Artwork by Breana Glasson

Loving Hands

The hands that shaped this world, bear the scars of perfect love,
They are the hands of my Heavenly King who left his home above,
His hands were always reaching out to the feeble and the weak,
His hands were the ones that healed the blind and caused the dumb to speak.

The precious hands of my Redeemer calmed the raging storm,
And gently lifted a woman, surrounded by cruelty and scorn,
His hands blessed the loafs and fish, to feed his flock with care,
His hands lifted a dying girl, a gift precious and rare.

His hands broke the sacred bread, as he sat with his apostles that night,
Reminding them of the gift he gave, of heavens perfect light.
My brother’s hands so pure and true were clasped in prayer and love,
As He atoned for mankind’s sins, and honored his Father above.

His hands, so true and steady, bled from every pore,
As he took my burdens as his, and opened heaven’s door.
Holding what no other could, he grasped me with his love,
Claiming me if I would come, and follow God above.

His pure hands so kind and good, were pierced by the nails of men,
He endured this cruel pain and pleaded, Father forgive them,
His gentle hands were wrapped with love, and laid with reverent care,
By those who knew he was their God their Savior kind and fair.

For three days his hands were still, and then he came once more,
Breaking the bands of death for all, making our resurrection sure.
The hands that shaped this world, bear the scars of perfect love,
They are the hands of my Heavenly King who left his home above,

Now my Savior calls to me to be the hands that lift,
To reach out and help God’s children, to share His precious gift.
May I honor my Redeemer, and follow the example he gave,
May my hands reach out that others He may save.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Nearer, My God, To Thee

Special Witnesses of Christ

Artwork by Breana Glasson

Blessed Savior and Friend

From my fall, from my sin, from the hurt of the past;
My Savior redeems me and helps me hold fast.
His voice calms my hurt as it speaks of a better day,
His example inspires me and shows me the way!
He strengthens and lifts me past the storms I must face,
I am enfolded in His love and changed through His grace.
Savior Redeemer you make me new and clean;
You wash away my sorrow and cause my soul to sing!
I love you; I need you, my brother and friend,
Through you I will have joy everlasting, if I endure to the end!

Written by Michelene Glasson

Joseph the Mighty Prophet

When Joseph was a young boy, he prayed and sought for truth,
And because of light and revelation, he was persecuted from his youth.
Satan raged against him, followed by his hoard,
But Joseph Smith was righteous, and stood firmly with the Lord.
He translated Holy Scripture, with direction from above,
To all who truly knew him, he was an example of the Savior’s love.
When Joseph Smith was martyred, in that terrible end,
He returned to live with his Savior, his Redeemer, and his friend.
Those who fought against him did so in vain,
For the Church of Jesus Christ, forever will remain.

Written by Miranda