Using the Supernal Gift of Prayer Richard G. Scott

"Prayer is a supernal gift of our Father in Heaven to every soul. Think of it: the absolute Supreme Being, the most all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful personage, encourages you and me, as insignificant as we are, to converse with Him as our Father. Actually, because He knows how desperately we need His guidance, He commands, “Thou shalt pray vocally as well as in thy heart; yea, before the world as well as in secret, in public as well as in private.”

We are very grateful for this inspiring talk and for Richard G. Scott!:) He is one of our favorite speakers and we will miss him very much! I love the reminder that prayer is a supernal gift to every soul! Like every precious gift we decide the value it holds by how we use it. If we ignore the gift it will have no power in our life. If we treasure it we will be changed, comforted, strengthened and upheld as we face the trials of life. I testify that heartfelt prayer brings the miracles of heaven! Our loving Father will reach back to us as we seek him earnestly in sincere prayer!

Our Hill

When my soul is weary, and my heart weighed down with grief,
I walk to our hill my Father and pray for heavens relief.
Kneeling there upon the hill, I share my burdens with you,
You comfort, strengthen and remind me of all that I must do.
My tears are changed from sadness, to tears of renewed hope,
You give me a new perspective and help me as I go.
I sit upon our hill and look up to the sky,
I marvel and I wonder as thy beauties are before my eyes.
The darkened clouds and thunder, the lightening bright and true,
They speak to me my Father they testify of you.
I sit upon our hill and watch the rain fall down,
I lift my face toward heaven and can’t recall my frown.
The beauties of creation delight my soul each day,
I find them when I join you on our hill each time I pray.
This place that I have found is cherished within my soul,
For here I have my Father and you help me reach my goal.
At last it’s time for me to go and move through cares of the day,
I begin to walk down our hill and leave this sacred place.
My eyes look up toward the sky and I see a rainbow so bright,
I smile and thank you my Father for giving heavens light!
You brighten up the darkest day, you cheer the weary soul,
You are the blessing in my life that helps me learn and grow.
I know that when I need you I’ll find you on our hill,
There as I pray to my Father, the holy spirit will distil.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Sweet Hour of Prayer