Discovering the Divinity Within!

I love this beautiful inspired talk! I have listened to many times and it always lifts my heart. I am grateful for Rosemary Wixom: she is a faithful, diligent, and beautiful disciple of Jesus Christ! In her talk she said, "The divine nature within us ignites our desire to reach out to others and prompts us to act. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ can help us find the strength to do so."

I love the connection she made between our divine nature and the desire to serve! I felt inspired to write after listening to this talk. The poem her talk inspired is the longest poem I have ever written and is a story. I hope you enjoy it!:)

Artwork by Breana Glasson

Divine Spark

Standing in my heavenly home awaiting my moment of birth,
I looked into my Fathers eyes with a true sense of my worth.
Lovingly he smiled at me hope burning within his eyes,
I asked him Father, how will I survive in a fallen world of lies?
Gently he placed his hand upon my cheek with care,
My daughter you can endure this test, if you find the spark we share.
Father how will I find it in a world darkened and gray?
Answering he said, I will send the gospel to light your way.
Smiling my courage was renewed and I felt sure that I could win,
That’s more like it my daughter, he said with a happy grin.
It’s time for you to live and prove that you are mine,
Go my precious daughter and let your light shine.
Stepping through the veil I left my past behind,
And entered my mortal test with a spark pure and divine.
Now I could remember no more that spark he placed in me,
I lived each day with gladness but still I didn’t see.
Sometimes I faced cruelty, sometimes I did wrong,
Often I was weak just wishing I were strong.
Then like a beam of hope, the gospel was placed in my way,
I began to feel true purpose and believe in a better day.
I sought to follow my Redeemer and lift others with gentle care.
I tried to be more Christ like to give and love and share.
As I reached out to others, the spark began to grow,
I now could see the divinity within every precious soul.
Father I cried out, I know I’m yours! It’s true!
You live inside your daughter, I found my light in you!
Smiling he answered as tears rolled down his cheek,
Yes my precious daughter you’re an important part of me.
Father what shall I do to prepare to see you again?
Share your light my daughter and help others look within.
Standing I wiped my cheeks with determination in my heart,
I looked out the window thoughtfully and new where I must start.
I turned and opened the door and began to walk with care,
Each step had true purpose, I will lift and love and share.
Finally I reached a day when all my work was done,
Taking one last soft breath I reached out to the Son.
Gently he took my hand and smiled with love in his eyes,
Well done my worthy sister, I knew you would find your light!
Smiling I looked and saw my Father standing there,
His eyes full of happy tears to see his daughter here.
Well done thou good and faithful servant, he said as he held me near,
I knew you would find your true nature and return to me right here.
Father what is next for me? I asked as I looked in his eyes,
Now you will inherit your mansion daughter and partake of eternal life!

Written by Michelene Glasson

The Old Shoemaker

This story reminds me so much of Rosemary's message. I love how he looks out his window and is prompted to act. I testify that as we serve our fellow men we are serving our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that our small quiet efforts to serve bring the smile of His approval!:)