The Comforter

This talk is dear to my heart, Miranda and I sat together at the conference center and enjoyed hearing President Henry B. Eyring speak with love and gratitude! Our dear friend Ronda and Micah were also with us for this special day! We are grateful for this valiant son of God who speaks with light and encouragement! This period in my life was one where I felt my burdens were very heavy so hearing President Eyring speak of relief and the strength to endure was encouraging. I testify that the message he delivered is true! We are blessed from on high, God will send comfort to us in our time of need! Our heavy burdens will be made light as we turn to our Redeemer Jesus Christ!


When moments of discouragement and despair weigh me down,
When my strength is fading and my courage can't be found.
I kneel in humility and seek for strength anew;
I plead with you Father and you comfort and sooth.
The burdens I carry are lifted from above,
The Holy Spirit comforts me and I feel your tender love.
How precious and sacred is the gift of prayer;
To come before my a Father and know that you care.
Transformed through my Savior I stand and believe,
I can walk through this heartache when you strengthen me.
This mortal test presses the limits of each soul,
But with faith we can triumph and reach our eternal goal.
On our knees we will find what no man can give,
The love of our Savior the strength we need to live.

Written by Michelene Glasson

Artwork by Breana!