Micah drew this picture after hearing Henry B. Eyring speak! I love how she captured his inspired words through art!:)

Priesthood Power

Priesthood power is sacred and holy, sent from God above;
Through this sacred power you can bless and show His love.
To speak and act for your Heavenly Father is a duty you must hold dear,
As you bear this power with honor, you can always lift and cheer.
Many will call upon you when they are in distress;
You must be prepared to aid them, to comfort, heal, and bless.
Alone you cannot minister as my Lord and Savior would,
You need the Holy Spirit to bless others as you should.
With humility and love you can pray and seek to know what’s right,
Directed from above you will be a portal that brings the warmth of your Fathers light.
Not my will but thine be done, should always fill your heart;
For that decree will lead you to faithfully do your part.
May you be an instrument in your Saviors hands I pray,
May you humbly seek His will as you serve and bless each day.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Priesthood and Personal Prayer!

I am grateful for this inspired talk given by President Henry B. Eyring! We love this faithful son of God, every time he speaks we are inspired to change for the better! I heard this talk just a month before my sons twelfth birthday. As a mother my heart was touched as I listened to this beloved apostle of God speak! He said, “ With your acceptance of the priesthood, you have received the right to speak and to act in the name of God. That right will become a reality only as you receive inspiration from God. Only then will you be able to speak in His name. And only then can you act in His name. You might have made the mistake of thinking, “Oh, that isn’t so difficult. I could get inspiration if I am ever asked to give a talk or if I ever need to give a priesthood blessing.” Or the young deacon or teacher might take comfort in the thought, “When I am older or when I am called as a missionary, then I will know what God would say and what God would do.” I loved the connection he made between inspiration and the ability to act as the Savior would act. As a mother I look forward to seeing my son seek for inspiration and then follow with courage and faith! I am grateful for the counsel and love of Henry B. Eyring, when he speaks we listen with joy!

I made this picture for Tanner when he was baptized, every time I walk past it I smile! I am so proud of Tanner for choosing to be baptized and for staying on the path that leads to the Celestial Kingdom! We are full of gratitude for the restoration through the choice seer Joseph Smith! The pathway ahead is clear because of the restoration. As a mother I rejoice in the righteous examples of the priesthood leaders that shine and light the way home for Tanner! I love watching my son look to our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson and his counselors. I love hearing him quote the words of living apostles. My confidence in my son’s future is strengthened by the sure knowledge I have that this Church is led by Jesus Christ himself. This Thanksgiving and always we rejoice in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in his faithful and true servants!

Precious Son

On my knees I prayed for a righteous son to be sent into my care,
Many months later within my arms I held my answered prayer.
His precious eyes looked up at me and I felt my heart expand,
Making a place for this precious baby, who would grow into a righteous man.
A little boy a precious child but he is so much more,
Now he stands eight years old and covenants to follow his Savior and Lord.
Time passes swiftly and I'm amazed to see him stand taller than me,
A deacon now only twelve years old, how can this even be?
He honors his priesthood and walks with care as he journeys toward his Lord,
He studies daily and seeks to follow the gospels precious word!
I know that he will serve his King and covenant in the temple of God,
His feet will ever be securely planted, His hand on the iron rod!
My heart rejoices in the son that God had given me,
I pray to always have him near for all eternity!

Poem written by Michelene Glasson

I can go the distance!

With the gospel lighting our way I know each of us can go the distance!:)

The first snow of this winter! This was a perfect day serving in the Provo temple!:)