Because of Him!

This Easter as I celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection I feel a deeper sense of gratitude and joy than I have ever known. I can't think of my sweet Miranda without thinking of my beloved Savior. I cannot look ahead to my reunion with Miranda without sending a silent prayer of gratitude to my beloved Redeemer. My heart rejoices because I know that my Redeemer lives!

The art piece Breana created for this post was done for me! Breana’s art was inspired by the poem I wrote. At the top left corner of the knot she placed Miranda and I together. The entire knot is full of happy moments that I can have through my Savior Jesus Christ: truly He is the way to every happiness! Each of us can create beautiful eternal ties as we keep our covenants and live faithful and true to God's commandments. I testify that we can repent and change. I am grateful for my beloved Redeemer who is mighty to save!

Artwork by Breana Glasson

Eternal Ties

Tied to every moment of joy that I will ever know,
Is my Savior who has washed me clean and renewed my weary soul.
As I stand a queen exalted in royal courts on high,
I will look within my heart and find the reason why.
There I will see Him smiling back at me,
My Savior true who gave his life that this moment I would see.
In the eyes of my posterity, in the laughter we all share,
I’ll reach into my heart made new and find my Savior there.
As I create and love and live throughout eternity,
Each moment I hold with joy, my Savior has given me.
Words, nor song, nor poetry can praise His name enough,
Yet I will search to find a way to show Him all my love,
Perhaps within each happy moment He will sense my joy and know,
I think of Him who made me new and reclaimed my weary soul.
My eternal joy is tied to my Heavenly King,
He is the one who made me new and caused my soul to sing!

Written by Michelene Glasson


Heavenly King

Kneeling in Gethsemane our Savior rent with pain,
The sin of every soul He took, to wash away our stain.
In that sacred moment, the world needed to be set free,
An angel was sent to strengthen our King who cried on bended knee.
Humbly our Redeemer surrendered his will to his Father with love,
Drinking of the bitter cup that we might return above.
He felt the weight of every soul, our sin, our pain, our grief,
This he endured so he could succor us, and offer loving relief.
The weight of indescribable pain pressed him and he bled,
Not from one, but every pore, our beloved King did shed.

His victory nearly complete, yet more he would have to give,
His life would be the price, that each of us could live.
In the garden the soldiers found him, with a kiss he was betrayed,
He surrendered himself peaceably, showing a better way.
Together his enemies counseled, seeking to take his life,
Within themselves they chose the Adversary, the way of darkness and strife.
Thirty pieces of silver were paid to bring him forth,
A price to hurt their Heavenly King, of perfect infinite worth.

Pilate marveled greatly as he questioned the Prince of Peace,
With a weight of warning upon him, his spirit felt no ease.
Clamoring for a way to spare him, he asked whom shall I free?
The crowd surrounded by evil shouted, “Barabbas we will see.”
The echo of his wife's warning, was ringing in his ear,
Yet still he heeded the voice of the crowd, their dark evil cheer.
Pilate had his soldiers scourge our loving Prince of Peace,
How filthy were his hands? How could his spirit be at ease?
Mockingly the soldiers placed a purple robe upon our King,
A crown of thorns and spitting they callously did bring.

Leading our God toward Golgotha, they saw not the King of all,
Their Redeemer, their deliver, sent to issue the call.
They cast lots on his vesture, to keep what held no worth,
Yet they could have deliverance, forgiveness and rebirth.
Mocking the King of Kings some called out for him to come down,
Yet for this purpose He was born, to save and take His crown.
Humbly he suffered in agony, giving his life for all,
If we would have our Redeemer, and heed his faithful call.

At last his perfect soul returned to our loving God above,
His place secure forever, wrapped in His Fathers love!
The angels there did greet him with songs of worship and praise,
The souls of the righteous awaiting the bonds of death he would break!
Beneath him the earth shook, and the sky turned dark and gray,
The lightening and the thunder roared , the earth a witness gave.
Our King was honored by angels, and praised by the faithful true,
Who knew the King of Kings had done what no other soul could do!
Saving our world from sin, the sting of death and pain,
His sacrifice the cost for all that we might gain.

On the third day he returned and reclaimed his life again,
Our living King, our Redeemer true, his love doth have no end!
He conquered death and sorrow, He conquered pain and grief,
He can bring us back , and offer us relief!
His is the call to answer, the voice that we must here,
For if we follow faithfully our hearts will find great cheer!
We to can conquer evil through the grace of our Lord and King,
We can live with our God and praises of gladness sing!
He is the way to victory, he is the path of light,
May we honor the gift he gave as we journey toward his side.

And at last when he returns and every knee doth bend,
May we see his loving smile as he calls us disciple and friend!
Then our King will rule, and the world will be at peace,
The lion with the lamb, and the love of all increase,
Our dead will be restored to us, we will hold them once again,
We can partake of eternal life and have joy that never ends!
This gift is placed within our grasp, by our Savior and our friend,
He gave is life, a sacrifice, so we would live again!

Written by Michelene Glasson

His Hands

In Him All Things Hold Together!

I love Neal A. Maxwell and I am always lead to a better version of myself when I listen to this beloved apostle of God! His testimony of Jesus Christ is powerful and inspiring!