Faith + Obedience + Love = A Beautiful Dance

The Dance

The dance of mortality often feels like a new dance you have yet to learn,
You move through the steps with faith even when you’re unsure.
At times the dance feels simple like you can move without a thought;
And then the rhythm shifts and you can feel startled and caught off guard.
At times the music feels sad like your heart will never mend,
And then the melody changes and you feel that you can win!
The dance that God has given you is yours and yours alone,
Another cannot dance it for you or show you how it’s done.
For God designs with care the dance that leads you home;
Unique like your precious sole each dance has its own song.
The song will hold its own truth as it plays beneath your feet,
Inspiring and lifting your heart as you dance to your Fathers beat.
Remember as you dance that you were created with love,
Let each step have that promise of your Father up above,
The Holy Ghost can guide you through the difficult routine of life,
Making your steps purposeful as you dance toward your Father’s side.
At last the day will come when your song no longer plays,
You will wonder if you danced well the steps your Father gave.
Looking around for support you’ll see your Saviors face,
His hand of love and mercy will remind you of His grace.
Through him you are made perfect and your dance is pure and white,
The bumps and missteps are forgotten as you stand by His side.
You will see through eyes of gratitude that you were never alone,
He was always with you as you danced your way back home.

Poem written by Michelene

The Music of the Gospel

Often when a talk resonates with me it inspires a poem....This year at conference Elder Wilford W. Andersen was a source of inspiration for me! If you want to listen to the talk that inspired the poem follow this link!:)