God Is at the Helm!

I absolutely love this talk given at general conference by M. Russell Ballard! What a blessing to hear his powerful testimony. I encourage each of you to listen to this amazing talk in its entirety! In his talk he said, "Exaltation is the goal of this mortal journey, and no one gets there without the means of the gospel of Jesus Christ: His Atonement, the ordinances, and the guiding doctrine and principles that are found in the Church. It is the Church wherein we learn the works of God and accept the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ that saves us. It is within the Church that we form the commitments and covenants of eternal families that become our passport to exaltation. It is the Church that is powered by the priesthood to propel us through the unpredictable waters of mortality. Let us be grateful for the beautiful Old Ship Zion, for without it we are cast adrift, alone and powerless, swept along without rudder or oar, swirling with the strong currents of the adversary’s wind and waves. Hold tight, brothers and sisters, and sail on within the glorious ship, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we will reach our eternal destination."

I testify that we can endure the storms of mortality with honor and integrity as we hold tight to the old ship Zion! I pray that as we begin a new year we will make sure we are securely within the safety of the gospel of Jesus Christ. True happiness is found as we embrace our Savior and sanctify ourselves through Him. I give thanks for my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! If you want to learn more about the church I encourage you to go to www.mormon.org!

After hearing this beloved apostle of God speak I wrote a poem and Breana drew a picture to honor this beautiful message! I hope you enjoy both!:)

Artwork by Breana Glasson

Zion's Promise

It’s easy to be happy when life is going your way,
When peaceful joyful moments fill each precious day.
What then when life sends you the waves, and winds, and hail,
When you’re tossed in the tempest of adversity, with a torn and battered sail.
Will you look to your God and praise him the whole day long,
Even when your heart aches and things have all gone wrong?
Can you find a heart of kindness when trouble lies at your door?
Or will you think of you burdens and wish that you had more?
Can you see the Master’s hand within the tapestry of your life?
And behold with reverent awe the meaning of trial and strife?
If God requires a sacrifice, if you must lose the one you love,
Will you still walk with joy and see the good he has done?
Is your love conditioned on the outcome you had planned in your heart?
Can you mold your will to the Masters and make a brand new start?
Will you stay securely on the ship that leads you home?
Or cast yourself into the tempest and try to make it on your own?
Be wise my fellow traveler, for there is only one ship that leads to joy,
Hold tight to the safety of the gospel, which no man can destroy.
Know that God is at the helm as you face the raging storm,
He will help you make through, though your sails are tattered and torn.
At last the storm will end and the earth will be made new,
Our Savior will stand triumphant with those who were faithful and true.
May you sail on toward that day with determination in your soul,
May you let the old ship Zion safely lead you home!

Poem written by Michelene Glasson

Stand in Holy Places!