As we prepared for the Saviors birthday and Easter I commissioned Breana for this art piece. She was with me at the sacred moment Miranda left this life. She experienced this pain herself and understands it intimately. I am grateful for the beauty of Breana's art, it conveys the feeling of loss without words. Today we give this art and poetry to Miranda as we remember and honor her. It has been two years since she passed away. We are proud of her efforts in the kingdom of God. She continues to fulfill a faithful mission for her Lord and Savior. Though I miss her I am not without her, she is sent to us often. My testimony has only grown since her passing. I know she lives and I know that if I am faithful and true I can keep my friend and daughter forever! Because of my Savior I will hold her again! Never has the plan of salvation or the promise of the resurrection been so beautiful and alive as it is to me now.

He Lives! She Lives!
The sound of her voice, the light in her eyes,
The truth of her love as I faced men’s lies.
Her hand upon my back as I wept for more,
The whisper of her testimony, faithful and pure.
Still and quiet I view her temple and see,
My daughter is gone, taken from me.
No more does light shine forth from her eyes,
I view the emptiness and my soul cries.
Gone she is gone, my heart cannot bear;
Her departure from life and all we can’t share.
As I lay in the silence and ponder my loss,
I think of my Savior as He hung on the cross.
Gone He is gone, they cried in despair,
No more with our King can we live and share.
Weeping in love they mourned and felt stark,
The stillness of the tomb was heavy and dark.
Yet on the third day in love they went forth,
To honor and bless their King of great worth.
Returning they found His tomb empty and bare,
Two angels stood forth and with joy they did share.
Your King has returned and broke the bands of death,
He has conquered the Adversary and restored living breath!
Amazed, they pondered this message of love,
Sent by their God who reigns high above.
Rejoicing they smiled and spoke words of light,
His lives, He lives, and we will stand in His sight.
Hope took the place of the sorrow they knew,
And now they felt enlivened for they knew it was true!
Here in the silence their witness is mine,
I remember the angels and my soul starts to shine.
She will live, she will live, I will have her again,
Brought back by her Savior, her Redeemer, her friend!
Written by Michelene Glasson

I will tell you part of an amazing story.  This story is about a fair, kind, wonderful, inspiring daughter of God, who was attacked by an evil desperate villain.  This story isn’t a fairy tale.  It isn’t the creation of an amazing imagination.  It is, in fact, a true story.   I hope that sharing some of the precious private inspiring details of her journey will remind you of your own worth!  As you fight your own demons, and battle for your own victory, may you, like her, turn in faith to the Father of your soul.

 “Mom I need to talk to you.” Miranda said.

  I turned and smiled at Miranda, “Really do tell.”  Taking my hand she led me into my bedroom and shut the door.  “What is it?”  I said with anticipation.

“While I was praying I felt the spirit really strongly, I felt that I would soon face a difficult test.”

 “Really, what were you saying when you felt the spirit?” I asked.

 “I was praying and telling God I loved Him, and would love him forever, I felt that this would be tested, and that I will face something big.”

 My heart sank a little as I listened to her, “Big?” I said questioning. 

Smiling, Miranda looked into my eyes.  “I don’t know what it will be mom, but I do know it will be a difficult test.”

 Reaching out I hugged my sweet daughter, “You’re so good Miranda.  You’re amazing.  I know you will be okay.   No matter what you face, God will be with you.”

  I felt the truth of her words sink deep into my heart.  Something big; a test; part of me shrunk away from the thought of my daughter facing anything difficult.  The other part me knew she could conquer anything through faith, love, and obedience.  Throughout the day my mind drifted back to Miranda’s prayer and the revelation she received.  I wondered what was coming.

Two days later Miranda woke up with pain in her right shoulder.  We continued through our week as usual.  But, Miranda’s arm continued to hurt her.  Finally I decided that we had better take her in and get it looked at.  I took her to urgent care.  The doctor examined her and said he thought it was rotter cuff irritation.  We thought his diagnosis was strange because Miranda didn’t play sports and she hadn’t done anything that would hurt her rotor cuff.  The doctor recommended ibuprofen for the pain. 

After two days of ibuprofen the arm pain went away, we were so happy!  We enjoyed almost three weeks without pain, but on March 26th the pain returned.  This time it was in Miranda’s left arm, collar bone, and her throat muscles hurt when she swallowed.  My heart sunk, I knew that the reality of “something big” was upon us. 

We took Miranda to Grand View Family Medicine.  There, the physician noticed Miranda had swollen lymph nodes at the back of her neck.  The examination of Miranda’s arm caused Miranda a great deal of pain as she had to move it for the examination process.  The doctor seemed to ignore this symptom all together.  She said that she thought Miranda might have Mono.  The Dr. suggested running a couple blood tests, a CBC and another to look for Mono.  I felt desperate for help.  I found relief in doing anything that might shed light on Miranda’s condition. 

On the drive home I kept asking Miranda detailed questions about her pain, trying to understand what could be causing it.  Miranda was so sweet she explained to me the same details she had already told me.  I dosed her with Tylenol and comforted her with the assurance that we would figure out what was happening.  I prayed for God’s help.  I asked him to help me know what was causing her pain. 

I turned on my laptop and started searching the types of illnesses that had her symptoms; which were, bone pain and swollen lymph nodes.  The search lead me to the mayo clinic website which had diseases listed alphabetically.  I started looking at bone cancer, bone infection, and then I looked at Lupus, and Lymphoma.  I felt overwhelmed at the large scope of possibilities.  I started scanning each letter in the alphabetic list of diseases.  When I got to “L”, my eyes fell on Leukemia and I felt that I should click on it.  I followed the prompting…when the page opened, the symptoms Miranda had described, were listed.

 I then began searching the different types of Leukemia, when I reached Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia I felt the spirit strongly.  I knew at that moment Miranda had Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  This felt like a moment of devastation, but also a moment of spiritual strength and comfort.  I wasn’t alone.  God knew my daughter personally.  He knew what was causing her pain, and he cared.  He had helped us through the spirit.  I felt joy and hope because he was there always caring for us.  As I read the symptoms I noted she had two of the nine symptoms that were listed. 

I stood from my laptop feeling shaky and overwhelmed.  I went to the family room and I turned off the TV, I l told them the feelings and impressions I felt and what I found.  I explained that I felt the spirit strongly when I read Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  Miranda was calm and didn’t react with doubt or fear…quietly, she stood and hugged me.  Then she left the room.

I knew she was praying.  Her big trial was revealed through the spirit and she would seek comfort through the spirit.  My eyes fell on Miranda’s older sister, Breana, who was teary eyed.  I hugged her and comforted her.  I thought my heart would break seeing the fear in her eyes.  Such love and determination was in Breana’s countenance.  If a will of iron could keep Miranda here with us, surely Breana’s would be more than enough.  Micah and Tanner were quiet, accepting, and tearful.

Conversations about revelation, dreams, visions, and scripture are normal for our family.  We share all of ourselves with each other.  So this was taken by my children as truth, doubting nothing, they accepted what I shared.  I was full gratitude for the revelation I had received.  But, I was overwhelmed and afraid by the reality of our situation.  Also, I knew I would have to help the doctors consider Leukemia as the source of her symptoms.  Now I prayed that God would help me get Miranda the help she needed from those in the medical field.

We had been given tickets to Young Women’s General Conference on Saturday.  We decided, to turn the weekend of waiting for CBC results, into a family getaway.  We got a hotel in Salt Lake City.  The kids were excited!

During our weekend away the overall theme was pain, Miranda was in pain the entire time.  Every four hours she would take more ibuprofen.  But, that was only able to take the edge off her pain.  Throughout this weekend I was shaken by the changes in her health.  She no longer could wash her hair or get up from the tub on her own.  Her pain was debilitating and I felt helpless.  I called Grandview Family Medicine after hours to talk with a doctor about her pain; I wanted something stronger for her.  He just told me to increase the amount of ibuprofen I was giving her.  Tears streamed down my face as I listened to him.  I felt like no one, save Heavenly Father, understood how much she was hurting.

The doctor on the phone asked about Miranda’s blood test.  I told him we were waiting for the results of her CBC.  He thought she probably had arthritis and proceeded to explain that pain would become a manageable part of Miranda’s life.  I hung up the phone and looked at Miranda.

“It will be okay Mom.  Don’t cry.”

 This response from her only caused more tears to surface.  I gave her more ibuprofen and we settled in for the night.  One of the things we had started doing was placing ice packs on her arm and collar bone at night, this seemed to ease her pain and help her get some rest.  I slept next to Miranda and she would say my name to awake me for more pain pills.  Sleep was something she and I got in snatches. 

We both were awake a lot of the night.  I would lightly tickle her arms and back to distract her from the pain.  The following morning Miranda asked if we could buy her an arm sling.  She explained that the weight of her arm was painful.  She thought perhaps a sling would ease the pain.  We responded with resounding absolutely, we drove to Wal-Mart and bought her a sling.  We also bought her a couple of button-up pajama dresses, a button-up shirt and a skirt.  The pain in her arms made it difficult to get dressed.  Raising her arms above her head was unbearable.  So getting shirts and dresses that could go on without raising her arms was important! 

On Saturday, we attended Young Women's General Conference. We stopped at the Museum of Church history first.  Our time was limited but we wanted to look around as much as possible!  The artwork on display was inspiring and beautiful!  The kids were going from piece to piece taking photos and sharing their thoughts.

As we continued through the museum we noticed an old man playing a keyboard dulcimer.  He asked us to sing I am a Child of God with him.  We sang all three verses.  It was a wonderful moment.  Our entire family felt the spirit and we were grateful for this Brother’s talent and kindness! 

The museum announced it was closing so we all headed over to the conference center.  I promised the kids we would come back to the museum on Monday so they could have more time to absorb the beautiful artwork!  Miranda’s younger brother, Tanner, would go visit Temple Square with Paul as the women went to the conference.

As  the girls and I entered the conference center, we felt joy and gratitude for the strength and beauty of the building.  This was  my youngest daughter Micah’s, first time in the conference center.  She was impressed.  It’s one thing to see it on TV.  It’s something different to be inside.  The size alone is enough to take your breath away.  The fact that God’s true living prophet and apostles speak from the pulpit is enough to make any member grin.

Young women and members from our ward were all sitting together.  As we made our way to our seats, several of the sisters asked what was wrong with Miranda’s arm.  We gave a brief explanation of her pain, and told them we were waiting for the results of her CBC. 

Our eyes lit up when we saw the Prophet and President Uchtdorf walk out to be seated.  There was a lot of grinning, and tapping each other, going on amongst the girls and I.  Quiet whispers of “There they are”, “this is awesome”,” I’m so glad we are here.”

                        The messages prepared by the Lord’s faithful servants lifted our hearts, and helped us find the strength we needed to press forward with courage and faith.  Elaine S. Dalton has been one of our all-time favorite speakers.  We felt honored to see and hear this beloved daughter of God.  At the close of President Uchtdorf’s talk I felt the spirit very strongly as he pronounced a blessing upon the members.

 “Dear sisters, dear young women of the Church, dear young friends, as an Apostle of the Lord I leave you a blessing that you will find your way on this journey home and that you will be an inspiration to your fellow travelers. It is also my promise and prayer that as you honor and live true to the covenants, the principles, and the values of the gospel of Jesus Christ, at the end of your journey Heavenly Father will be there.  He will embrace you, and you will know once and for all that you have made it home safely.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”  Tears ran down my cheeks as I listened to his blessing.  In my heart, I felt confirmation that this would be what Miranda experienced at the end of her test.    

On Sunday we visited a ward in Magna.  It was an amazing sacrament meeting!  The speaker referenced Neil A. Maxwell having Leukemia.  He also referenced a talk given by Elder Bednar.  

We felt the Lord was aware of us and was once again confirming the prompting I had about Leukemia.  Following sacrament meeting we drove to the Great Salt Lake.  During the drive, we played Elder Bednar’s talk, “Not Shrinking is More Important than Surviving.”  The talk told the story of a young newlywed named John and his wife Heather.  It was an inspiring story that placed the reality of cancer, death, and heartache before our eyes.  One of the points that struck me to the core was when Elder Bednar taught that “the strongest faith may not move a mountain if it’s not God’s will.”  He spoke about the difference between having faith that God could heal, rather than demanding the blessing that God would heal him.” 

I felt that an important part of remaining happy throughout this difficult trial would be accepting God’s will for Miranda.  This caused my heart to ache and tears to fall down my cheeks once again.

I trusted God.  I loved Miranda and ultimately I knew, he who was all knowing and powerful, would guide Miranda into her own happily ever after.  I began to realize that happily ever after, for Miranda, might involve leaving this mortal life sooner than I would have preferred. 

I looked at Breana who was again looking determined, hurt, and scared.  She had expressed her feelings that death wasn’t an option; her love for Miranda, and her desire to have her always with her, were two very large parts of her soul.  I bore my testimony to the children of the reality of Eternal Life.  I shared my thoughts about the talk.  I tried to help them understand that mortality was only the beginning and we would be together forever if we were faithful and true to our covenants. 

We parked at SaltAir and began to walk down to the sandy, salty beach of the Great Salt Lake.  It was beautiful.  The sun was shining low in the sky and the temperature was comfortable.  The family simply relaxed and enjoyed the peace that one finds in the outdoors. 

I noticed Miranda had found a stick and was writing words in the sand.  I walked over and began reading the words she had written; Faith, Hope, Integrity, Honor, Family, Love, and Eternity were all written in the sand in large letters.  I smiled and hugged this precious daughter of God.  I took pictures of her in front of her words. 

The rest of the family came over an d saw the words Miranda had written.  We decided to take a picture of our shadows cast over the word, Eternity.  This was a moment in time I will never forget.  It seemed to me that God was reaching out and reminding me that I would have Forever with my daughter; even if she died.  He was reminding me to see beyond the moment, to have faith, and to live worthy of the Eternity he would give me. 

On Monday we called for the results of Miranda’s CBC.  The nurse at the doctor’s office said her CBC showed slightly low white blood cells and inflammation.  The nurse said the doctor thought we should come back in two months if Miranda was still having pain, saying she would then run another CBC at that time.  I was disheartened by the fact that the physician was content to let Miranda suffer debilitating pain for two months.  I told the nurse as much.  I explained that the pain had gotten worse.  I asked the nurse to prepare a copy of Miranda’s CBC test.  I would pick up the report up within the hour…

I then called Utah Valley Pediatrics and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Earnest Bailey.  This appointment was a blessing; the doctor was kind and careful as he examined her arm.  He talked to Miranda and looked into her eyes as she explained her pain.  He took notes, and I felt peace as I saw his kind caring nature.  I felt that he would surely do his best to take care of Miranda.  I expressed my concern that Miranda could have Leukemia.  Though he didn’t think she had Leukemia, he ran more blood tests to help rule it out.  My heart felt joy at the goodness of this doctor. 

We went to Springville the next day to have blood drawn at the lab Dr. Baily used.  The results of her blood test still indicated inflammation and low white blood cells, but the doctor didn’t feel that her counts were a pre-curser to Leukemia. 

Paul asked the doctor if a blood smear could be done, he had read that looking at the blood under a microscope offered a better chance and seeing blast cells, which show up when you have Leukemia.  Dr. Bailey agreed to do a blood smear, and sent orders to the lab for the smear.  We again headed to the lab in Springville for the blood to be drawn.  When we finished at the lab we went to the Springville Museum of Art.  Our family have always been fans of beautiful art so this chance to enjoy the museum was a blessing.  We kept asking Miranda if she was okay because she was in constant pain.

She replied, “I’ll be in pain regardless of where I am, at least here I can enjoy the artwork.”  The doctor called to tell us the results of the smear didn’t show Leukemia.  I crinkled my brow when Paul told me the results.  I knew it would show up eventually, because Heavenly Father is never wrong. 

Dr. Bailey referred us to a Neurologist at Primary Children’s thinking perhaps the pain was being caused by nerve damage.  We went to the appointment and Dr. Lloyd examined Miranda carefully, he had her walk and move her arms so he could observe.  Following his physical exam, he ordered tests that would check for Lupus.  He felt that nothing neurological was going on and referred us to a Rheumatologist at Primary Children’s. 

The results of the blood test Dr. Lloyd ordered ruled out Lupus.  It was frustrating to be in and out of doctors’ offices and labs without getting answers or help.  It felt like we were jumping through the necessary hoops of the medical field, only to find another hoop waiting for us.  The trouble with all of the wasted time was the fact that Miranda was in pain, and without a correct diagnosis, she couldn’t get the help she needed…I continued to pray and kept my faith wrapped tightly around me.  I told Miranda that eventually, in the Lord’s time, she would be diagnosed correctly.  Miranda’s sweet spirit bore out everything with a quiet dignified manner that I was in awe of.  At night when she needed pain pills you could hear her sweet voice saying my name, so quiet and calm.  I remember looking at her and thinking, what did I do in heaven to deserve you for a daughter? 

The next big red flag showed up as swollen purple tonsils.  I took a picture of her tonsils and everyone in the family cringed when they saw it.  I called Dr. Bailey’s office and scheduled an appointment with the doctor on call.  It was Saturday and Paul and I had planned a hike for our Webelos.  Paul took care of the hike with the help of other scout leaders, while the kids and I headed to the doctor’s office.  When the doctor looked at her tonsils he said OUCH!  He then filled a cup with water and offered her a drink.  He said he thought it was a strep infection, I explained the entire history of her pain, lymph nodes, and now her tonsils.  He had the nurse swab her throat to check for strep.

After waiting in the office for the results, the doctor returned to let us know that it wasn’t strep.  I told him we had planned a family trip in Las Vegas, I was concerned about taking her out of town.  He assured me that the hospital and doctors in Las Vegas were just as capable as the ones in Provo.  He prescribed Miranda antibiotics and told us to schedule a follow up appointment with Dr. Bailey when we got back.

The trip to Las Vegas was a wonderful blessing for our family!  We were able to eat out and enjoy seeing one of Miranda’s favorite standup comedians Jim Gaffagan!  It was also a difficult trip in that Miranda’s symptoms increased and our anxiety for her was reaching a peak.  During the trip Miranda received a priesthood blessing, which comforted her and assured her that Heavenly Father was watching over her.  Miranda and I continued to be up a lot with cold packs, pain pills, and prayers.  Each moment I had with her was a gift.  Often, when I was helping her, I would feel the spirit strongly and sense the presence of administering angels.  Our testimony of the Lord’s awareness of His children increased as we felt His love through the veil.

Over the course of our trip Miranda’s tonsils stayed large, angry and purple.  Her bone pain was moving around her body now, and she began to have pain in her knee and hip, which made it difficult for her to stand up and walk.  I asked Paul if he could see if the local Deseret Industries had any wheel chairs for sale.  He immediately called and found two wheelchairs!  He drove 40 minutes across the big city of Las Vegas to the Deseret Industries and purchased the best one they had.

We had planned to take the girls to the Las Vegas temple to do baptisms for the dead.  Miranda knew that she wouldn’t be able to walk into the baptismal font, but she felt strongly that we should still go.  So we loaded up the family and her new wheel chair. 

Breana, Micah, and I went into the temple, while Paul and Tanner pushed Miranda around the temple grounds in her wheelchair.  It was the first time Miranda had ever had to wait outside during our temple service.  The girls and I were sad not to have her with us.  But, we felt serving in the temple was important.  Our testimony of blessings received from service is very strong and we wanted the added blessings that we knew would come through our service. 

After we finished our baptisms, the girls waited while I walked in and put Miranda’s name on the temple prayer roll.  I felt peace and hope as I left the temple.  I knew that the hand of God would bless us because we had served Him in love and faith. 

Miranda loved seeing the beautiful temple grounds.  She felt loved and cared for as we pushed her around the outside.  The kids picked a flower and placed it in her braid.  Being at the temple was the perfect way to end out family trip!

When we arrived home, we called and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Bailey.  In preparation for Miranda’s appointment I typed up a detailed history of her deteriorating health.  I also printed the list of symptoms for Leukemia.  I was desperate for the doctor to see what I was seeing.

When we arrived I gave Dr. Bailey the health history I had prepared.  I pointed out that Miranda had more of the symptoms for Leukemia.  Though he was kind and respectful, he didn’t think Miranda had Leukemia.  He looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m confident she doesn’t have Leukemia.”  He was concerned by her new areas of bone pain and felt her appointment with the Rheumatologist should be moved up.  Dr. Bailey called Primary Children’s and was able to get us an appointment for Friday of the same week.  The Rheumatologist wanted more blood work done in advance of our appointment with her, so Dr. Baily sent orders to the lab in Springville.

We went the following day to have Miranda’s blood drawn once more.  Our family was prayerful and hopeful that her blood work would reveal the reality of what she was facing. 

The following day I got a call from Dr. Bailey.  I saw the phone number and new it was him.  I pulled over to the side of the road, knowing that I shouldn’t be driving during this phone call.  Dr. Bailey sounded sad; he told me that Miranda’s blood test indicated she did have Leukemia.  It was a moment of confirmation for me; the truth I had received through the spirit was now confirmed.  Dr. Bailey said we needed to be seen the following day at 9:00am by the Oncologist at Primary Children’s.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as I listened to the details.  My oldest daughter Breana was sitting next to me in the van, she was crying and holding my hand.  I called Paul immediately and shared the details I had just received.  He said he would wait for us to get home, so that we could tell Miranda and the other children together. 

When I arrived home, Miranda looked at me and immediately knew something was up, I was a teary eyed mess.  I hugged Miranda and cried.  I told her the latest blood test confirmed she had Leukemia.  Miranda was calm while I explained the details of the phone call from Dr. Bailey.

 “Mom Heavenly revealed this truth to us almost a month ago and I believed you.  I am not shocked or afraid, I know that Heavenly Father loves us and He will help us through this trial.”

I felt more tears stream down my cheeks as I looked into Miranda’s faithful eyes.  The entire family embraced in hugs and tears.  There was a lot more hugging, and loving that followed.  Each sibling took a turn to hold Miranda, and express their love for her.  The overall feeling was one of gratitude that we could finally get Miranda the help she needed.   We all expressed our gratitude to our Father in Heaven for loving us, for preparing us, and for standing with us during our difficult time. 

The next day, we met with Dr. Barnett at Primary Children’s and he confirmed Miranda’s diagnosis with his own tests.  He wouldn’t know until the following morning whether it was ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia), or AML.  He explained the details of both treatment plans.  He didn’t sugar coat the reality of Miranda’s situation.  We were facing a life threatening cancer and the treatment process would disrupt our lives significantly.  We learned some basic details about chemotherapy; from losing your hair, to losing your immune system.  Miranda took in all the information with a calm maturity that was far beyond her years.  

Dr. Barnett let us go home, but we were to return the following morning to have Miranda’s port installed in her chest, this is a device used to administer many doses of chemo and draw blood samples, and start her chemotherapy.

The following day we returned to the Oncology Clinic.  Dr. Barnett shared with us that Miranda’s type of Leukemia was ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia).  The treatment time for Miranda would be two years and three months.  The doctor took time to outline the treatment plan on the white board, and answered our questions.  I was grateful for his kindness and skill. But, more importantly, I was grateful to my Heavenly Father who had diagnosed Miranda’s condition before it could be seen by the eyes of men.  He was our protector and friend and I was comforted by the knowledge that He stood with us. Miranda’s future was in His hands.  This journey would end according to His will.  In my heart I knew that Miranda would get her own happily ever after no matter how long her mortal life was.

Miranda’s treatments worked well for over a year and a half.  This precious time was a gift from God.  We cherished keeping our sweet Miranda with us and enjoyed each day we had with her. Her courage and kindness shined beautifully to those around her.  When she went to clinic appointments she would take origami and treats and hand them out to the children fighting alongside her. She always wanted to reach out and lift, this is a beautiful part of who she is.  Often I would return to Miranda and explain I had just ran into a parent that thanked me for her kindness.  She always smiled with joy when she heard that her small efforts brought others joy.  That is one of the truths she taught, that as you lift others you’re lifted. 

On January 1, 2015 Miranda’s Leukemia returned.  She was hospitalized for nearly three months as she fought to rid her body of the Leukemia. The months in hospital were beautiful and blessed.  Amid the difficulties that were hers to bear, she became friends with the nurses and staff.  She loved sharing her testimony and I often sat with joy in my heart as I listened to her share the truths of the gospel.  Again just like the year and a half in clinic she was turning a trial into a beautiful gift.  That’s yet another lesson I learned from my precious daughter.

On March 20 Miranda was told that the treatments had failed.  Dr. Barnette explained she would have perhaps a few weeks or longer to live.  She showed calm and courage as she listened to Dr. Barnette explain what to expect.  He was kind and caring as he asked Miranda how she wanted to spend the time she had left.  Miranda expressed a desire to get out of the hospital and do some fun things with her siblings.  The staff at Primary Children’s went to work to arrange things just the way Miranda wanted.  Miranda was able to leave the following day.  She was able to be out and about with her family and do simple fun activities that many of us take for granted.  This precious time was a gift from Heavenly Father.

Early on April 25th exactly two years from the day she was diagnosed our sweet Miranda was called home. Her long battle was done, and she joined the ranks of righteous warriors, apostles and prophets who demonstrated the same faith and devotion to their God. She was free from the nemesis who delighted in her suffering.

Perhaps you are wondering right now, who was Miranda’s nemesis?  Who was the desperate villain in this story?  The answer to the question is found in Job 2:7, “So went Satan forth from the presence of the Lord, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown.”  Through personal revelation we have been shown that Satan delighted in Miranda’s suffering, and that he was the source of her Leukemia.  We have also been shown that Heavenly Father is her protector; he shielded Miranda and kept her alive until her work was done.  Yes Heavenly Father allowed Miranda to be tested, but he was with her throughout her difficult experience, blessing and sustaining her as she added light into the world.

Miranda’s own test is now complete, she has finished her work on this side of the veil.  She fought the good fight and endured faithfully to the end.   This fair, kind, wonderful, inspiring daughter of God, has defeated the enemy of her soul.  She stands safe in the care of her loving Heavenly Father and Savior.  She will never suffer from disease or pain of body again.  The precious promised blessing of her resurrected body is sure! 

What joy fills my soul as I think of her beloved eldest brother Jesus Christ who atoned for the sins of mankind and gave his life to ensure that Miranda could live forever!  “Because of the sacrifice of our beloved Redeemer, death has no sting, the grave has no victory, Satan has no lasting power, and we are “begotten … again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ” May this lively hope burn bright in each of your hearts as you face your own fight, and struggle against the enemy of your soul. May you always look for joy amid the difficulties that you carry, and help others along the pathway home. 

Beautiful Heartbreak

Miranda wrote this beautiful poem just after she was diagnosed in 2013


Faith to move forward,
Faith to let go,
Fatih to act on the things that you know,
Faith to keep believing against all the odds,
Fatih to keep moving through the dark towards God.

Artwork by Breana Glasson

Angel of courage

Angel of courage, our beacon so bright.
Your our pillar of strength, you make the world right.
Our memories together, only a million or two,
Each one is filled with our love for you.

What can we do when you've gone away?
When your words and your wisdom are far and away?
Who can I turn to when I am low?
When I am lost with no where to go?

I call on my memories so precious and pure,
Where you answered these questions for me before.
Down on my knees, my arms folded tight.
I'll turn to my Father, I'll seek for his light.

I'll pray for the strength I need to endure.
I'll pray more memories that are precious and pure.
I'll thank him for all the things that are true.
I'll thank him for all the time spent with you.

I'll follow your example, I'll try to stand tall.
Your with our father so I mustn't fall.
I'll try to have courage, be a beacon that's bright-
And be a pillar of strength that makes the world right.

Written by Breana Glasson (the day after Miranda passed away)

Warrior Angel

She battled through the raging storm with a heart true and pure,
A smile and loving kindness was the way that she endured.
Reaching out to others she warmed them with her light,
To see her stand for her Savior was a beautiful glorious sight!
In the darkness of the night I heard her prayer like a song,
Her gentle words of faith so beautiful and strong.
Not my will but thine be done she said with a meek heart,
Submitting to her Fathers will she left to do her part.
Now she flies with power and teaches with great care,
The light that she nourished in life blesses others there.
At times I feel her nearness and I smile with joy,
Forever we will have happiness that no man can destroy.
She soars above the mountains and dances in the sky,
Our sweet beautiful Miranda we smile as you fly!
Our quiet loving prayer is an echo loud and strong,
We journey toward your celestial glow as we sing your faithful song!

Written by Michelene Glasson

Guardian Angel

Parted by the veil but together still we fight,
Now my guardian angel beautiful and bright!
With love you hasten to me and hold me once again,
My weakness and my aching are known by my dear friend!
Your interest in my life is ever strong and true,
Your guidance in my dreams is the truth that I once knew.
Again I see you and I feel your loving care,
My angel, my daughter your light you still share!

Written by Michelene Glasson