Micah drew this inspiring picture after hearing our beloved prophet speak at general conference! We are grateful for the blessing of having a true and living prophet on the earth! We testify that as we follow the prophet Thomas S. Monson we are following our Savior Jesus Christ! The path our Savior reveals through his ordained servants is the only path that leads to eternal life. We testify that those who embrace this gospel with a true and honest heart will find joy in this life and eternal joy in the world to come!

Ponder the Path of Thy Feet

Choose Wisely

We choose who we emulate; we choose the one we will love.
Will it be our Savior and our loving Father above?
Subtle are the distractions that take us from our Lord.
Clever is the enemy with his deliberate tempting words.
Yet we have the power to shun his every dart,
We can heed the Master and faithfully do our part.
Will we choose the enemy who seeks to destroy our soul?
Will we give way to temptation and help him reach his goal?
Oh this precious gift of agency that we chose in heaven above;
Now we stand and use it, and through it show our love.
Each day we add or take away from the light that is our own;
We add a little or lose a little depending on the way we go.
Will our feet move forward toward our Savior and friend?
Or will we take a side road that leads to a darker end?
Will we cherish the scriptures and honor what they say?
Or will we follow the adversary and his will obey?
Be wise my fellow traveler and emulate your Lord,
Come to Him in meekness and heed His every word.
He has paid the price for every soul that lives,
He will ransom and save us, if we accept the gift he gives.
Wise is the child who loves their Savior and friend.
For they will partake of eternal life and have joy that never ends!

Poem written by Michelene Glasson

This is a picture of our dear friend Ronda who was baptized on June 20! We are so proud of her for choosing the path her Savior walked! It was a privilege to see her enter the waters of baptism and place her feet securely on the straight and narrow path that leads home! We know that she will be courageous and strong as she presses forward toward her Savior every day! We will ever thank our Heavenly Father for the precious blessing of meeting Ronda and Kadey at Primary Children's hospital! We found a precious gift of eternal friendship and joy as we met their family!

Come Unto Christ

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