Between me and my God, are the bad habits I hold fast,
Between me and my family are the things that will not last.
Between me and the temple is the habit I keep close,
Between me and possibility is the thing I love the most.
Yes I said I love it, for surely it must be true,
For if I kept the first commandment this thing I would not do.
I look into the mirror and see my choice each day,
To hold to something bad for me no matter what you say.
Between us is the heartache of all you long to see,
Between us is the truth that I choose to not be free.
Between me and my Savior stands a habit I love more,
Between me and a better man is the sin that I hold sure.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Good Habits Develop Good Character

This awesome talk was given in LDS General Conference in October of 1974! In this talk Delbert L. Stapley say: "Habits are subject to change and improvement, for the Lord has said, “For the power is in them [meaning people], wherein they are agents unto themselves." One cannot truthfully say he is confirmed in his bad habits, sins, or weaknesses to the point that they cannot be thrown off and repented of. The human will is naturally inclined toward the right. We are spirit children of God and have born within us the power to overcome all evil practices."

I testify that as "agents unto ourselves" we can choose to change and become better. The work of repentance and change can be difficult and painful; but the rewards will out weigh the cost! I testify that our Heavenly Father and Savior love us and will bless us as we incline our hearts to them!

Be Still, My Soul

The Wall

I stood looking up at the wall that I had built,
The shadow of its consequence filled my soul with guilt.
I thought of all I wanted, of the joy on the other side,
I knew I must break through the wall and put aside my pride.
In despair I sat down and wept for all that had been lost,
For bad habits and sin, for there reality and cost.
A voice whispered softly, you’re not alone my son,
This barrier between us can surely be undone.
I opened my heart and listened to the gentle call from within,
Then I knelt in prayer and sought for the strength I needed to win.
With a broken heart and contrite soul, I plead with God above,
He answered me with kindness and I felt of His great love.
At last I had the answer and I stood with strength a new,
I got an iron hammer and I knew what I must do.
I began to strike the wall with determination in my heart,
A brightness of hope began to grow as I steadfastly did my part.
The grueling work of change caused me to groan within,
Determined I kept swinging at my wall of habit and sin.
At last I reached the day when the wall was no longer in place,
I hadn’t broken it alone, it was done through my Saviors grace.
Stepping forward with joy I walked toward my goal,
A temple sealing, a new calling, a stronger faithful soul.
With gratitude I praised my God and thanked Him for His Son,
I thanked Him for a new beginning, for all that I had won!

Written by Michelene Glasson

I chose to close with a picture of the beautiful San Diego temple because it serves as a good reminder that the blessings of obedience out weigh the cost of repentance and change. I pray each of us will put our eternal happiness above the enjoyment we find in bad habits and sin. I pray we will each find the strength to tear down the wall of sin that exist in our lives; that we might enjoy the blessings that our loving Heavenly Father desires to give us!

I found a great list of ideas on how to break bad habits at!

Breaking Bad Habits

Knowing bad habits can sometimes be hard to break, students at the West Linn High School Seminary in West Linn, Oregon, came up with ideas on how to overcome bad habits.

• Choose just one behavior you would like to change and work on that first. It can be overwhelming to try to be perfect all at once.

• Substitute something wholesome, positive, and enjoyable for the bad habit. It’s easier to slide back into old habits if we don’t have something new to replace them.

• Quit your bad habit for the right reasons. Love of God and a desire to do what is right are more motivational and lasting than fear or duty or anything else.

• Ask family members and friends to help keep you in line and to support you when you are trying to make the right choices.

• Do your best to kick your habit and pray for help to make it the rest of the way. Gain extra spiritual strength through fasting.

• Write your goals down, step by step, and read them regularly as a reminder of what you want to accomplish and why.

• Stay far away from tempting situations.

• Believe in yourself. Remember, as you sincerely try to do what is right, Heavenly Father will give you the strength you need to overcome your bad habits (see Ether 12:27).

• Work. Work. Work. A habit—good or bad—is something we have practiced over and over until it becomes second nature. It will take work to overcome the bad habits we have been practicing.

• Overcoming some habits requires professional help. Seek that help if necessary.

• Remember that habits are hard to break. Heavenly Father loves us despite our mistakes. He will not give up on you; so don’t give up on yourself if you falter. Keep trying.

• Set up a reward system for yourself to encourage you to stay on track.

• If you just need to forget yourself and to stop obsessing about giving up on a bad habit, try serving someone else. There is great power in serving others.

• Turn to your bishop and your family for more ideas on conquering a bad habit.