
A Patriarch and servant; for God they did shine!
Their days consecrated to the kingdom and light,
Their service and sacrifice great in God’s sight!
The work of salvation and truth was their call,
Like their great Master they stood faithful and tall.
Virtuous, valiant, honorable and kind,
No greater men could we seek to find!

Written by Michelene Glasson

Poem inspired by Doctrine And Covenants section 135

On June 27,1844 the prophet Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith were martyred at Carthage, Illinois. I want to honor the prophet today and acknowledge the eternal value of his service in the kingdom of God. In Doctrine and Covenants we read this witness of Joseph, "The Prophet and Seer of the Lord, has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world, than any other man that ever lived in it." I testify that this statement of approbation is true. Joseph was and instrument in God's hands, even a holy Prophet who brought forth the word of God. Because of his diligent service in the kingdom we know the will of God. I testify that the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are all holy books of God. To hold and keep them is to keep our Heavenly Father and Savior. To reject and rest them to reject and set aside our God. May we embrace and live the truth restored to the earth through Joseph Smith. May the blessings of this gospel be the gift we want above all. May the plan of salvation be the plan we live and love. May we embrace the love of God and this his true church, even The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. All of eternity is altered by our decision. This is our moment and today is the day to turn to our King and His gospel! I testify that the only path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come, is the path of His true gospel restored through Joseph Smith.

Artwork by Walter Ranes

Wrath of God

The hour is nigh and the day is soon at hand,
When the wicked will suffer my wrath on the land.
The sun I will darken, the moon shall turn red,
The faithless and sinful will feel great dread.
Weeping and wailing will be among men,
No joy for iniquity will they find then.
Vengeance I will take on all those who rebel,
Their suffering shall be, like the fires of hell
Plagues of pain will follow their sin,
Days of destruction that never have been.
The whore of all the earth will burn before me,
It's filth and abominations no longer will be.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Poem inspired by Doctrine and Covenants section 29

My Lamp

I filled not my lamp, I sought not for thee,
Then saw at your coming the truth that would be.
No place for the slothful, the wicked, the vain,
No way to remove my sorrow and stain.
I repented not and refused the way,
My lamp was quite empty when you came today,
Brought to my prison I see with eyes clear,
The pain of my choice to not keep you near.
No light in the darkness to soothe my ache,
No fuel is found by those who forsake.

Written by Michelene Glasson

I felt this beautiful parable and Doctrine And Covenants section 29 give the same warning. Both are deep and powerful and should inspire each of us to prepare more diligently for the Lord's return to the earth. I testify He will soon return in greatness and glory! Only the sanctified who have repented and followed their King will remain on the earth at that glorious day. All others will face the wrath and justice of their Holy King. May each of us fill our lamps and wait with reverence, diligence and great care for our King. That when He returns we may have joy and peace as we live in His world of light!

Victory Through Christ

With power and glory I will descend from on high,
The righteous with me as I appear in the sky.
My people shall be redeemed and crowns given,
For they by their King were brought to heaven.
With joy they will inherit the earth and a place,
Given with love through my power and grace.
For a thousand years we will grow in light,
And then at last we will finish the fight.
One more time our enemy will seek his way,
But my faithful and true will abide the day.
With strength and power we will cast Satan out,
With joy we will triumph and in victory shout!
Into a kingdom of glory the faithful will go,
To the exaltation, that through me they know.
No more to be tested but to at last take their place
Held in Gethsemane and found through my grace!
I will smile with joy as the faithful go forth,
To the place I prepared for those of great worth!

Written by Michelene Glasson

Poem inspired by sections 29 and 43 of Doctrine And Covenants.

This is a beautiful hymn that testifies of what was happening as God restored His gospel to the earth through Joseph Smith! This great work continues today as we are led by a true prophet even Thomas S. Monson. The power and the blessings of the gospel continue to go forth!

When I watched this video reenacting the martyrdom of Paul I thought of Joseph Smith. He truly did as Paul counseled. He was a faithful witness, a true Prophet of God; he kept the faith and gave all for the kingdom of God! The sacrifice and courage of these holy men shines brightly and inspires me to want to be better. I am truly blessed by their faithful examples!

Artwork by Breana Glasson!!!:)

I will close this blog post with the beautiful words of my daughter Miranda. Her testimony of Joseph Smith is powerful and sacred. I am thankful for her witness and for her worthy and noble soul!

Joseph the Mighty Prophet

When Joseph was a young boy, he prayed and sought for truth,
And because of light and revelation, he was persecuted from his youth.
Satan raged against him, followed by his hoard,
But Joseph Smith was righteous, and stood firmly with the Lord.
He translated Holy Scripture, with direction from above,
To all who truly knew him, he was an example of the Savior’s love.
When Joseph Smith was martyred, in that terrible end,
He returned to live with his Savior, his Redeemer, and his friend.
Those who fought against him did so in vain,
For the Church of Jesus Christ, forever will remain.

Written by Miranda

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