Artwork by Breana Glasson

As a Hen

If your heart is hard, and if you won't have me,
What measure can I give to the soul that won't be free?
I will not force you home, I cannot make you mine,
You decide the place you'll stand throughout all time.
I call to you each day, I wait with open arms,
But if your ears are deaf to me, the end result is harm.
The enemy doth seek to have you, and if you heed his voice,
I am left to weep, to honor your agency and choice.
Oh my beloved brothers and sisters, how I long to take you home,
To place you safe beneath my wings and let my light be known.
But if you will not have me and you flee to the enemy with love,
I am left to weep for you, because you can't return above.
I call to you, I reach for you, please take my outstretched hand,
That I may bring you safe to heaven and together we may stand.

Poem written by Michelene Glasson

Place No More for the Enemy of My Soul

I love Jeffery R. Holland; he is an inspiring apostle of God! Near the end of this amazing talk president Holland said, "Brothers and sisters, I love you. President Thomas S. Monson and the Brethren love you. Far more importantly, your Father in Heaven loves you. I have of necessity also spoken of el diablo, the diabolical one, the father of lies and lust, who will do anything he can to counterfeit true love, to profane and desecrate true love wherever and whenever he encounters it. And I have spoken of his desire to destroy us if he can." I hope each of us will focus on the "if" in president Holland's last sentence. We decide the place we stand, we decide the desirability of Satan's temptations. I testify that like the smart and obedient chicks in Breana's art piece; we can give place no more for the enemy of our soul. If we have strayed from our Lord we can return. He waits for us with open wings. He gave His life for us and ever longs to see us safely home! I testify that as we serve in the temple, keep God's commandments and reach out to others with true love we will feel the protection of heaven around us! In Matthew we read, " O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!” I pray we will be wiser than those who rejected our Savior at Jerusalem. May we see Satan for the snake he is and flee toward our Savior every day! I know that as we seek our Lord we will find a sweetness and purpose that only He can bring!:)

Where You Stand!