I Stand All Amazed!

Blessed Savior and Friend

From my fall, from my sin, from the hurt of the past;
My Savior redeems me and helps me hold fast.
His voice calms my hurt as it speaks of a better day,
His example inspires me and shows me the way!
He strengthens and lifts me past the storms I must face,
I am enfolded in His love and changed through His grace.
Savior Redeemer you make me new and clean;
You wash away my sorrow and cause my soul to sing!
I love you, I need you my brother and friend,
Through you I will have joy everlasting, if I endure to the end!

Written by Michelene

A sure way home!

We are grateful this Easter morning and always for our Redeemer Jesus Christ!  He is the sure way home, he is the foundation to all happiness!  Our hearts are full of gratitude to our Heavenly Father for the precious and wonderful gift of his son!  We can be forgiven, strengthened, and lead safely home as we embrace the Redeemer of mankind!  We are truly loved, we can overcome and rise above the adverstiy of this life through the grace of our Savior. We testify that he is the way the truth and the life! 

Here is a link to LDS General Conference! https://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions?cid=HP14GC&lang=eng I hope each of you will follow the link and enjoy the wonderful inspiring talks given this beautiful Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!😀