Letting Go

Once there was a girl. As she was traveling along her way, she spotted something glittering in the mud.  She picked it up, wiping away the muck, and beheld a beautiful bracelet of gold.  She liked it very much, and she put it on, admiring the way it sparkled.  Very pleased with her new find, she continued on her way.  She did not notice at first, but as she made her way back home she began to be weighed down.  Something wasn’t right.  Why did her wrist feel so heavy?  She thought about taking the bracelet off, but she liked it so much! "It is only a small bracelet" she rationalized.  "It must be because of something else!" By the time she finally made it back to her house she was completely exhausted. "Mother, father, come look!"  "Do you like the bracelet I found?" She lifted her hand feebly to show her parents.  They looked, and cried out in alarm. "You must take that off quickly my dear! It isn't good!" At first she was angry with her parents.  She looked down at her wrist. She liked her bracelet! How could something so beautiful be bad?  But her love and trust in her parents meant more to her than any bracelet.  She took it off and handed it to her father.  As she softened her heart, truly letting it go, she saw that it wasn't truly a gold bracelet; something to be treasured.  It was a shackle, with a heavy weight at the end of it.

Witten by Miranda

Guide Her With Your Grace!

Guidance Through Obedience

Like the young girl in Miranda's story we can be guided by our Heavenly parents.  In order to receive the guidance they freely offer we have to surrender our will to theirs.  We can't expect to be blessed and protected from unnecessary suffering if we are unwilling to heed their counsel.  I know that as we follow the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his duly ordained servants we will have peace!  Those things that are weighing us down will be gone and our joy will be fuller. 

I love this talk by Neal A. Maxwell https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1995/10/swallowed-up-in-the-will-of-the-father?lang=eng In his talk he said, "only by aligning our wills with God’s is full happiness to be found. Anything less results in a lesser portion (see Alma 12:10–11). The Lord will work with us even if, at first, we “can no more than desire” but are willing to “give place for a portion of [His] words” (Alma 32:27). A small foothold is all He needs! But we must desire and provide it."  This reminds me of the girl in Miranda's story, she was able to trust her parents and remove the bracelet.  The young girl overcame the temptation to ignore her parents; she aligned her will with theirs. Once she obeyed the eyes of her understanding were opened and she saw the bracelet for what it really was. So often in life we see things the way we want to.  We judge others quickly based on what we want to see.  Our prejudice can blind us to the reality that is right in front of us.  I hope each of us will give Heavenly Father the foothold he needs so that we can see the truth and have full happiness!:)