Artwork by Breana!

Faithful Tree

If you take away the adversity I have known throughout my life,
You would take away a part of me that is beautiful and bright.
From the deepest pains and sorrows strength and goodness can be gained;
From tears that long for relief, sprout branches of greater strength.
The storms of opposition will beat down upon this tree,
Battered and unbroken a brighter day I’ll see.

The happy moments of laughter seem to sparkle like leafs anew,
They encourage and lift me upward toward a greater truth.
Winds of opposition begin to blow once more,
Pulling me from my laughter wanting to settle the score.
Yet strength and determination make my roots stretch deeper still,
Upward my branches grow as I do my Fathers will.

After the storm of adversity a light breaks through the sky,
Filling me with warmth and giving me strength to try.
He will not spare me the moments that shape my soul,
Yet he will bless and guide me as I seek to change and grow.
Nourished by my Heavenly Father, I am comforted as I’m tried,
I find my roots sink deeper as I stand by His side.

At last the day will come when my roots have reached deep,
When my branches are strong and beautiful and my leaves offer others relief.
Lovingly my Father will smile and say well done;
You have grown my sweet daughter and now I call you home.
A change will He place upon me and I will be new once more,
Eternal and everlasting no longer will I face the storm.

A world of peaceful growth and beauty will be my new home,
My blessed Redeemer will be the King and light that is known.
There with my Father and Savior I will have rest,
My branches of growth and knowledge will be cherished and blessed.
Smiling I’ll reach up and take my Saviors hand,
His embrace will warm me, and together we will stand!

Poem written by Michelene

Spiritual Whirlwinds

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