Agency: Essential to the Plan of Life

When I created the blog post on selfishness I felt determined to share both sides of this story. I searched for the answer to this mans darkened circumstances and found it in this talk by Robert D. Hales. Each of us have the power to break free from sin. We can change our hearts and follow our Savior with determination. We can create a new pure tree. Its so beautiful to think of the man from Breana's art moving forward full of light able to nourish those around him! I know that because of our Savior Jesus Christ we can become better, stronger disciples! As we use our agency to come unto Him we will see the new buds of hope blossom within us! I rejoice in the God that gave me life and His holy Son that makes me new! I testify that we can change and become His sons and daughters. I am grateful for Robert D. Hales, this beloved apostle of God shines with the light of Christ and illuminates the way ahead beautifully!:)

Artwork by Breana Glasson

A New Tree

To break free from the natural man required that I let go,
Of the pride and sin that blinded me and wounded my own soul.
In meekness I cried out for a way to be made clear,
From the tree that I had grown and the darkness I felt here.
The Masters hand reached out to me and broke the empty bark,
Clearing a path from the darkness and healing my broken heart.
I stepped forward and felt hope burn within my soul,
The seed of change was planted and I knew I could help it grow!
Each day I fed my seed through, faith, study and prayer,
I sought to follow my Saviors light and walk with reverent care.
Finally the day came when at last I had a pure tree,
Full of fruit and goodness it was a beautiful sight to see!
Often you will find me there beneath the shade of its leafs,
Basking in its bounty, that began with one small seed.
Smiling I look up toward heaven and praise my God above,
For the power of my dear Savior, for heavens perfect love!

Written by Michelene Glasson

Painted Into A Corner

Come Unto Christ

The answer to happiness is the same for each soul that lives. We find true happiness when we repent and follow our Savior! I love this music video so much, I have actually used it on my blog two times!:)