Mountians to Climb!

This talk is dear to my heart, it was a strength to our family as we went through Miranda's treatments for Leukemia. The mountain placed in front of us seemed at times impossible to get up. It required more of us than we wanted to give and in the end cost more than we wanted to pay. The cost of loosing Miranda and having our life rearranged in so many ways was heavy, but I now know as I look down and see how far I have come that it was the way to a happier, truer life; the mountain was always leading us to our beloved Redeemer. I am thankful for all that God has required of me. It isn't easy and progress is sometimes slow, but as I look ahead with faith and press forward obeying the commandments and relying on my beloved Redeemer, I am granted the grace I need to keep going. It is my hope and prayer to reach the top and stand with my sweet angel daughter, that together with her I may rejoice and be found worthy to stay with my Savior and Heavenly Parents. I can only reach that blessed day through Christ my King! I rejoice in His great atoning sacrifice that enables me to climb every mountain!

Artwork by Breana Glasson

The Mountain


I stood before a mountain and wanted a hill,

I faced the uphill hike accepting your will.

Pressing forward I faced treacherous terrene,

The journey you gave, held heartache and pain.

My feet on the trail kept moving with trust,

My heart held a prayer, help me do what I must.

Onward and upward I walked every day,

Seeking your guidance as I went on my way.

At times I felt tired and I sat in despair,

Feeling alone as though no one did care.

There as I struggled, I felt your hand,

You lifted me up, and again I did stand.

Not my will but thine I said as I walked,

You stayed by my side and together we talked.

Touching my heart with all of your love,

You called my attention, to my goal above.

The top of the mountain was there in my sight,

I knew I could reach if I followed your light.

So I kept going and at last found my place,

The top of my mountain I reached through your grace.

Kneeling I thanked you for all that I knew,

For as I pressed forward, I became more like you.

The mountain and all it required of me,

Was the path of refinement that set my soul free!


Written by Michelene Glasson

There's A Hero

I love this song, its message reminds each of us that we can climb the mountains ahead of us! I testify that true hero's are created as they follow Jesus Christ and rely on Him. Not every fight will end the way we thought it would, but if it ends with us standing by our Heavenly King then we have truly reached the top!

Today is Henry B. Eyring's birthday, we held this blog post off so that it could be shared on his birthday. We are so grateful for this wonderful apostle of God, he is a hero to us! We hope the day is full of happy moments for him and his family. We send our love and best wishes to this great apostle of God!:)