Irony: The Crust on the Bread of Adversity

This talk given by Neal A. Maxwell is amazing!  It is a blessing to receive light and strength from the Lords ordained servants!  The most difficult moments can be lightened as we open up our ears and hearts to their words. 

Shine Your Way!

Life is full of ironic difficult moments. These moments can be met with faith and light. We need not be darkened by darkening days, we can face opposition with optimism. The recipe for optimism in the face of opposition is:

5 Cups Prayer
3 Cups Scripture Study
A Heaping quart of faith
I Pint of Perseverance
1 Cup of Humor
Season with love to taste

Set to simmer over the entire day and you will have an optimistic faithful warm glow about you.
Try this delicious recipe regularly, it’s sure to please! :)