Slipped Away

We are missing our Miranda this Memorial Day and every day! She is a precious gift from God and nothing is as good without her. We rejoice in all the blessings she sends our way! We look forward with joy to the day that we can laugh, play and enjoy each other again! We love you Miranda! You're the BEST!

Angel of courage

Angel of courage, our beacon so bright.
Your our pillar of strength, you make the world right.
Our memories together, only a million or two,
Each one is filled with our love for you.

What can we do when you've gone away?
When your words and your wisdom are far and away?
Who can I turn to when I am low?
When I am lost with no where to go?

I call on my memories so precious and pure,
Where you answered these questions for me before.
Down on my knees, my arms folded tight.
I'll turn to my Father, I'll seek for his light.

I'll pray for the strength I need to endure.
I'll pray more memories that are precious and pure.
I'll thank him for all the things that are true.
I'll thank him for all the time spent with you.

I'll follow your example, I'll try to stand tall.
Your with our father so I mustn't fall.
I'll try to have courage, be a beacon that's bright-
And be a pillar of strength that makes the world right.

Written by Breana Glasson (the day after Miranda passed away)

Blob Fish!

A fun fact about Miranda is that she loves all of God's creatures! Her iPad is full of pictures of animals that she has read about and loves. This episode is one of many that Miranda and I watched together.

When you have held the very best eternity has to offer it is hard to let go. Miranda is and was the very best! She stood for truth and righteousness and endured her heavy trials with honor and grace. I love my daughter ,sister, and eternal friend more than I can adequately describe. I wrote a poem for my sweet Miranda and I hope she receives it with a smile! I miss you Miranda! The millennium cant come soon enough for me!:)

Warrior Angel

She battled through the raging storm with a heart true and pure,
A smile and loving kindness was the way that she endured.
Reaching out to others she warmed them with her light,
To see her stand for her Savior was a beautiful glorious sight!
In the darkness of the night I heard her prayer like a song,
Her gentle words of faith so beautiful and strong.
Not my will but thine be done she said with a meek heart,
Submitting to her Fathers will she left to do her part.
Now she flies with power and teaches with great care,
The light that she nourished in life blesses others there.
At times I feel her nearness and I smile with joy,
Forever we will have happiness that no man can destroy.
She soars above the mountains and dances in the sky,
Our sweet beautiful Miranda we smile as you fly!
Our quiet loving prayer is an echo loud and strong,
We journey toward your celestial glow as we sing your faithful song!

Written by Michelene Glasson