The River of Light

Once there was a girl who had been journeying in the wilderness for a very long time. She was sad and worn from her seemingly endless travels. She had no food or water, and worst of all, no hope. She began to cry out within herself, saying: "Is there no end to this suffering?". Just as she began to sink into despair, she heard the gentle rush of a river in the distance. She pressed forward with all her strength, until she reached the bank of a river made of light. Kneeling down, she plunged her hands into the river, feeling cool water flow over her fingers, and drank deeply. Immediately she began to gain strength far greater than her own. She looked down at her hands and saw that the dust and filth from her journey had been washed away. Suddenly she had the desire to step into the river. She did; first one foot, then the other. She went in deeper and deeper, feeling all of her mistakes and sorrows washing away into the river of light. Finally, after she had been completely immersed by the healing waters, she came to the other side of the river. She looked around in amazement. What had moments ago been a harsh desert was now a lush and beautiful garden. She turned to look back at the river and saw a canteen filled with the living water, and a bag filled with bread in its place. She knew that she need never hunger or thirst again. She now had the strength to complete her journey, because she knew she wasn't alone.

Written by Miranda

There can be miracles!

The Infinite Power of Hope

I love this talk given by Dieter F. Uchtdorf!  I ask each of you to follow the link and enjoy the wonderful inspiring words in this amazing talk!:)