Worthy of Our Promised Blessings!

I loved the General Women's Session for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Each talk touched my heart and I felt blessed by these faithful daughters of God! In Linda's talk she said, "Besides repentance, what helps or tools have we been given to help us stay clean and virtuous? Our Primary children and young women all know and sing the song “Scripture Power.” Can we expand it to “Prayer Power,” “Temple Power,” “Covenants Power,” “Sabbath Day Power,” “Prophet Power,” and “Virtue Power”? I loved this beautiful question she presented to each of us! As I pondered her words I felt inspired to write a poem. I thought I would share it on the blog today!:)

Linda said, "When we are involved in watching, reading, or experiencing anything that is below our Heavenly Father’s standards, it weakens us. Regardless of our age, if what we look at, read, listen to, or choose to do does not meet the Lord’s standards in For the Strength of Youth, turn it off, rip it up, throw it out, and slam the door." I testify that as we follow Linda's counsel we will become stronger and be the warriors we were born to be!

The Armor of God

What I read, watch and listen to can weaken the armor I wear,
Slowly each subtle sin can leave holes that need repair.
Vulnerable and weakened the enemy will strike,
His evil goal to win my soul, to diminish heavens light.
No this cannot be! I will not let him in!
I’ll throw away unworthy possessions that cause my soul to sin.
I’ll turn to my beloved Savior and Father up above,
Confessing all with a broken heart, they will reach back with love.
Awakened and strengthened through my Redeemer kind and good,
I’ll seek to repair my armor by doing what I should.
I’ll be a true disciple, by learning through study and prayer,
I’ll keep my baptismal covenants and invite the spirit near.
I’ll serve in the holy temple and feel heavens light descend,
I’ll follow the living prophet and find the strength to win!

Written by Michelene Glasson 9-30-2015

Armor of God-Elder Hales

I am grateful for this amazing message given by Robert D. Hales! I thought it ties in beautifully with Linda's message. If you want to here more inspiring words then make sure to tune into general conference this weekend! The first session is on Saturday at 10:00am! Go to www.lds.org to watch this weekend!:)

Mulan-I'll Make A Man Out Of You

I love this song! When I listen to it I am reminded that Heavenly Father can make me a strong warrior in the cause of righteousness! He can make me mighty even unto deliverance! In this war between good and evil we have to be strong and determined. Part of being strong and determined is being willing to do whatever is necessary to win!