Repent of our Selfishness

I love Neal A. Maxwell he is one of my favorite speakers! As an apostle of God he has inspired members of the church to reach higher and change for the better. I am a better person because of his inspired teachings!:)

I listened to this talk and felt its message settle within my soul. I wrote a poem that captures part of the message Neal planted in my heart. Breana also contributed to this blog by creating art that captures the feelings of my poem! I love my sweet Breana and I am so proud of her!:)

Artwork by Breana Glasson!

The Sprout

The attribute of selfishness sprouts up in the natural man,
As he succumbs to his natural side the sprout becomes a plant.
Growing as he nourishes it, it hungers more and more;
For the nourishment, of pride and sin, to feed its empty core.
Ever larger it becomes, crowding out the needs of all,
Causing blindness and envy as it pushes him towards a wall.
Soon the plant is a tree, and yet it bears no fruit,
For selfishness can feed no man because it has no root.
Lost to the natural man and the choice to feed the sprout,
The soul that rejected others needs is now filled pain and doubt.
Alone with his pride and greed, he sits an empty man,
But still he has the sprout he nurtured, where now a tree doth stand.

Written by Michelene Glasson