Living the Gospel Joyful!

Today is president Uchtdorf's birthday, we are so grateful for this righteous son of God! We give thanks to our Heavenly Father for every inspired word he has spoken! President Uchtdorf has inspired our art, poetry and more importantly he has inspired us to become better truer disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ!

I remember hearing this talk, I was sitting with Tanner in the tabernacle, while Breana, Miranda and Micah sat in the conference center. Tears ran down my cheeks as I felt my Heavenly Fathers love as Dieter spoke. What a precious gift it is to feel the Masters hand reaching out through his servants. In this talk he said, "If you believe this in your hearts—if you truly believe the great mission of our Heavenly Father is to exalt and glorify His children and that He knows best how to do it—doesn’t it make sense to embrace and follow His commandments, even the ones that appear difficult? Should we not cherish the light posts He has given that guide us through the darkness and the trials of mortality? They mark the way back to our heavenly home! By choosing Heavenly Father’s path, you lay a divine foundation for your personal progress as a daughter of God that will bless you throughout your life." We left this meeting and immediately started to discuss art that would reflect the beautiful message he delivered. I love the art that Breana created to honor this talk. In the picture she leans against the light post, she is calm and confident because she cherishes the light that is leading her toward her loving Heavenly Father. I testify that as we cherish this precious gospel and the light posts that lead us home, we will have joy amid our trials. I am grateful to be a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints! Because the gospel is in my life I can see the way home! I will ever cherish the light posts that God has given me! That includes cherishing the inspired words of Dieter F. Uchtdorf! Happy Birthday!:)

Artwork by Breana Glasson

My True Self

The girl that I was is different from the woman I have become,
Often she seems a stranger as I look at how I’ve grown.
The girl that began this journey was confused by the path ahead,
Now amid my trials I seek always to be lead.
Through her young and tender eyes she dreamed of happy days,
Now I stand through the storm and ponder my Fathers ways,
The girl that seemed ready to quit and to have lost all her strength,
Is now a woman of courage who believes in a better day.
The thoughtless selfish girl, who was centered in herself,
Is now a gentle women who seeks to lift and help.
The journey from my old self to the daughter I should be,
Was a long and winding path that lead that girl to me.
And so I see that the journey was always leading me home,
My failings and my shortcomings are part of who I’ve become,
My Savior always loved me even when I failed,
Patiently he waited as I grew into myself.
The end from the beginning isn’t clear to our view,
We stumble and often wander as we seek to become new.
Within that young girl lived the woman I could be,
My Savior helped me find her as he brought out the best in me.
At last I have found the essence of who I was,
The truth of that royal daughter that lived with God above.

Written by Michelene Glasson

The Hope of God's Light

"Your Heavenly Father knows that you will make mistakes. He knows that you will stumble—perhaps many times. This saddens Him, but He loves you. He does not wish to break your spirit. On the contrary, He desires that you rise up and become the person you were designed to be. To that end, He sent His Son to this earth to illuminate the way and show us how to safely cross the stumbling blocks placed in our path. He has given us the gospel, which teaches the way of the disciple. It teaches us the things we must know, do, and be to walk in His light, following in the footsteps of His Beloved Son, our Savior."

Hold On, The Light Will Come!

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