The Feast 

The Lord of all creation prepared a splendid feast,
He called to all the people, from north, south, west and east.
His table was made ready and he waited with great care,
But few came to his offering which caused his heart  despair.
Sending forth his servants he called yet again,
They sought out the humble and bid them, enter in.
Traveling yet further they found many poor and sad,
And bid them to the feast that their hearts might be glad.
Looking even further they found those in despair,
And invited them to feast, for the Master sought to share.
Walking down abandoned streets they found the sinner on his own,
And bid him to the banquet that true joy might be known.
Walking ever faithful they gathered all they could,
And brought them to the Master, who called their labors good.
Sitting down together in the presence of their King,
They tasted of true happiness and the peace his light doth bring.
Those who entered empty were filled and began anew,
Those who entered hopeless left determined to be true.
Those who entered poor left feeling precious and dear,
For the King of all creation had brought their hearts cheer!
Those who felt cast out by the sins of their life,
Left knowing that they could overcome sin and strife.
Those who were lonely left knowing what could be,
The banquet of their Master had caused their heart to see!
All who chose to eat and keep what was given,
Were filled with God's light, and directed on toward heaven.
Those who would not eat knew not what they had lost,
The consequence of refusal, held a heavy cost.
For as they journeyed on they were not filled by God,
The meal of their choosing was to leave the iron rod.
So they traveled empty, ever seeking for joy,
Led by the enemy who thought only to destroy.
The moral of this story is to choose wisely where you eat,
For in the end your reward will be redemption or defeat.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Poem inspired by the parable of the banquet found in Luke 14:15-24

I am the Bread of Life-Jesus Christ

I am combining two teaching moments from the bible but they go together beautifully. Our beloved Redeemer Jesus Christ has invited each of us to repent and find peace through His great atoning sacrifice; truly He is the bread of life. He has restored His gospel to the earth and invited all to come in and feast. He has covered the earth with holy temples and invited us to prepare ourselves to enter in. He has offered us the way to peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come. Now we have to decide if we will accept the most important meal of all eternity? Will we embrace our King and partake?

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I love this song and its message of truth and light! I hope each of us will come unto to Christ, He truly can transform us if we repent and follow Him!:)