Doers of the Word


Anyone who digs a pit for his neighbor then waits with eager joy,
Is an instrument in Satan's hands, for his evil they employ.
Anyone who spreads a half truth or lie and takes joy in the pain they cause,
Is an enemy to all righteousness and seeks not their Fathers cause.
Anyone who feeds not the hungry but neglects the empty hands,
Is condemned before the Father and His light is not in them.
Anyone who seeks for power and control but does not the will of God,
Is traveling in darkened paths having left the iron rod.
Anyone who casts a stone at a brother and is glad at their pain,
Is in the gall of bitterness for their soul doth have a stain.
Anyone who rebels against the Father has cause to repent today,
Anyone who wishes to stay with the Savior must mend their broken way.
Only the sanctified and holy will remain when the Savior returns,
Liars, whoremongers and idolaters will in great destruction burn.
Only the humble, meek and repentant made pure through the blood of the Lamb,
Will live in a world of beauty and with their Savior stand.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Emma~A lesson learned

Cruelty comes in many different forms. In this clip we see Emma speak down to her dear friend. This was a moment of sin and shame for Emma. She did not stay in the moment though, she repented of the hurt she had caused her friend and sought to repair the damage done. Her repentance was true and she found the peace she was seeking. Each of us can do as she did, we can admit our weakness and sin and repair the damage caused by our sin through repentance. I rejoice in my beloved Redeemer who forgives and strengthens us in great mercy and love! We should remember Emma was a great woman who had a moment of sin and failing. That moment does not define who she is. She went on to reach her true potential through humility, kindness and love!:)

Humble And Kind


In this inspired talk Neal A. Maxwell said, "No part of walking by faith is more difficult than walking the road of repentance. However, with “faith unto repentance,” we can push roadblocks out of the way, moving forward to beg God for mercy. (Alma 34:16.) True contrition brings full capitulation. One simply surrenders, caring only about what God thinks, not what “they” think, while meekly offering, “O God, … make thyself known unto me, and I will give away all my sins to know thee.” (Alma 22:18.) Giving away all our sins is the only way we can come to know God. This is a simple truth we each must learn. We cannot have place in His kingdom if we will not repent and change.

Man In The Mirror

When we look into the mirror are we willing to see what needs changing? Are we willing to look deeply and ponder with a desire to make the necessary changes? If there is one lesson I have learned it is that life is short; "now is the time to repent and prepare to meet God." I hope each of us will make the needed changes that will bring us back to our Savior. I testify that the only path that leads to true happiness is living the standards found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.